The 8th Filipino-Chinese Bakery Fair Gathers Some of the Baking Industry’s Best Suppliers

January 7, 2020

Last January 30 until February 1, the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association Inc. (FCBAI) held its eighth Bakery Fair at the World Trade Center. The event brought together bakery, confectionery and foodservice equipment suppliers from here and around the world. This biennial event is the Philippines’ biggest trade show in the baking and food service industry. According to the FCBAI president, the Filipino Chinese Bakery Association Inc. (FCBAI) aims to present the industry’s innovations in terms of equipment, processes, and concepts. “By bringing in the premier bakers of the country, we want to emphasize the united culture in the bread we present. We seek to show the world that the Filipino baking industry is taking off,” he says.

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Some of last weekend’s exhibitors included Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients, U.S. Wheat Associates, Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation, Santini Food Specialists, Inc., McCormick, Optima Display Systems Co., Bakersfield, Gourdo’s, Baker’s Essence, Gardenia, Polland, Asian Grains, and many more. Guests and visitors easily moved between the areas meant for equipment companies, baking tools, and different kinds of baking ingredients that included waffle premix, bread premix, various flour brands and variations such as rye flour, US dehydrated potatoes, fruit jams, and even premixed red bean and pandan paste. Bakers, restaurant owners, business entrepreneurs, and culinary students alike were able to check on the latest innovations and trends being introduced by the different exhibitors.

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Apart from the products displayed for visitors, the exhibitors also did demonstrations that showed off their products after being processed and baked. Cakes, chocolates, and other pastries were displayed for everyone to taste and see what each company could offer for their bakery or restaurant.

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Different seminars and presentations were also held throughout the Bakery Fair’s three-day event. Master Chef Fritz Mayer talked about “The Very Best of European Pastries”, while the China Grain Products and Development Institute talked about “Traditional Chinese Delicacies.” There were also talks and demonstrations on the healthy benefits of products such as FLAX or Flaxseed, where in Kelley FitzPratrick, M.Sc. discussed how it keeps the heart healthy. Bakers were also able to witness “Breads from Around the World” by Chef Benny Vervaeck and a discussion of different recipes for cafes and bakeshops by Chef Carla Valencia. The fair also held the final round of the Baker’s Cup Cake Competition by Puratos, where Chef Jed de Guzman of Baketech nabbed the first prize and PSB’s Chef Jocelyn Venes won second place.

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The FCBAI held its first Bakery Fair back in 2001. The Association was formed back in 1966 with the intention of organizing all the existing bakeries at the time to promote harmony, fair play, and cooperation in the baking industry. The association was also formed for better industry representation in government agencies and legislation.

Were you at the FCBA Bakery Fair? What are your favorite highlights and activities from the event? Let us know in the comments section below!

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