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After More Than Three Decades in the Business, Tapsi ni Vivian’s Tapsilog Still Hits the Spot

September 15, 2018

With numerous options for tapsi—short for tapsilog, itself a portmanteau of the tapa (preserved beef)-sinangag (fried rice)-itlog (egg) combo Filipinos enjoy for breakfast and beyond—around the metro, it takes something very special to stand out, yet Tapsi ni Vivian has succeeded in doing so for more than two decades. The secret lies in the distinctive style of their tapa: one that’s especially tender that it borders on being stew-like, each piece of beef lodging a generous amount of their sweet and savory marinade. Having expanded from their initial Lauan st., Quezon City branch (established in the 80’s) to open four more branches, Tapsi ni Vivian has proven haven to Filipinos across the metro, comforting tired and hungry souls with their home-style Filipino offerings.

Aside from great viands, the fried eggs that accompany their ‘Silog plates are consistently superb, what with bright yellow yolks that ooze out as you pierce your fork through.

Aside from their flagship tapsi, a range of other -silog plates can be had at Tapsi ni Vivian: liemposilog (with liempo, or Filipino-style grilled pork), chichasilog (with chicharon bituka, or deep-fried pork intestines), crabsilog (with crab relleno, or stuffed crab), and others, served with fried rice and sunny-side up eggs that boast of glistening yolks. More comforting bites can be had from their carinderia selection, where you’ll find renditions of home-cooked Filipino classics like lumpiang sariwa (spring rolls; they make their wrappers from scratch) or Bicol express (pork and vegetables stewed in coconut milk), plus sweeter entries like halo-halo and Filipino-style fruit salad. With zero frills or fuss (and open 24/7), Tapsi ni Vivian is akin to that reliable pal you can rely on time and time again, always happy to welcome you with open arms.

Tapsi ni Vivian

‘Silog plates and other Filipino viands.

ADDRESS: 6 Lauan Street, Project 2, Quezon City 1801
VISIT: open 24 hours, Monday to Sunday
CONTACT: (02) 433-4267 /
SPEND: PHP 100–300
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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