’s Round-Up: Here are Our Top 10 Posts for April 2013

October 2, 2018

Here’s a recap of our Top 10 most popular posts on for April 2013.

Burger Wars: Jollibee’s Yumburger vs. McDonald’s Burger McDo


It’s 4 in the afternoon. You’ve got half an hour to grab something to munch on before plunging back to work. And across your building (thank you, Jesus!) is a Jollibee, with a McDonald’s right beside it.

Because (1) you’re really craving for a burger (those stale biscuits stashed at your desk just won’t do), (2) you have only PHP 30 in your wallet (and the nearest ATM is two blocks away), and (3) you’re pressed for time, you’ll have to choose between the Big-Ass Bumblebee or the Creepy Smiling Clown with a Red Afro. Exactly whose hamburger is worth your remaining cash and time?

To help you with your afternoon snack dilemma, we’re pitting the two budget burgers against each other, and assessing them using five categories: General Physical Properties, Affordability, The Bun, The Spread, and The Patty. Let the Battle of the Burgers begin.

5 Filipino Senatorial Candidates and Their Edible Counterparts


It’s quite funny how our president’s moniker sounds exactly like penoy, the tamer version of our notorious balut. Funnier still is how the said duck egg resembles our country’s leader, if you squint hard enough (and draw a bit of hair and some square glasses on the eggshell). While this observation may seem irreverent, it’s quite a common practice for us Filipinos to poke fun at our political leaders, especially when the elections are approaching.

We here at take it up a notch by matching up some of this year’s senatorial bets with the quirky edibles they resemble. Guaranteed to be politically incorrect, and filled with my own cheeky opinions, the following commentary will hopefully add a bit more flavor to the hodgepodge of a dish we call Philippine Politics.

7 Stages of Caffeine Addiction: What Do You Mean I Can’t Pour Coffee Over My Cereal?


Caffeine is both the highest-selling and most widely-used drug in the world.  You’re probably hooked on it, along with your mom, your dad, and every other person who has ever needed to wake up early, or stay up late. When ingested, this highly addictive stimulant wakes you up, keeps you focused, and improves your athletic performance—until its effects wear off, that is. Without a regular hit, users turn surly, uncoordinated, and so delicate that thinking too hard makes their brains hurt. But fortunately, you can easily cure that by drinking more caffeine.

Whether you prefer to take your poison through a simple cup of joe or in a bottle of suspiciously fizzy, neon-colored energy drink, all true caffeine junkies go through the same stages in their relationship with the stuff. If you’re hopelessly hooked like me, this list will be intimately familiar. And if you aren’t, you could either take this as a warning or an invitation. Your call.

Your Brand is Bland: Putting the “Curly” Back in Curly Tops


This Curly Tops rebrand was done in collaboration with And-A-Half Design Studio’s very own Mike Parker and Corinne Serrano. The revamped logo was made to fit the namesake of the brand by using an original, hand-drawn curly font by And-A-Half themselves. Cool, huh?

Singapore Media Calls to Boycott Jollibee Because of Exaggerated Anti-Foreign Sentiments


Since Jollibee opened its first branch in Singapore last March 12, the media has been abuzz. There were claims that Jollibee had the best-tasting fried chicken in Singapore, and now, the Lion City calls on boycotting the Philippines’ number one food chain because of a ridiculous reason that’s closely linked to racism.

7 Ugly Foods that Taste Better than They Look


Gorgeous food never fails to make people salivate. After all, isn’t that why most of us go to this website? But sometimes, not even beautiful photography (or masterful Photoshopping) can make certain foods look tantalizing. And then, there are those that look like crap, but give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!”

Eat Like a Lannister: Cersei’s Creamy Chestnut Soup and Apple Salad with Gorgonzola Cream


Our version of the chestnut soup is like Jaime Lannister (that’s probably why Cersei likes it so much). It’s thick and rich. The buttery chestnut puree washes over your tongue, with the dried cranberries adding tanginess and texture to the soup’s nutty finish.

Our take on Cersei’s apple salad is proof of how the blonde lioness keeps herself slender without effort. I personally can’t think of anyone who would say no to this mélange of peppery arugula, crunchy apple chunks, and walnuts, all topped with a gorgonzola-balsamic syrup dressing.

Japanese Convenience Store Giant Opens in Makati


FamilyMart, one of the largest convenience store chains in Japan and South Korea, has arrived in the Philippines. Ayala Corporation and the Rustan’s group recently opened the local flagship store of the international franchise in Glorietta 3, and are currently working on opening more branches in the country. And while the brand’s launch was met with little fanfare, a visit to the store revealed plenty of shoppers queuing up at the checkout counters.

How to Fake a Sophisticated Palate: A Guide to Eating Cheese


Imagine getting invited to a sosy dinner party. You come in a dressy outfit, attempt a British accent, and make demure giggly sounds between sips of Dom Perignon. You’ve got them all fooled, until the host brings out the cheese platter.

Not knowing which smelly lump of cheese to eat (and with what), you panic. You reach for a piece of Gouda and a slice of bread, conscious of the snobby-looking people snickering at the next cocktail table. This is exactly why you’ve avoided the cheese station in every swanky buffet you’ve eaten at.

Before you starve to death waiting out the cheese course, take a look at this cheat sheet about some of the most popular artisanal cheeses (and what food/wine to pair with them).

Eggless Cookie Dough: Worry-Free Dessert


Let’s admit it. We’ve all taken a spoonful or two (or four) of raw batter while baking cookies. I know that these gobs of chocolate chip heaven can be loaded with salmonella from all the raw eggs, but you’ll forget all about that once you lick them off the spoon. And while munching on raw cookie batter has yet to send me to the emergency room, I wouldn’t say no to a safer alternative to this sugary, grainy treat either.

What were your favorite posts for the month of April? Any specific food topic you’d like us to discuss for the coming months? Sound off in the comments section below!

Mikka Wee Mikka Wee

Mikka Wee is former editor of and was part of the team until she got whisked away to Singapore in 2016 where she worked in advertising and eventually found herself back in the food industry. She currently does marketing work for two popular Singaporean dessert brands and is a weekly columnist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s lifestyle brand, She has always been crazy about travel, food, and her dog Rocket.

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