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Angel’s Kitchen Serves Dishes Using Mi Casa Gourmet Delicacies

May 29, 2019

Angel’s Kitchen’s signature Pinakbet Rice put it on the map as San Juan’s go-to restaurant for home-cooked Filipino food. These days, their menu has expanded to include Asian comfort food, some of which are made using delicacies from gourmet specialty brand Mi Casa Gourmet Delicacies.

Take home a few bottles of Mi Casa to DIY your own Angel’s Kitchen faves.

We recommend their Chili Garlic Tinapa pasta. It’s made with Mi Casa’s very own condiment (of the same name), which gives the dish a good balance of saltiness and heat to cut through the olive oil sauce.

Angel’s Kitchen

A homey restaurant in San Juan that serves Asian comfort food.

Address: 57 Connecticut Street, North East Greenhills, San Juan
Visit: 7AM-10PM, daily
Contact: (02) 721-8822
Spend: PHP350-1000
Follow: Facebook / Instagram

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