Bands Named After Food: Radioactive Sago Project and Hotdog on Their Go-to Gig Grub

Just like a book title, I’m sure deciding on a band name is equally or even more difficult to decide. It’s a name you want your fans to remember, and it’s a name that will be associated to your work for the rest of your life. For this edition of band eats, we spoke to two bands named after food. Find out why Radioactive Sago Project and Hotdog named themselves after food and what they like to eat after each gig.

Radioactive Sago Project

Pepper: What made you decide to name yourselves after Filipino food and some of your songs after food?

Francis: May band na Nuclear Hopia, natuwa kami sa name, so we wanted something like that. Lagi sinasabi ni Lourd, nakuha na yung mga pangalan katulad ng E-heads at Rolling Stone. (There was a band named Nuclear Hopia and we liked the name, so we wanted something like that. Lourd also said that names like E-Heads and the Rolling Stones were already taken.)

As for the songs, food was just a coincidence.

Pepper 14_bandeats-Sago01

Pepper: Where is your go-to restaurant after a gig?

Francis: Sa QC kami halos, (we’re mostly from QC) and there’s this restaurant called New City. It’s cheap but in a good way; it’s really good Chinese food. Also, Tapsi ni Vivian. These are the places we go to when in Project 2 or Kamias. We also got Kowloon. Plus these places have beer and they’re open 24 hours.

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Pepper: Does anyone in the band cook?

Francis: Si Jay nagluluto. (Jay cooks.) Si Lourd actually cooks. Roxy has a Hungarian sausage stall in SidCor sa Centris.

Jay: Mahilig ako kumain kaya mahilig ako magluto. (I like to eat, that’s why I cook.)

Francis: Nagluluto siya ng lechon, spaghetti, at sinigang. (He cooks lechon, spaghetti, and sinigang.)

Pepper 14_bandeats-Sago03

Pepper: Name your poison.

Roxy: Red Horse!

Francis and Roxy: Bawal light. (No one can drink light beer.)

Roxy: Kahit binigay nila, di naming iinumin. (Even if they give it, we won’t drink it!)

Pepper 14_bandeats-Sago04

Pepper: What are your favorite eats, individually?

Jay: Gusto ko palagi may pork. Hindi masyado sisig. Tapos dinakdakan di ko ma-resist. (I’m very fond of pork, but not so much sisig. I can’t resist having dinakdakan.)

Arwin: Mahilig ako sa pagkain sa ‘min, sa Navotas: baked tahong, garlic shrimp, tsaka chili crab. Ginagamit ko imbis na cooking oil, margarine sa pagluluto. Usually ganun pag-seafood, mas masarap kapag may butter or margarine. (I’m fond of the food from where I’m from, Navotas, such as baked green mussels, garlic shrimp, and chili crab. I use margarine or butter instead of cooking oil to cook the seafood.)

Junji: Sa Pasig area, meron sa Kapitolyo, masarap yung steak sa Mad Mark’s. Sikat din yung Aysee’s para sa sisig nila. Tapos para sa mga drinks or whatever, sa Nipa Hut, medyo di masarap ung pagkain pero binabawi sa beer. (The steak in Mad Mark’s Kapitolyo is really good. Aysee’s sisig is also really famous. As for a place to get drinks, I’d recommend Nipa Hut. The food isn’t very good but they make up for it with the beer.)


Pepper 14_bandeats-Hotdog01

Pepper: Why did you name yourselves ‘Hotdog?’

Hotdog: We wanted a name that was simple, short, and snappy. One that sounded like a lot of fun; a bit naughty. (A name) that could be understood wherever you are in the world; one that has never been used by any other band. The logical answer: Hotdog.

Pepper 14_bandeats-Hotdog02

Pepper: What are your go-to restaurants after a gig?

Hotdog: When the gig has a puny budget or worse, a freebie, the default eating place is Aristocrat on Roxas Boulevard. Our default order there was the Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice. A bit of trivia: when we went to Indonesia a couple of years ago, we sadly found out Java rice is non-existent.

Like all musicians, we are “one day millionaires”. So if the talent fee is exceptionally high, we blow most of it on a steak dinner at Mamou.

Pepper 14_bandeats-Hotdog03

Pepper: What is the band’s common favorite food?

Hotdog: Like all musicians, we argue with each other a lot. But when it comes to “all time fave” food, there is a unanimous consensus: bibimbap at Korea Garden.

Pepper: What is your favorite food to have out-of-town?

Hotdog: Best out-of-town eating would be in Davao. The tuna kare-kare is to die for.

Pepper: Who cooks in the band?

Hotdog: The best cook in the band is female singer, Maso Diez. Her specialty is taco salad.

Pepper 14_bandeats-Hotdog04

What are your favorite restaurants to visit early in the morning or late at night? If you have your own band or go to gigs regularly, where do you eat before heading home?

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  1. Korea Garden? On Jupiter? I’ve been going there for years (even back when it was right smack in the middle of the red light district (Burgos St?). Still so good.

  2. Hi, I think you missed something here. 😀
    “Roxy: Kahit binigay nila, di naming iinumin. (Even if they don’t give it, we won’t drink it!)”

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