Ate Lita Makes the Fluffiest Puto We’ve Ever Tried from Her Home in Laguna

September 16, 2019

The puto is a quintessential Filipino snack. There are over ten variations of the kakanin—and we’re not just talking about flavors. Different regions have their own take, such as the puto leche (with leche flan) from Quezon or the puto manapla (made on a banana leaf) from Negros Occidental. It’s often paired with another savory dish (e.g. dinuguan), but we don’t mind eating it on its own, especially when it’s in its classic putong puti form.

Tao po! Kukuha po ng puto!

A few months ago, someone on Instagram recommended Lita’s Puto Special, claiming it to be the fluffiest puto ever. Stuff like that don’t go unnoticed here at Pepper, so we decided to take a trip to Cabuyao, Laguna to try it for ourselves. We didn’t know what to expect, except that we had to order it in advance. They told us it was PHP300 per box, “good for 15… kalahati ng bilao (half of a rattan tray).”

They gave us the address, saying that the pick-up point was in front of what was the old Magnolia factory. It was a bit tricky to find, but it’s after the Nestle factory (on your right) if you’re coming from Cabuyao town proper. Look for “G.S.L. Tindahan ng Bayan,” then go through the narrow street beside it. To our surprise, Lita’s Puto Special wasn’t a store like we presumed. They operate in a family home. It’s the one with a green gate, beside the sari-sari store.

Puto-gether in a box.

Ate Lita makes the puto herself, fresh on the morning of your pick-up day. It’s still pretty warm when you get it. It’ll be hard to resist taking a few pieces from the box, especially when the smell wafts through your car. True enough, when eaten fresh, Ate Lita’s puto is extremely fluffy. It’s not your typical leathery, heavy puto. Instead, her homemade version lives up to the kakanin’s rice cake definition. It’s light and airy, resembling a sponge cake. It won’t make you feel sinfully full, even after a couple of pieces.

What makes it even better is the slightly melted cheese topping. The puto itself is not that sweet, and the cheese adds a hint of saltiness that balances everything out. They said it’s good for 15 people, but a group composed of a lot less can definitely finish an entire box. But in case, we recommend storing it in the freezer to keep longer. You might not be able to keep the fluffiness, but the flavor stays the same even after a few days.

Lita’s Puto Special

A home-baker specializing in fluffy, cake-like puto.

ADDRESS: 22 Banay-Banay, Cabuyao, Laguna
CONTACT: (0927) 560-9858 / (0920) 206-4544

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