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Angel, Coffee-Mate, Creamall, and Krem Top: 4 Brands of Coffee Creamer

June 17, 2019

Much as Filipinos love a cup of joe, not everyone loves black coffee’s bitter or acidic bite. Enter non-dairy creamers: coffee creamers that may come in liquid or powdered form (most brands we have locally are of the latter sort) made with solidified glucose, vegetable fats, and other not-so-natural-ingredients (which for sanity’s sake, we don’t recommend you obsess about). Dissolved into coffee or tea, they instantly add a balancing creaminess for a fraction of the price of real dairy versions, aside from touting a longer shelf life. (And don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it, but it can be oddly tasty nibbled on straight up in powdered form, too.) How do the different brands on the market compare?


Consumed by itself (if you’re into that), Angel’s creamer is barely sweet, allowing its powdered milk-like notes to come through. It does the job of rounding out the bitterness when mixed into coffee, but tends to taste flat—unless you pile on the sugar.


You get a toasty, vanilla-y aroma as soon as you open the Coffee-Mate package. The plain creamer is mildly sweetened, and brings forward a rich, fatty sensation as it melts on the tongue. With its said vanilla notes and rich mouthfeel, it synchronizes especially well with coffee.


Creamall immediately hits you with its saccharine profile when you eat it plain. It’s the sweetest of the bunch, its richness only coming through as a whisper. Stirred into coffee, it adds a mild sweetness—you won’t need as much additional sugar. It lacks the creaminess you’d expect to follow however, and the resulting liquid feels thin and watery.


The Alaska Corporation’s entry to the coffee creamer market is only subtly sweet, when consumed by itself, yet carries ample richness. It harmonizes beautifully with coffee, contributing creaminess that rounds out any bitterness of the coffee without blocking it out and lingering long on the tongue.

Pepper’s Pick: Kremtop

Kremtop’s subtle sweetness paired with its full-on richness makes it our top pick, both for stirring into your A.M. cup of joe and for eating by the spoonful. Coffee-Mate comes close; its vanilla-scented and sweetened body makes it a less neutral choice, but it makes for an especially blissful cup of coffee anytime.

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