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Asian Garden near Taft Avenue Lives on as Minio’s Grill

August 9, 2018

Asian Garden was a long-time popular joint for a quick lunch or barkada beer nights over dinner that stretch into midnight after a long day at school in any of the many higher education institutions along Taft Avenue. The restaurant was known for offering both Korean and Japanese favorites at affordable prices, so you never had to be split up between 2 teams looking for separate cuisines.

Do you go for Japanese, Korean, or a combination of both when you visit Minio’s Grill?

While one of the partners of the establishment left, one of the original owners remains and a new restaurant with a similar concept stands in the same place. After extensive renovations, the newer Minio’s Grill offers you the comforts of both Japanese and Korean food (sometimes a combination of both) in clean, open-spaced quarters. And yes, you can grill your own Korean BBQ there too. Unlimited.


Korean BBQ, as well as Korean and Japanese favorites.

ADDRESS: Leon Guinto St. Malate, Manila
VISIT: 10AM–12MN daily
CONTACT: 0917-716-1691
SPEND: PHP 120–500
FOLLOW: Facebook

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  1. Gerardo Cruz says:

    sorry to go pedantic on you, but really its for all people who use the phrase “one of the ___”. This is always followed by a plural noun. Google ” one of the grammar rule” for some clarification.

  2. Bea Osmeña says:

    We definitely should have caught that typo. Thanks for calling it out!

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