A Denmark Grocery Sells Expired Food, a Michelin Star Chef in Trouble for Cooking Pigeon, and More on Food This Week

March 4, 2016
Aggregate Pigeon Cooking

—One of MasterChef Italia’s host, Michelin-starred Carlo Cracco is in deep trouble after cooking pigeon on the show. Pigeon, apparently, is protected under European and Italian law since they’re wild species which makes Cracco’s actions a criminal act. He may get out on a loophole since cooking farmed pigeons, squabs, is entirely legal.

—WeFood is selling items you’d find in trash bins, but that’s okay, they’re still edible. Unlike social supermarkets that cater only to the poor, the grocer is the first one to open up to the general public. This stems from the belief that to quell food waste, everyone has to be in on it.

Aggregate Cereal

—Kellogg and General Mills are hiring trendy chefs to spice up their cereal brands since millennials are ditching the classic ready to eat breakfast because it’s too much work. Justin Warner (Do or Dine) partnered with General Mills while Kellogg were able to get Christina Tosi (Milk Bar)  and Danny Bowien (Mission Chinese Food).

—Packaged meals are slowly becoming a thing. Recently, Hungryroots, a start up company that sells meal kits was able to raise $3.7 million. Their meal kits consists of everyday food that’s replaced with vegetable substitutes—all of which are gluten-free and are under 500 calories.

Aggregate Olive Oil

—Italian’s are laying the law with olive oil. Lawmakers voted last month to create stricter policies to punish the counterfeiting of their beloved national export. If it’s not really 100% Italian extra-virgin and you put it on the label, watch out. Current fines are set at 9,500 euros which is light when considering that millions can be made from counterfeit olive oil.

—A couple from Austin got shock when they received their bill at IHOP when their server labeled them as “BLACK PPL” in their receipt. Here’s the catch, the server was also an African American. IHOP has released a statement apologizing for the mishap and the franchisee, ACG Texas Restaurants, has yet to comment.

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