The Amazing Aloha Returns, Pancake House Jumps on the Cookie Butter Bandwagon, and Your Favorite Starbucks Drinks Are Back

October 16, 2018

If you’ve recently decided to finally start that diet you’ve been putting off for years, you’re going to hate the news we’re about to share. Jollibee, Starbucks, and Pancake House have all come out with new and exciting product announcements. A couple of old favorites make a comeback, while yet another spin on the current trend-of-the-moment tries to capture our hearts and the contents of our wallets.

Jollibee Brings Back the Amazing Aloha

As a kid, my first bite of an Amazing Aloha always brought a smile to my face. The sweet tang of the pineapple went so well with the beef, bacon, and cheese. It was a surprisingly good burger. I remember falling in line for an Amazing Aloha every single time my parents brought me to a Jollibee. It broke my heart when they discontinued it.

Love may be sweeter the second time around, however. Jollibee has announced the return of the Amazing Aloha. The burger will be available in all their branches for a limited run.

Amazing Aloha

Renewed interest in the Amazing Aloha may have been sparked by Anthony Bourdain eating it on his show, Parts Unknown. In his trip to Koreatown, L.A., he had a bite of the Amazing Aloha and declared it “a very tasty burger.”

With Mr. Bourdain’s revelation that the burger was still available, albeit on the other side of the world, and no less delicious than before, the calls for its return to local stores soon followed. A Facebook page was put up just this month petitioning Jollibee for its return.

Based on recent events, it’s pretty clear that the fast food gods (or at least Jollibee’s marketing department) have heard our prayers. From the bottom of all us Amazing Aloha lovers’ hearts, thank you, Jollibee.

Cookie Butter Pancakes from Pancake House

Cookie Butter mania has finally reached Pancake House. Primarily known for their hearty meals and comfort food, the restaurant now offers a stack of their signature pancakes loaded with the sweet, gingery, and super trendy spread.

Cookie Butter Pancakes

You may want to hold the syrup for this dish, though. From the looks of it, that pancake stack is just oozing with cookie butter. But hey, if you want to drown it in maple syrup anyway, feel free. We promise not to judge you.

Old Favorites Return to Starbucks

Mocha Cookie Crumble

Cookies and cream is a favorite combination for many Filipinos, whether they eat it with a spoon or sip it through a straw. The Starbucks version is a crowd pleaser, and its return will have caffeine junkies, who prefer to get their fix sweet, making a bee line to the nearest branch for a Mocha Cookie Crumble frappe.

Red Bean Green Tea

For green tea lovers, they’ve also brought back the Red Bean Green Tea frappe. It’s a combination you’re more likely to find in an Asian pastry, but the soothing and clean flavor of green tea goes well with the sweet taste of red beans. It’s a nice change of pace for people who want to try something different.

Have you tried any of these recent releases yet? Do you know why Jollibee also had halo-halo in their stores abroad? Are you guilty of buying into the hype and getting Cookie Butter off the black market? Let us know in the comments below!

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[Image Sources: Jollibee / Pancake House / Starbucks Philippines / Starbucks Philippines]

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