Balajadia Kitchenette Serves Homey Fresh-Off-The-Slaughter-House Carinderia-Style Food at PHP200 or Less

Baguio’s Slaughter House complex is way more than just a butchery. Within it lies a rich local culinary scene, boosted by the promise of freshly carved meat. Here, you’ll find a bunch of carinderia’s, serving home-style Cordilleran, Ilocano, and Filipino favorites at very cheap prices. It is an often overlooked facet of the city’s worldly cuisine.

One of Baguio’s best-kept secrets is Balajadia Kitchenette, a long-standing restaurant in the middle of a covered basketball court. According to Mrs. Merlie Balajadia, the General Manager, the restaurant had been passed down to several generations; her husband being the latest heir.

Everything’s simple here, from the decor to the food. The bright green walls are dotted with photos of customers, including a couple of local celebrities. The food is a mix of familiar and unfamiliar, but each one tastes as if your mom made it for you.

Balajadia Kitchenette is a great stop if you’re curious about Baguio’s local food. Among the things we tried were papaitan, an Ilocano dish made of goat innards and cooked bile, giving it its signature bitterness (or pait, hence the name); and sinampalukan, a sour soup similar to sinigang, made with tamarind broth.

The carinderia also has a few staples, such as Soup No. 5—a surprise hit with the team. It was rich and creamy; so much so that you’ll forget it has bull’s penis. Their bistek was also full of flavor, and (as expected from a Slaughter House complex restaurant) very tender. We also recommend their inihaw na liempo, if not just for the gloopy (blood) sauce that comes with it.

Balajadia Kitchenette

Slaughter house carinderia serving Cordillera and Ilocano cuisine.

ADDRESS: Slaughterhouse Compound, Barangay Sto. Niño, Baguio City
VISIT: 6AM-9PM daily
CONTACT: (0917) 714-9219
SPEND: PHP60-200
FOLLOW: Facebook

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