B&C’s Mango Kernels are The Chewiest Way to Eat Mangoes Yet

January 20, 2018

Known for its sweet, creamy flavor and juicy, succulent texture, Philippine Carabao mangoes are in a league of their own—thus earning it its rightful popularity both locally and around the globe. Unlike apples or bananas, it’s not the easiest fruit to eat on the go, nor is it available the whole year round; but what about a sweet snack with all of the goodness of fresh fruit that fits right inside your pocket?

B&C Mango Kernels are tiny nuggets of candy that pack the aromatic punch of real Carabao mangoes into each sweet, chewy morsel.“We [wanted] to create a healthy snack using local fruits from the Philippines like mangoes and coconuts initially,” shares owner Benson Tanoja, who owns the company with wife Charlotte (the brand name is an acronym for the couple’s first names). The couple had long been fans of US specialty grocery Whole Foods, thinking they could “make a product better [than or] at least at par with those in [their] shelves”. They had also always loved Carabao mangoes—and, looking to use the said fruit in a unique way, the couple decided on the chew snack format. After almost a year of product development their Mango Kernels were born.

The kernels are available in green and yellow variants to represent unripe and ripe mangoes, respectively. Both are also available in spicy form.

Just as Filipinos enjoy the fruit across their different stages of ripeness, these sweet treats come in both yellow and green variants—the former featuring the sunny, tropical essence of ripe mangoes, the latter featuring the mouth-puckering sourness of green mangoes. Pop one (or a lot) in the mouth and you get a potent dose of flavor you can only get from real fruit, in the form of a slightly firm, chewy candy, with just a hint of creaminess toward the end for balance. Both the yellow and green kernels are also available in spicy variations, where heat from a blend of spices brings a welcome zing to contrast from the juiciness of the mangoes. 

Also try the Coco Chews—equally chewy, creamy morsels made with coconut milk.

We want to be recognized as a reliable company that produces quality, healthy products that can compete in the world market.

In the process, B&C emphasizes lending a helping hand to local farmers. “We have so many local produce and the farmers are always faced with the same dilemma on where to sell their harvests,” explains Benson. Having successfully landed in the US and the UK, B&C is helping make a name for the Philippines’ natural bounties amidst the world’s food radar—and for quality products Filipinos can be proud of.

B&C Mango Kernels

Chewy candy “kernels” made with real mangoes.

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