Southern Comfort: 8 Restaurants Worth a Visit in Parañaque and Alabang

March 23, 2019

Lately, it seems like the area in and around Parañaque and Alabang has been a hotbed for lots of fresh and trendy food-related developments. “Have you tried the sushi in that new place in BF?” or “Man, that ramen place in Molito has got my girlfriend hooked!” are the kind of ice-breakers that have dominated the dinner table conversations of me and my friends. It’s clear that the South’s been doing a good job of luring more and more Metro Manileños to the area. Here are 8 reasons why I think they’ve been doing so well.

1. Ramen Yushoken (Ramen)

Shio Tonkotsu Ramen, Gyoza, and Aji Tamago

Location: Molito, Alabang

Ramen Yushoken’s menu proudly declares that all their ramen recipes are taken straight from Koji Tashiro, a champion in the craft of ramen and son of Japanese Ramen God, Kazuo Yamagishi. Literally translated as  “Champion House,” Yushoken strictly follows a no take-outs rule. You’ve got no choice but to finish your entire bowl of ramen right in the restaurant.

2. Sensei Sushi (Japanese Fusion)

Foie Gras Nigiri with Pineapples and Pink Peppercorns

Location: 268 Aguirre Avenue, B.F. Homes, Parañaque

Chef Bruce Ricketts is the culinary mastermind behind Sensei Sushi, a cozy hole-in-a-wall between a Korean grocery and a Thai massage place. Its specialty? Japanese fusion cuisine with playful takes on your typical nigiri as well as other Japanese staples.

3. The Girl + The Bull (Comfort Food)


Location: 346 Aguirre Avenue, B.F. Homes, Parañaque

Another newcomer on Aguirre Street, The Girl + The Bull serves a wide array of familiar comfort food such as Buttermilk Fried Chicken, dangerously beefy burgers, salads with bacon, Cider-Spiced Whiskeys, and many more.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Hanger Steak with Brown Butter Jus, Faux Twix with Sea Salt

4. Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery (Coffee)


Location: 115 Aguirre Avenue, B.F. Homes, Parañaque

Joining the throng of third-wave coffee shops popping up all over the Metro is Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery. Known for its Belgian Heartbreaker, this coffee shop provides specially-crafted brews (made from meticulously-curated beans) for those who’d like a more classic take on their favorite caffeinated beverage.


5. The Black Pig (Charcuterie, Bar, and Restaurant)


Location: 2/F The Commercenter Alabang, Filinvest

The Black Pig is a gift for those looking for a bar that serves international craft beer on tap. Chef Carlos Garcia’s charcuterie and meal offerings make this an ideal place to chill after a long day at work or school before heading home. We’ve featured The Black Pig before on Pepper, which you can read all about here.

6. Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar (Fine Dining)


Location: Unit A-206, Westgate Center, Alabang

If you’re on the hunt for a special dinner date place, or if you simply want to unwind with friends and family with a bit of bubbly, Caviar, with its spacious lounge-like interior, just might be the perfect place for you. With Valentine’s just around the corner, you can expect tables to be hard to find come the 14th. If you’re interested in the place, you better make your reservations soon.

7. Mama Lou’s (Italian)


Location: Block 1 Lot 36 Tropical Avenue corner Palace Street, B.F. Homes, Parañaque

Driving to Mama Lou’s requires a keen eye since this home-style Italian restaurant is easily missed if you’re not familiar with the area. Known to serve up a more authentic kind of Italian cuisine, Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen has long been a favorite of hungry diners looking for a good Italian fix.

8. Bono Tei (Japanese)


Location: 333 El Grande St. Cor. Jakarta Street, B.F. Homes, Parañaque

One of the mainstays in B.F. Homes, Bono Tei is best known for their gyoza and sushi. However, they also serve a wide range of other traditional Japanese dishes. Their Yosenabe hotpot in particular is a frequent order for seafood lovers among their regular customers.

Have you tried any of the restaurants listed above? What other places would you recommend in the Alabang/Parañaque area? Let us know in the comments section below!

Mikka Wee Mikka Wee

Mikka Wee is former editor of and was part of the team until she got whisked away to Singapore in 2016 where she worked in advertising and eventually found herself back in the food industry. She currently does marketing work for two popular Singaporean dessert brands and is a weekly columnist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s lifestyle brand, She has always been crazy about travel, food, and her dog Rocket.

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135 responses to “Southern Comfort: 8 Restaurants Worth a Visit in Parañaque and Alabang”

  1. Mandy says:

    Bono Tei trumps Hanakazu? Impossible!

  2. CARMES ✯ says:

    Sensei!! Love the food there. ☺

  3. Butchik says:

    Bono Tei? Seriously? Relative to the price, the quality of the food is sub par, you’re so much better off with Tatsunoku. Swiss Deli is also pretty good, they make their own sausages and the desert is awesome.

  4. Rianne says:

    You should try Don Limone. One of the best places to eat in BF. Their Food and Cheesecakes are worth traveling for.

  5. secretwalangclue says:

    how about the charbroiled burgers? i love that place 🙂

  6. Daniela de Gracia says:

    I love Sensei, japanese food are definitely to die for, and this restaurant really hit the spot when I went there. I wonder what else they have that’s worth the try…

  7. jackkerouac_myass says:

    yung Aladin okay din!haha

    • EmperaDom says:

      Too bad sablay na Aladin ngayon hahaha, okay sana tumambay dun and tamang woosamgyeopsal lang with friends. Super affordable and super fun place to be in at the time… Until they started the meat all you can thing, disappointing.

  8. Vincent says:

    Try Mandarin Palace, also on Aguirre. 🙂

  9. Macy says:

    I highly protest the inclusion of Bono Tei on this list >_< Food is blah (overrated!) and overpriced. If you want authentic Japanese and price is no object, Hanakazu is the best. Price range is at least P500 per person.

    • Mikka Wee says:

      Haha! Hey Macy, thanks for the honesty! It seems a lot of people have been protesting about Bono Tei’s inclusion. This just means I NEED to try Hanazuku! 🙂 I’ll let you know when I do. 😉

  10. Mang Raul’s and Sam Won. GAIIISSS. Hahaha but Caviar and Sensei Sushi are pretty awesome too 🙂

  11. Kitty says:

    Mikka, it’s Kitty! I’m also from BF, and one of my favorite go-to Japanese places is the one in Pergola called Ichnigo! Very quaint, but very good. Affordable, too! Really hoping you can check it out.

  12. kiKoman says:

    I agree, Bono Tei is blah at best. Hana Kazu should be on this list. The owner and chef of Hana Kazu was the original chef of Tsukiji.
    So that should give you an idea what to expect.

    Also, try out Danielles along Sucat (beside Barletta Machine Shop) – good Italian food .

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bentoya the best Japanese resto

  14. Doc Chard says:

    I’d definitely add Size Matters (Presidents ave. cor. Elizalde) to this list.

    Also Mandarin Palace, Grandad’s, Hanakazu, Sophia’s (Aguirre ave.).

    And Zark’s Burger (Presidents ave.), but it’s kinda famous already so.

  15. Ryan says:

    Rodrigo’s roast beef!!! Sarap and sobrang sulit!! Best kept secret in the south

  16. Mitoy says:

    Countryside is good also! Very affordable…

  17. Mac says:

    Mandarin Palace and Rodrigo’s Roast Beef!! how can you miss this place? Bono Tei? Seriously?? Bet youve never tried hanakazu

  18. Kei G. says:

    Mama Lou’s and Magnum Opus! <3

    I'm surprised to see Bono Tei on the list. I've eaten there once and I promised myself not to go back there ever. Food is not worth the price, in my opinion. You should really try Hanakazu. 🙂

    You should also try Kafe Yen (Thai resto), Sam Won (Korean) and Ramen Kuroda, all along Aguirre Ave. 🙂

  19. Meep says:

    Mama Loud is in BF Las Piñas tho. 🙂

  20. Abe says:

    Rodrigo’s! Try their Big Bossman Meal and the Joe Hoc Manwich! 🙂

  21. Don Limone!! They have the BEST cheesecake ever. Hanakazu is also an amazing Jap resto.

    • banooples says:

      Oh wow. YES! How can Don Limone not make this list? They have dozens of cheesecakes and they’re all good, but I think the ones to try are the Bailey’s cheesecake, classic strawberry and blueberry white chocolate. Plus, their house limoncello concoction is a winner. <3

    • MJ says:

      oh yes please!

  22. Lisa says:

    Try out Orange Whisk at Michael Rua St. Betterliving Parañaque. Best adobo EVER!!! Great steaks and their famous chewy buns are good with coffee. They have pastries as well. Found them in Our Awesome Planet.

  23. Trixie Dauz says:

    My mom had her birthday dinner (my treat) at Bono Tei a year ago!

  24. Tigs says:

    I don’t think Yushoken should be part of this list (food is overrated!). Ramen Kuroda along Aguirre Avenue is a must try. And it’s best to try out other restaurants and cafè’s within the area before making another list. Just saying. 🙂

  25. miko says:

    Try Marciano’s at Foodstreet SM Southmall they offer the best and affordable italian american cuisine

    • EmperaDom says:

      They screw up frequently in a lot of ways, so, no. Even the branch in Greenbelt 3 is a no for me. Rockefeller’s(Greenbelt 3 and sorry kung napalayo sa topic pero..), YES.

  26. mamita says:

    Bono Tei is the WORST Japanese resto in town!!!
    Mama Lou’s is great… love it 🙂
    Must include Tito Chef and Mandarin Palace… they’re both in BF Parañaque 🙂

  27. valtessa says:

    You still missed out 90% of Paranaque’s best restaurants 🙂

  28. gibeez says:

    Bono tei has deteriorated… sam won is a good korean restau. Sayang thai fusion, dont know where they moved.

  29. disqus_MG2AUbxcjB says:

    No love for Bento-ya? It’s BF Homes’ best kept secret.

  30. kittlezz says:

    tatsunoko known before as bentoya!

  31. Verniccelli says:

    You need to check out Bamba Bistro on Aguirre avenue in BF! I can’t believe it didn’t make this list! Order the Le Cochon Sliders, Huevos Flamencos, Surf and Turf, and the Morning After Sandwich. Crazy delicious!

  32. K says:

    I’m surprised to see Bono Tei in this list. I have to agree, Bento-Ya is BF’s best kept secret. For 1k you get to order around 8 dishes! Crazy cheap. Hanakazu serves authentic Jap food. Ramen Kuroda is a must try too! For 400 bucks you get to eat both ramen and teishoku. Amazeballs. For Korean, my favorite place is Sam Won.

  33. Aika says:

    I don’t know why Ramen Yushoken made the list. It sucks, big time. The ramen, Yushoken’s supposed specialty, wasn’t at all good. The resto’s nothing special, to be honest. You should check out Kafe Yen (try the pad thai) and Manna (their shrimp pasta is awesome).

  34. Anon123 says:

    You guys should probably try Daniele’s Casa Mia. Its an Italian restaurant near SM City BF. Parking is a problem but you’ll get great value for your money. 🙂

  35. Ger843 says:

    Why no Phoenix Court? Writers, lern2eat pls, dont just base pics off of apperance alone

  36. The Farm on Don Jesus Blvd. near Alabang Hills! Awesome organic burgers. 🙂

  37. Japanese Dude says:

    The only place worth visiting in BF is Kuroda Ramen and in Alabang is Omakase…
    Others their food taste crap, not even close to the real taste.

  38. Kikay says:

    Thumbs down to ramen yushoken!

  39. JV Salud says:

    As a Ramen addict, I have to agree that Yushoken must be number one on this list. I’ve only had better Tan Tan Men in Ukkokei.

  40. Narc says:

    LOL No Tito Chef, Borgo and Knuckle Sandwich? SRSLY?

  41. NotJabbaTheHutt says:

    Why is there no Tatsu No Ko? Now that is a hidden gem. Kafe Yen along aguirre is also good! Every dish I ordered there was really yummy!

  42. M says:

    Bono Tei?! Nah. Hanakazu, yes! For Korean, we love Sam Won. Singaporean… it’s nothing else but Sir Raffles — a hole-in-the-wall right across Puregold near the Presentation of the Child Jesus church.

  43. M says:

    Daniele’s & Mama Lou’s are both faves. Really good Italian food!

  44. agnesdominique says:

    Pls include in this list SAM WON — the best Korean restaurant in the South, IMHO. It is also located in BF Paranaque

  45. Vivy Fernandez says:

    You can also try Rodrigo’s Roast Beef. They have good food, ambiance and people. 😉

  46. FatKidOutside says:

    Daniele’s pizza and pasta!! Mandarin Palace dimsum or shabu-shabu!! Rodrigo’s Roast Beef roast beef and mashed potatoes!! The reasons why I’m fat!!

  47. Sanda Lazo says:

    Don Limone! That place doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. 🙁

  48. Jj says:

    You should try Kah Thai Restaurant (in front of Bento-ya). Best Thai resto in BF imho

  49. MrsManila says:

    Tetsu at SM Southmall – Best Wagyu in the south. Rodrigo’s – best roast beef. Marciano’s @ SM southmall – Best Salad, Manna Cafe – Best artisan breads, Kafe Yen – love their thai milk tea and curry!

  50. Ana Rose says:

    Been to almost all the restaurants listed here and I agree with the author. Am not price sensitive so Bono Tei is fine as well. Love its outdoor garden with Koi fishpond.

  51. Alexandra Yabut says:

    Hanakazu is by far the best Japanese restaurant I’ve ever been to in the south. That is one place really worth going to. From the sushi, to the ramen, the gyoza, and the fried rice. I think it is an all around great Japanese place you will not regret going to.

    108 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque City

  52. markyramonego says:

    a good reason to back South for a foodtrip and sabay na ren reunions with HS classmates 🙂

  53. Jake Reil says:

    I believe Avenetto in Aguirre deserves a visit with their sumptuous food with super affordable prices.

  54. EmperaDom says:

    Daniele’s(Italian) along Sucat rd. Near SM BF beside CAP. Fresh pasta and daily out-of-menu specials, must try! 🙂

  55. Rosa says:

    Coming from someone who’s lived in BF for almost my whole life, the only food I actually like eating are the ones from Mulligan’s, Jin’s Kimbap, Tito Chef’s, Sen Lek, Toho, The Happy Monk (I think?), and of course Little Quiapo. I don’t honestly know the new restos cuz I’ve been living in Sampaloc for the past academic year….

  56. Rachel says:

    Tried Magnum Opus… and one drink is as expensive as a venti in Starbucks.

  57. Cam says:

    Try Orange Whisk, located at 35-B Michael Rua St., Betterliving Subdivision, 1711 Parañaque. Great comfort food at a very acceptable price.

  58. Kaye D says:

    HANAKAZU!! This should’ve been first on the list for authentic Japanese cuisine in the south! They’re always packed. The owners are great too. Daniele’s, a hole-in-the-wall (literally) along Sucat Road, is also good and more reasonably priced than Mama Lou’s in my opinion. Mulligan’s along Aguirre in BF Homes surprisingly has more to offer than booze– they’ve got huge servings of nachos and yummy brick-oven pizzas that are great for sharing.

  59. arman says:

    Mang rauls bf bbq in the south..

  60. Lari Boto says:

    bastille cafe at dona soledad avenue better living paranaque serves great pasta and shakes at very acceptable price. try their blueberry shake. a great place to hangout with friends.

  61. ChingChongBeautiful says:

    Jeanny’s Bulalohan, best hole-in-the-wall along President’s Ave. Bar none

  62. Ulan says:

    Flaming Wings!

  63. Fred says:

    Buona Vita at Molito

  64. Raffy says:

    Hanakazu is really good, a lot better than Bono Tei!

  65. davidm says:

    you forgot tatsunoko and danieles 😛

  66. Yoni says:

    Mang Raul’s Restaurant!!

  67. Sophie Danielle says:

    CAFE ALEZON. Nuff said.

  68. Renee Antonio Vedan Cimacio says:

    Paranaque? How about Maty’s?

  69. Francis Pacheco says:

    SM Bicutan, please ?

  70. BF Homes Resident says:

    Songkran along Aguirre!!!

  71. Minami says:

    Bamba Bistro?

  72. Nhet Malaluan says:

    Don Limone is really really good. It’s a bit easy to miss because of the dark narrow entrance but their Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake is to die for! Plus everything’s homemade, it’s the bomb! Hahaha kidding aside. Everything’s homemade and fresh, even the lamb marinade, they even give away complimentary homemade tequila. Basically it’s fusion of Italian and Mediterranean (close to Greek)

    • if you’re coming from el grande, you’ll pass by puregold jr and sensei will be on your left. it’s in that strip of small shops that has a korean grocery in it. before aveneto. it’s kind of hard to spot because their sign includes japanese characters. honestly, the sign’s a little hard to read.

  73. Kae says:

    Family are at Bono Tei and found cockroaches on the meals 🙁

  74. mj says:

    the burgery? swiss deli? don limone? dami kulang 🙁

  75. Miguel Dayrit says:

    Dayrit’s Burger and Roastbeef House. Soon to open @ Presidents Ave. (inside the Purple Tree) Beside Wild Ones tatoo! Come and satisfy your Hunger for food! 🙂

    • Alain Nallana says:

      I’m a big fan of Dayrit’s. Used to frequent the Magallanes and BGC spots when we were still living in Pasay. It’s been a while since my last visit. Roast beef places in Batangas ain’t the same.

    • Renn Xu says:

      Wow, really? My family and I love Dayrit’s! There used to be a branch at Alabang Town Center which closed when the area it was in was renovated and it never came back 🙁 We would visit the Magallanes branch even if it’s out of the way. One of the servers there said the rent at ATC wasn’t cheap. Haha!

      So happy that it’ll be opening a branch nearer our home ^_^

    • Renn Xu says:

      Is there already a specific opening date? Excited, hehe 🙂

  76. Dee says:

    A recently opened restaurant is Southern Kitch in BF Resort Las Piñas. It’s a 5-minute drive from Parañaque and they serve pinoy-american fusion dishes. I would say that everything in their menu is superbly cooked, wonderfully served in great portions, for a very reasonable price. 🙂

    • Tine says:

      Where in BF Resort? 🙂

    • Tine says:

      Where in BF Resort? 🙂

    • BFHomes says:

      I tried Southern Kitch and it’s BAD. I swear. I remember ordering Chicken Salpicao and what they gave me was this “soupy” chicken that has a strong star anise flavor. A salpicao IS NOTHING like that. Seriously, where’s the garlic flavor? Also, we ordered a pork belly dish that’s supposed to be a “THICK SLAB OF BACON” but we were given a fried pancake batter that’s shaped into a bacon. WHERE IS THE BACON??? I DO NOT recommend southern kitch AT ALL.

  77. mozarellacat says:

    Hanakazu please. or Tus’ (Westgate, Alabang)

  78. JJ Calderon Duque says:

    Hanakazu, Don Limone, Rodrigo’s Roast Beef, Mulligan’s, Mandarin Palace, Songkran, Bamba, Ramen Kuyoda, Shawarma Snack Center, Swiss Deli, Imbiss, Bentoya in BF…. Alabang – Omakase, Cafe Med (ATC)

  79. Rei Rei says:

    Chang Teo is the BEST Korean SPOT inside BF Paranaque. Cheap food and verrrrry good Staff. it’s just beside Tea talk and Pandemanila. before Central BBQB if coming from Ruins 🙂

  80. kambayo says:

    Have you tried going to Daniele’s Casa Mia? Authentic italian food served there and we liked it better than mama lou’s! It’s located near the old building of CAP. Try it out! 🙂

  81. jubbywockeez says:

    A friend told me, “If you’re looking for good and authentic Japanese food, eat where the Japanese eat.”. Bento-ya has been a hole in the wall Japanese cuisine restaurant where that statement is given justice. Probably the most affordable restaurant in the BF Homes area where you can eat good Japanese food. 🙂 I’ve been craving their Gyudon for quite some time now, and this article makes me wanna go back real bad.

  82. happytummytravels says:

    MIkka, you should Mensakba Geishu here. Its a MUST TRY.

  83. happytummytravels says:



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