B&P Just Like Home Review: Not Just Breakfast Classics

June 22, 2019

Sometimes, when doing this job, I have to have immediate assumptions about a place. There are so many new openings, that you’ve got to filter out the potential dudseither to save your time, or avoid giving horrendous reviews. I will admit now that B&P is one of those things I usually look overit’s associated with a big restaurant group, slightly tacky decor that’s all mom-and-pop-shop yellow and wicker, and awful, awful names for the food. For example: Belly My Baby for a pork belly dish, a Chick to Chick for southern fried chicken, and High School Life for some morning adobo. The restaurant started receiving so much buzz however, that I decided to go anyway, in spite of all my reservations. Turns out, you really can never judge a book by its cover. In the past few months, after so many new mediocre or horrible restaurants, B&P is a very welcome new addition to the Manila dining scene.

Creole-style eggs, PHP 290

The menu needs major editing, and gives off a bad first impression, and absolutely no justice to the food that is served in front of you.

B&P is an all-day breakfast place, serving a varied menu of their takes on different classics. The menu, at first sight, is a trainwreck. Dishes are rammed into categories that are so random, and make little sense. There’s a Grandma’s Get Fit section with dishes named after certain exercise regimes, such as Zumba, Kickboxing, and Yoga. I can only assume that these are meant to be eaten after the aforementioned workout, or named these just to be kitschy. There’s three different sections which, at least to me, all mean the same damn thingBreakfast Specialties, Hall of Fame, and Chef’s Table. The menu needs major editing, and gives off a bad first impression, and absolutely no justice to the food that is served in front of you.


B&P Chick to Chick, PHP 425

Their B&P Chick to Chick is the best example of a stunning dish with a bad name. But holy crap, this thing is pretty damn good.

Their *groan* B&P Chick to Chick is the best example of a stunning dish with a bad name. Their take on the southern fried chicken trend, is the most different one I’ve seen yet. Most versions do the usual buttermilk brined poultry, that is then deep-fried. Instead, B&P churns out a buttermilk batter, which is a coating similar to tempura batter, or those found on fish and chips. Holy crap, this thing is pretty damn good. The batter is earth-shatteringly crisp, slightly sweet, with a savory undertone. Because the batter is this crisp, all the juices of the chicken were trapped inside, that even an often dry and pallid chicken breast were extremely moist. Pairing it with a condensed milk-drenched French toast and a peppery brown gravy made a near-perfect bite; those who were never convinced by the sweet and savory trend need to try this dish in order to be converted.


Primera tapa, served in a stone bowl, was also a decent version of a classic. At first, I questioned the heavy and clunky presentation, but welcomed it when my food was still warm towards the end of my meal. The egg was cooked the only way scrambled eggs should be cookedstill slightly runny, and very fluffy. While under-seasoned, I realized that it was how they intended to be, as it became the perfect partner to the salty, garlicky tapa, whose thin strips were tender and flavorful.


Classic Pancakes, PHP 80

Creole-style eggs were a little less successful, but I understand why they would be heavily appreciated.

Creole-style eggs were a little less successful, but I understand why they would be heavily appreciated. There’s a giant hamburger steak, and a well-seasoned gravy topped with expertly poached eggs, but it was a little ruined by the blanket of cheese that did nothing to enhance flavor or texture, and by the absence of any Creole-style spice or seasoning. Even though this plate of food is just a little bit boring, it could easily be downed in a sitting. Pancakes also were simple, and came with a very generous dousing of condensed milk, but tasted just like pancake mix, confirmed by their open kitchen, where an assistant was spooning some powdered stuff out of a giant Krusteaz mix bag.


B&P, with all its weird missteps, is a place one can easily love.

B&P, with all its weird missteps, is a place one can easily love. Ignore the decor, get past the awful menu, and it is definitely better than some of the very dire all-day breakfast concepts that are now all over the city. Held back by some minor issues, most of the food speaks for itself, and the service ain’t so bad either. There may not be anything new or exciting going on here, but what they do well, they do really well. Sometimes, I love it when I get it wrong.

Rating: 7/10

B&P Just Like Home
515 Shaw Boulevard
Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong City
(02) 6313252

Pamela Cortez Pamela Cortez

Pamela Cortez writes about food full-time, and has honed her craft while writing for publications such as Rogue, Town and Country, and The Philippine Star. She once rode on a mule for a mile just to eat mint tea and lamb in Morocco, and has eaten a block of Quickmelt in one sitting. Her attempt at food photography can be viewed online @meyarrr.

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  1. Lucas Anj Valencerina says:

    Hi Pamela. This is Chef Anj Valencerina of B&P. Thank you for this review on us. believe it or not, i highly appreciate the honesty. i haven’t seen a review like this in a while. just pure “consumer-honesty” in your face sort of thing. being the Chef here, somehow, i guess i’ll have to agree with you about the odd names that our selection of food have. however, it’s also because of the history of the restaurant. it’s named after the owner’s daughters BEA & PIA. most of the food here are renditions of classics that they used to have when they were still young and in the kitchen of their grand mother, Annie Guerrero (PRESIDENT of the Cravings Group). Our Executive Corporate Chef is the Man behind these names though. i’m surprised how you can actually pin point most of the technique used in these dishes. as for the Creole, that wasn’t gravy. there was no gravy in it at all. thank you though for also commenting about the cheese on top of the eggs and the low taste of the creole spices. being in the Philippines, we are just careful not to shock our guests pallets. i remember when you stepped in the restaurant, i wasn’t sure if you were happy to be in here or just ready to attack on the review, or better yet, the food. again, i am glad you liked it, despite everything else that didn’t tickle your fancy. i hope to see you here again, and maybe we could discuss your suggestions for some of the dishes’ names. what do you think?

    • Pamela Cortez says:

      Hey Anj! Thank you so much for your awesome, and insightful reply. I loved the food, and was really pleasantly surprised because some stuff about the restaurant seemed a little kitschy to me- but maybe that’s the appeal, it’s devoid of pretension. It’s a place I would visit over, and over again- one of the better breakfast joints in the metro, which seem to have the same repetitive variation of breakfast dishes. Really happy about this place. If you’ll have me, I’ll definitely come over!!

  2. kath says:

    Girl, you have the most enviable job. If you ever need someone to help you finish all the food… #justsaying.

  3. Patrick Corrales says:

    You are slowly becoming my favorite Pepper writer 🙂 Love your reviews! 🙂

  4. Mylene Chung says:

    Ugghh! The chicken does look super crispy! Must try this soon!!!

  5. Carol Cruz says:

    B&P is one of my favorite restaurants since it opened. I heard they’re opening 2 more branches soon! Definitely something to look forward too!

  6. TC Chua says:

    Sorry my experience here was not something that I expected. The meat was tough. Most of the items on the menu were not available and the gravy is some sort of milk powder tasting goo. Sorry.

  7. Maui Mauricio says:

    Hello Pamela!
    This is Maui and I handle the brand B and P. Anyway, would you have any contact details? I would like to invite you over again to B and P. Thank you and I hope to hear from you. Cheers!

  8. Grammar Nazi says:

    I love reading your reviews but please edit your articles more before posting it because the tenses are confusing and just because Americans say “THERE’S [three different categories]” rather than “THERE ARE [three different categories]” doesn’t mean it’s right.

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