Aling Nene’s Is Still Serving Up Delicious Barbeque After Sixty Years

With new restaurants popping up everywhere, people tend to skip out on the old gems– the established restaurants with delicious, and unpretentious good food. Along South Super Highway is Aling Nene’s, a family legacy that’s been passed down through generations, which has killer barbeque and lechon that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

Before Aling Nene’s Restaurant became what it is today with their delivery service, party packages, and all-you-can-eat promos, its humble beginnings consisted of a small take-out counter frequented by jeepney and taxi drivers that came for Mang Siding’s homecooked lechon baboy, baka, and manok. Now, they have an extensive menu with many other Filipino favorites like kinilaw, pancit malabon, a variety of chicharon, and of course, their famous lechon and barbeque.

Lechon Baka, PHP 355 | Regular Pork BBQ, PHP 37 per stick

Everything about Aling Nene’s Restaurant is straightforward, from the food down to the interiors. Walking into the restaurant, you are greeted with their extensive menu, and a traditional cafeteria-style layout where everything is displayed behind glass. The only memorable interior ornament is a large painted wedding portrait of the late Aling Nene and Mang Siding at the opposite end of the restaurant, grinning at their customers as they dine in the restaurant that they built from scratch.


They had an assortment of chicharon, some of which I’ve never heard of, like chicharon isaw, but we opted for the classic chicharon bulaklak. Those were diabolically addicting with their crunchy outer rims and meaty laman. Dip ‘em in vinegar, and you’ll lick the plate clean. Being the ceviche fan that I am, I had to order the kinilaw ng tangigue, and it did not disappoint; it was the right level of tangy and made a great side to counteract the deep-fried saltiness of all the other food we ordered.


While the lechon baka was something you could skip out on, the lechon baboy and pork barbeque are definitely good reasons to make the trip to South Super Highway. I didn’t have the highest of expectations, seeing the lechon baboy sitting out behind the display glass, but as soon as I took the first bite, I was proven terribly wrong. The lechon was fragant with the flavor of lemongrass. It was incredibly meaty but soft enough that you could cut it with just your fork and spoon, and the skin was still crunchy. When dipped into their homemade sarsa, it made a great contender for the many lechons I’ve ever had. The pork barbeque was just as delectable; substantially firm, but not dry, the timpla was the right ratio of sweet to tangy, and it paired well with their house suka. Also, don’t try to fool yourself into getting the barbeque with no taba. If you ordered it with chicken bulaklak and a side of rice, go all out.

Chicaron Bulaklak, PHP 215

Aling Nene is definitely out of the way, and might be quite difficult to find, but it is worth the trip. Don’t expect much in ambience, however, because Aling Nene’s restaurant has solid, incredible lechon and barbeque, this is the place to be.


Have you tried Aling Nene’s? What’s your favorite dish? Tell us with a comment below!

Aling Nene’s Restaurant

Address: 300 South Super Highway Corner Pablo Ocampo Sr. Street, Manila

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  1. Memoirs of the ex, hahaha but yeah we used to scavenge preloved books then hit this area for grub or some take out pulutan for our “group study”.

  2. This place is awesome. Been eating there since I was dating this girl who was going to St. Scho, and I still try to drop by every now and then. The barbecue rice is excellent, by the way.

    Oh yeah, wasn’t there a branch right next door? What was the story with that?

  3. Ado’s Panciteria in Pasig is another example of an honest, old-school food joint. They’ve been serving pretty good lomi and bihon since the 50’s. 🙂

      1. Aging’s! I don’t even like kakanin, but I like theirs. Ube Halaya ftw! 🙂

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