Banana Chiefs Break Away from the Traditional Glazed and Thinly Sliced Banana Chip

Banana Chiefs, a playful acknowledgement of the Filipino accent, is making banana chips for those who think the ones on the market taste more like candy than fruit. Their healthier take on the beloved chichirya comes in 3 versions: ripe, salted, and their most recent variant, Pinoy BBQ.

Thicc enough to handle your dip.

Banana Chiefs’ chips are thick cut, giving for a sturdy chip that can hold dips well without cracking under the weight (We tried the salted version with cream cheese and it was magnificent.). The salted version can be enjoyed as a savory snack, while the ripe version is not coated in any glaze, allowing for the natural banana flavor and sweetness to speak for itself.


An artisanal brand of locally made, healthy banana chips.

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