Arce Dairy, Creamline, Magnolia, Nestle, and Selecta: We Try 5 Brands of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream from the Supermarket

Vanilla ice cream is undoubtedly the best base to any sundae. And it’s delicious even without all the frills. But add some cookies in, and we’re in for a whole different world. We’re talking about Cookies and Cream, a match-made-in-heaven as far as combos go. We’ll bet it’s on top of everyone’s favorite ice cream flavors list; and you can never go wrong with bringing it to a party. We test five different supermarket brands to see which one has the best ice cream and—most importantly—the most supreme cookies.


Arce has hands-down the best ice cream, which we attribute to its carabao milk base. It tastes like heavy cream, with a hint of real vanilla. Sadly, there’s not a lot going on in the cookie department. It has more bits than chunks; and you can’t really tell that they’re there because they meld into the ice cream too well. If you have spare Oreos, then this one’s for you.


Creamline’s ice cream has an artificial vanilla flavor that borders on being chemical. It tastes like cold cream, which is not the type of cream you want here. There’s little to no cookies, with the only hints of it coming from swirls of blitzed up cookies on top. Once you get through that upper layer, there are zero cookies (not even specks!) in the rest of the tub.


Magnolia has a nice amount of large cookies. Each spoonful has at least one prominent chunk; and we appreciate that they all still have a good bite to them. The ice cream tastes more like vanilla flavoring than cream, but we’re not too mad about it.


Nestle falls on middle ground. It has decent ice cream, and a bunch of chunky cookies. It’s not offensive, but not remarkable either. It simply gets the job done. We’d pick this if we’d want to eat something without thinking about it. (It’d be great as a mindless snack during a movie marathon.)


Selecta offers giant chunks of cookies—some of them are even still whole sandwich cookies with the cream inside. However, their ice cream is pretty plain, and has an odd vegetable-y aftertaste we can’t quite understand. Plus, it leaves an oily film that coats your tongue “like sebo.”


For this taste test, the biggest driver was that the ice cream had to live up to its name as cookies and cream. So Magnolia’s abundance of large, premium cookies and true-to-flavor vanilla ice creams wins this one.​

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