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Pepper’s Guide to After Midnight Eats

June 15, 2019

Eating after midnight is a tricky thing in Manila. I am one of those people that usually end up at a Mini Stop, ordering fried chicken, heels in hand, with hardworking night shift-ers staring me down. I learned however, that eating past midnight doesn’t have to be about hangover grease, and that some late night spots offer up delicious grub, that can be eaten at any time of the day. To make this list, we decided to focus on places with a singular branch, with a few exceptions, but eliminate bars that serve good food, highlighting restaurants that serve some pretty great stuff past the hour of midnight.

1. Recovery Food

Recovery Food1

Since Recovery Food opened, it’s become the place in Fort to grab a bite after visiting one of the many establishments nearby. The Tapa De Morning is the stuff of legend, satisfying one too many drunken revelers. It’s the rice bowls here that have made them famous, especially since they are mostly spins on Filipino dishes that are hangover cures on their own. Their Filipino style ramen bowls are also a hit, with the peanutty Rau Men broth the kind of thing that leaves you slurping the very last dredges from the bowl.

Recovery Food2

Recovery Food
G/F Crossroads, 32nd St cor 8th Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 511-7312

2. Erra’s Ramen

Photo by Gela Velasco

Photo by Gela Velasco

We’ve featured the insane Erra’s Ramen on Ghetto Grub before, and for good reason. Where else would anyone get ramen at this price, with a cool atmosphere to boot? Located in the heart of the backpacker district, the food is obviously miles away from a Nagi or Santouka bowl, but is more than enough to quell a hungry diner in the wee hours of the morning. Tantanmen with an extra piece of egg or pork is best downed with a cold beer, while you make friends with both tourists and locals.

Photo by Gela Velasco

Photo by Gela Velasco

Erra’s Ramen
Adriatico Street

3. Isshin


Nihonbashitei might be the more famous late night eat along the Pasay road strip of Japanese restaurants, but Isshin is an underrated joint. It is definitely a little less grimy than its more well known counterpart. Here, they serve all the normal Japanese fare, including more-than-decent teppanyaki, and generous bento boxes. At night, get some grilled meats, or even the Isshin Special Ramen, a comforting bowl that will soothe you before you hit the sack or head off to work.


1024 Arnaiz Ave.
San Lorenzo, Makati
(02) 844-1512

4. Beni’s Falafel

Beni's Falafel

After several celebrities and foodies blogged and Instagrammed about Beni’s Falafel, the place is now crowded even during its off hours. At night, with the crowd spilling onto the streets, the tiny restaurant comes alive with the hum and buzz of diners trying to get their hands on Beni’s gorgeous fried fritters. Don’t be afraid if you’re the type of person who needs meat to curb their hunger- this falafel is blended and cooked so well, that you won’t mind that its made of chickpeas. Beni’s traditional Middle Eastern cuisine is the type of stuff you’d eat at a roadside taverna in Greece. Check out why we love his falafel here.

Beni’s Falafel
4634 Valdez St
Poblacion, Makati
(0906) 349-1300

5. El Chupacabra

Photo by El Chupacabra

Photo from El Chupacabra’s Facebook

Everyone’s favorite new hangout, El Chupacabra, shows you that sometimes the best food comes without pretension. Its location in the middle of Makati’s bustling red light district only adds to its gritty charm, and the straightforward Mexican fare a welcome change to the Tex-Mex we’ve become accustomed to. Street tacos are a little pricier than they once were, but are unabashedly delicious. A secret- the boneless chicken skewers are the best things you’ll ever eat here, tacos included.

El Chupacabra
5782 Felipe St cor Polaris St
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 895-1919

6. Old Swiss Inn

Old Swiss Inn

Every New Year, my sister has kept up the tradition of going to Old Swiss Inn no matter where she celebrated the occasion. The place, and luckily the food, seems to have remained the same. Swiss classics like boiled pork knuckles, and fresh corned beef, are more than enough to fill up anyone looking for a big, satisfying meal in the early hours. The cheese fondues are always a great bet, with the Neptune’s buffet of seafood a personal favorite.

Old Swiss Inn
G/F Olympia Towers, Makati Ave cor Sto Tomas St
Urdaneta, Makati
(02) 818-0098

7. Filling Station


The reason why I love the Burgos area so much is that it is an incredibly colorful place that always seems to have surprises in store. Many of my own memories were made at Filling Station, and this place deserves the spot for nostalgia alone. While restaurants and new concepts seem to be opening left and right in Manila, sometimes it’s very comforting to know that you can go back to a place where all remains unchanged, just like my usual failsafe Filling Station Breakfast, paired with a thick milkshake.


Filling Station
P. Burgos St
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 897-2053

8. Donu Pork and Beef Grill


Hands down, my favorite cuisine is Korean. I love how it can be both simple and complicated at the same time, with deep intense flavors that always win over my palate. Its something I crave for no matter what hour, and Donu is just one of the many Korean spots in the Burgos area open late at night, ready to welcome me into its arms with kalbi shortribs, and boundless kimchi. At Donu, order the pork jowl, which you don’t often see on other Korean menus.


Donu Pork and Beef Grill
Polaris St
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 8976878

9. Shinjuku


Shinjuku is definitely one of those underrated noodle shops that have been eclipsed by flashier joints that have surfaced due to the burgeoning ramen trend. Sometimes it is so easy to forget that this place serves awesome bowls, when you’re bombarded with news of a hot new import coming in from abroad. They have some of the best udon out there, forgotten in the age of ramen, dishing up both hot and cold versions of the fatter, stickier noodle. Butakakuni ramen is also a guilty pleasure, with the thick slices of pork in an even thicker broth an indulgent early morning treat.

3 locations across Makati

10. Heaven’s Barbecue

Heaven's BBQ2

There was a time when Heaven’s BBQ was dubbed the best barbecue in Manila by Food Magazine, garnering a reputation as an incredibly affordable chain that didn’t skimp on quality and quantity. Heaven’s may no longer offer the best sticks, but that doesn’t mean that their branches across Manila have diminished in flavor. Strategically placed in locations known for their late night haunts, it seems as if you’ll always stumble upon their good old barbecues no matter what night you end up having. The sauce is good slathered on traditional pork barbecue, but they serve a mean liver and jumbo chicken too.

Heaven’s BBQ
7 locations across Manila

There are a few restaurants including Ziggurat, Maru, Borough, Yue Lai and Behrouz that also serve some awesome late night eats, but we’d love to know where your favorite is. Sound off in the comments section below!

Pamela Cortez Pamela Cortez

Pamela Cortez writes about food full-time, and has honed her craft while writing for publications such as Rogue, Town and Country, and The Philippine Star. She once rode on a mule for a mile just to eat mint tea and lamb in Morocco, and has eaten a block of Quickmelt in one sitting. Her attempt at food photography can be viewed online @meyarrr.

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54 responses to “Pepper’s Guide to After Midnight Eats”

  1. Mister Kebab deserves a spot here 🙂

  2. Jenna says:

    Wish you can also make a list of places in QC. 🙂

  3. Voice of Reason says:

    Whistlestop didn’t make the cut?

  4. Joey Melliza says:

    you forgot nihonbashitei!

    • Darla says:

      Sat at the bar there once and witnessed how terrible their hygiene is. They dipped their hands, washcloths (used to clean countertops/wipe foreheads etc.) in this big bowl in the sink that sat there stagnant for hours, if not the whole day. One of the workers even used his washcloth to kill a bug crawling around on the counter. Saw a huge bowl of skewers fall into it and sit in the dirty water for about ten minutes before they fished it out, too 🙁 Don’t think I ever wanna eat there ever again…

      • Joey Melliza says:

        sorry to hear that, what branch did you eat at? sounds like the one near Don Bosco – – – there are three and its owned by three different people – and there are differences. the one near slimmers world doesn’t offer teppanyaki like the one near Don Bosco, while the one in malate offers Korean dishes.

  5. Rai Magsaysay says:

    RIP Cable Car. Though it wouldn’t have made the list since it’s technically a bar first. But man, do I miss their food. 🙁

    • Volts Sanchez says:

      Have they stopped selling food?

      • Rai Magsaysay says:

        Last time I heard, they relocated and for a while tried changing the place to be “hip”, what with their beer pong nights and I don’t know what else. And then closed right after.

        • JPT says:

          they have four branches. Makati pasay road, QC Tomas Morato, one in Cebu, and one that opened recently at BGC Fort Strip.

  6. MK says:

    UNCLE MOE’S should be here, too! 🙂

  7. Jules says:

    The article was great but the title mislead me. “Where to eat in Metro Manila After Midnight” could have been “Where to eat in Makati After Midnight”. 7 out of 10 Makati places here. I hope someday you guys can have a part 2 with more night places to discover outside of the Makati zone.

  8. Addi dela Cruz says:


  9. Miguel says:

    Try Hassan (a kebab place) at Katipunan Rd., Blue Ridge, QC.

  10. Seth says:

    More like where to eat in Makati.

  11. Volts Sanchez says:

    Erra’s rocks. I have really good memories of Old Swiss Inn, too (all those early mornings after clubbing in Wasabi!).

    Now, the ones that should be on the list?

    1. This tapsi place (LJ’s?) on Aguirre in BF. The tabletop condiments include toasted garlic, in case you need an extra hit.
    2. Dusadee Thai, also on Aguirre. Thai at 2AM? Why the hell not?
    3. SEx. Yes, some branches aren’t quite clean-looking. Yes, they run out of my favorite Special Pares every now and then. Yes, the food is consistently tasty.
    4. Goodah. After the revamp, the prices weren’t the only things to rise (food quality went up, too).

    I would have put Gourmet Charbroiled Burgers here, but it closed for good. SUCKS!

  12. Makati gurrl says:

    Ganito kami sa Makati

  13. STEELEPINOY says:

    Woah your missing afew like BaBe at Metrowalk…All You Can Eat..Pork Liempo and Chicken for P399.. and Mr. Kebab on West Ave..

    • Pamela Cortez says:

      Hard to curate the list! But those won’t be left out on the rest of the series, I love Mr Kebab. Haven’t tried Babe?

  14. James says:

    No mention of food places in Camanava? Shame. 🙁

  15. Ana Lim says:

    You should’ve included Seiji at pasay road! They’re open till 4 am!! Sarap pa the food!

  16. Dovakiin says:

    the average pinoy beer lover knows more after midnight restaurants than you do.

    • Pamela Cortez says:

      This is just a shortlist and by no means ranked! We’ll be doing a series on other locations as well.

  17. jorelle says:

    something fishy at eastwood? for 189 you get eat all you can breakfast

  18. aysus says:

    Tapsi ni Vivian is good too. 🙂

  19. chibu says:

    Pares and Grill (or Grill and Pares) along Santolan (beside Goodyear, greenhills side) is really good. It’s new, but it easily is the best Pares place in greenhills (there aren’t too many). They also serve Dagupan specialties (bangus) and my favorite Gotong Batangas.

  20. leelayce says:

    how can you not include
    have you tried? 🙂

  21. Emma says:

    Check out Mamang’s Sizzlers & Grill in Anonas. Cheap eats but yummy! Not sure if they’re open past midnight though.

  22. Terence says:

    You forgot Mr. Kabab

  23. Booyah says:

    obviously she hasn’t been to the other side, no restaurants located up north were mentioned. 🙂

  24. kain ng kain says:

    Puro Makati lang?

  25. Jemie Calonge says:

    Kanto Freestyle should be here also! Check it out! ^_^

  26. Alvin says:

    Shawarma snack center in malate serves good kebabs and traditional Arabic fare.

    Countryside in katipunan has the best ini haw na baboy on stick in town

  27. Certified matakaw says:

    You should name this article where to eat in makati. Metro manila has many cities other than makati. Theres a lot in qc, san juan, pasig. You Should have covered more areas than makati to name it metro manila 🙂 but named a few good places though 🙂

    After midnight or after drinking theres mister kebab in qc, its one place a lot of drunks go to.

    Kanto freestyle in mandaluyong is great too. though its in the middle of the street.

  28. Certified matakaw says:

    Aling banangs!

  29. Certified Foodie says:

    Dragon Noodle House near Kalaw. They’re open until 2am. It is best to eat there at night than during lunch. They serve good noodles (forever-al dente) specially if you add their signature Chilli sauce.

  30. CC says:

    You’re forgetting Kanto Freestyle in Mandaluyong! Bacon and eggs ya’ll!

  31. Steffie says:

    Behrouz, indeed! Write about it 🙂

  32. keeyoni says:

    Thanks for that! Now I know!

  33. ideasoft says:

    Great post.This article is very helpful. keep sharing such information

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  34. mang kandi says:

    Mas madami pang comments complaining about Makati. Even after inacknowledge na nung author yung mistake. Great job, trolls. Keep beating that dead horse, yo.

  35. Khee says:

    mr kebab! not an authentic one but serves good dishes for hungry pips and drunkards 😀

  36. Nat says:

    Hassan in Katipunan Extension!

  37. adrian says:

    Mister kebab is good , pero sobra na nila expensive . Hindi katulad dati kahit budget ka pwede ka kumain dun.

  38. Gaby says:

    Please feature a list like this but in the Centra/North area! 🙂

  39. طراحی سایت says:

    article is very helpful
    More like where to eat in Makati.
    طراحی وب

  40. Mike says:

    Shinjuku shouldn’t be even in this list. The food there has deteriorated a lot from its heyday.

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