First Impressions on the Newly Reopened Baskin-Robbins in Central Square, BGC

July 10, 2019


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Baskin-Robbins hinted their plan of returning to the Philippines more than a year ago. Impatience ensued in its patrons here, daydreaming about digging into the nostalgic ice brand.


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Early this month, Baskin-Robbins finally opened its store at Central Square, Bonifacio High Street. You’d think that going there during odd hours in the afternoon would save you from the long queue, but it was the opposite when I visited.



You won’t miss the famous blue-pink-white store, especially now, while it’s still adorned with balloons and massive flower bouquets (the perks of opening week). There is the overwhelming number of flavors that you could try for free—I think I tried out 20—and everything will be handed to you with a cheery smile.


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There are some improvements, I think, that could be done. It would’ve really helped if the flavors were written down on the board, just to make it easier for curious tasters to know what Baskin-Robbins is serving that day without having to cut through the line (or lose their spot) just to see what’s on the other side. You can see however, that Baskin-Robbins hired a good team to man the store and juggle everything at once. The waffle cup I had, though served a bit late, was still warm when served, the smell of vanilla and butter wafting through the air—making it impossible not to order.


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The flavor selection is on the safer side—nothing too outrageous like the wacky Captain America-inspired flavor I had in Kuala Lumpur called Super Soldier Swirl, which had blue chips and cherry ripple. But perhaps Baskin-Robbins is still trying out which flavors would best appeal to the Filipino market.


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I’ve been told that the Maui Brownie Madness and the Hokey Pokey are the Baskin-Robbins must-tries (also the Rainbow Sherbet, which takes me back to my pigtail days), but in the end, I settled for their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream and the Love Potion, white chocolate and raspberry ice creams swirled together and loaded with raspberry-filled chocolate cups and chocolate chips. It’s a raspberry bomb for those craving for a tangy, intense berry flavor, while the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough had gobs of uncooked cookies. Of course, I had both these flavors in the waffle cup (PHP 219). A regular scoop costs PHP 139, two scoops at PHP 209, and a triple scoop at PHP 279. Junior scoop options are also available, but why skimp out on spoiling yourself, right?

Have you already paid Baskin-Robbins Central Square a visit? What’s your favorite flavor? Tell us about your first impressions in the comments section below!


Mikka Wee Mikka Wee

Mikka Wee is former editor of Pepper.ph and was part of the team until she got whisked away to Singapore in 2016 where she worked in advertising and eventually found herself back in the food industry. She currently does marketing work for two popular Singaporean dessert brands and is a weekly columnist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s lifestyle brand, Preen.ph. She has always been crazy about travel, food, and her dog Rocket.

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  1. Ayn says:

    Hi! How were you able to try the flavors for free? 🙂 Thank you!

    • Mikka Wee says:

      You can just ask the people behind the counter if you could try the flavors and they’ll give you a free sample. 🙂

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