7 Annoying Dining Habits of Filipinos

August 26, 2018

Filipinos are known for a lot of endearing traits. Our hospitality is renowned, as it is common for us to place our guests’ comfort over our own. Jessica Sanchez and Manny Pacquiao put the Philippines on the map through their innate prowess in the fields of singing and boxing, respectively. We’re praised for our crazy adaptability and resourcefulness. (Leave us in a kangkungan, and we’ll end up making Adobong Kangkong.)  But seriously, this list could go on.

But let’s face it. We’re not always the most charming human beings either. Ever heard of crab mentality and the Mañana Habit? Did you see “sottocopy” trend across Twitterverse? And when it comes to the dining table, we could make any outsider cringe with these annoying habits we can’t seem to break.

1. Tardiness at Gatherings

A dinner party that starts at “6pm, American time” is different from one that starts at “6pm, Filipino time.” It’s not unusual for Filipinos to arrive at a party at least 30 minutes past the official call time. Come earlier than that, and you’re perceived as too eager.

2. Sniffing Food

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with inhaling the heavenly aroma of the feast served in front of us. By all means, savor the zesty scent of Mom’s turbo chicken—she’ll be flattered to see your eyes rolling back as you appreciate her masterpiece.

But to sniff food like a dog searching for narcotics, especially when you’re a guest? Not cool. How would you feel if you labored for hours in the kitchen, only to find your guests regarding your labor of love with a suspicious sniff before they tuck in? Yup, your mother thought so, too.

3. The Hodgepodge Fiesta Meal

Judging by our over-decorated jeepneys, sari-sari stores that sell everything from achuete, walis ting-tings (a broom made of sticks tied together), and our famous goblets of Halo-Halo brimming with a mix of incongruous ingredients, we Filipinos have a thing about mixing stuff together, even those that should be kept separate.

Unfortunately, this also translates into our eating habits. Attend any town fiesta,and you’ll see every guest’s plate stacked with Menudo, Chop Suey, Embutido, Pancit, and a heaping mound of rice, all spilling indiscriminately atop each other. If the plate still isn’t full, expect to find a little serving of Leche Flan or Fruit Salad somewhere in there, too.

4. Eyes on the Unli-Rice

Speaking of rice, there’s no doubt we Filipinos are a rice-eating people. We consider meals without rice to be mere snacks, and all a restaurant has to do to get our attention and money is to offer “unlimited rice.”

Despite knowing the horrible effects of excessive carb consumption on our health (see ‘diabetes,’ ‘obesity,’ and ‘just plain feeling sleepy most of the time’), we insist on having our favorite carbohydrate with practically everything.

Is our obsession with rice just another chapter from our nation’s multi-volume book, Making the Most of What’s in Front of You? Both my siblings could eat rice with nothing but ripe mangoes or bananas—I kid you not. But regardless of this addiction’s root cause—whether biological, social, or cultural—this is one “Unli-“ offer that wouldn’t hurt our country if it expired.

5. Gravy: Dip na, Sabaw pa

If unlimited rice isn’t your thing, I’m pretty sure that rice with gravy perks up your appetite. Fret not if you can’t afford anything on a KFC menu beyond a single, tiny chicken wing, and a ton of rice.  Just pour gravy onto your rice, as though this thick brown goo were a soup like Sinigang or Tinola. Voila! Budget and hunger problems solved.

And who could blame us? It would be such a waste not to take advantage of the seductive, shiny gravy pitchers in most KFC branches (especially with that free refill).

6. Recycling Anything that Represents a Container

We Filipinos have taken the slogan “reduce, reuse, and recycle” to heart. We like to maximize the lifespan of an object in every possible way, lest it go to waste. This is a positive trait until we invite guests to our kitchen or dining area.

A typical Filipino fridge is usually stocked with recycled plastic bottles in all sizes containing drinking water. In the same manner, we love buying hefty glass jars of instant coffee or peanut butter because they can be reused as drinking glasses.

Well, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt (or dies!) of either cancer from the chemicals leaching off the overused plastic bottles, or food poisoning from the ancient containers getting contaminated with a sundry of condiments and other substances that haven’t been washed off thoroughly.

7. Food Hoarding at Parties

Our unconditional love for freebies takes on a horrifying form at the buffet.

On a trip to Bangkok with the family, we noticed the strange attitude of the hotel staff toward us as we sat down to enjoy a breakfast buffet. As soon as we were settled at our table, two servers stationed themselves nearby, and discreetly watched as we ate. We eventually figured they were making sure we weren’t nicking stuff from the buffet, and stashing them in our bags (in the Filipino vernacular, nagbabalot)—from bread rolls and fruits that could be saved for merienda, to toothpicks and table napkins that could be kept for personal use.

But who could blame the foreigners for their wariness? To them, Filipinos always seem to be preparing for the Hunger Games, just like ants during rainy days. We got so used to hoarding food that special occasions in the Philippines are much more appreciated when hosts allow (or even encourage) their guests to take home some food. That, or guests themselves bring plastic bags, ready to pack food away as soon as the coast is clear.

Let’s come clean.Which of these habits are you guilty of?

[Illustrations via Kitkat Pecson]

Addi dela Cruz Addi dela Cruz

Addi writes nonfiction that reads like fiction and fiction that isn't meant for children. He lives for breakfasts, getting new stamps on his passport, and perfecting his yoga tree pose. In between episodes of MasterChef and Hannibal, he dreams of owning a café that would serve the best hot chocolate in the South and have 12 tables at most.

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  1. Besides the sniffing, hoarding and tardiness parts, I don’t really see how the other habits can be annoying. Unli-rice and the pouring enough gravy to turn your crispy chicken fillet meal into gravy lugaw is just awesome.

    • Ralph says:

      It is ok to sniff a food before you eat it. I think most of us used to it. And I really like the so called GRAVY. Dip na Sabaw pa. It happened always when me and my friends hang out and have our meal in KFC.. Finger Licking Good.

      Ralph Roger S. Panganiban
      Contributor, Ourhappyschool.com

  2. Excuse me, chef Gordon Ramsay sniffs food like a police dog, so who am I to actually feel bad about my food-sniffing habit?!! HAHAHAHA!

  3. rftreyes says:

    The KFC gravy thing might just be understandable. Just came from a Singapore trip and all my Filipino (and a few Singaporean) friends could ask from Manila is KFC and a LOT of the gravy.
    Apparently the gravy there costs about 1 SGD and tastes something very close to cornstarch with water, drizzled with pepper. Unlike the gravy we have here in Manila that is oozing with all the chicken fatty goodness of refried oil used by KFC.

    Soooooo good 😀

    – Ray

  4. Nico Goco says:

    we have someone from our neighborhood who is notorious for hoarding (or stealing) food during parties 😛 before the meal begins, he’s already taken his and his family’s share. and by share I mean the serving’s about two days worth of food.

    • May kilala din akong ganyan! Worse yet, he manages to show up to parties he wasn’t invited to. And he has the gall to take home food, too. Can you spell makapal? Haha

      • Vinnie says:

        May kilala din ako… mas makapal! Barangay Captain… I once saw him bringing an empty bilao… and used it to take home food good enough to feed him and his family for 3 days…

  5. the worst thing for me would have to be when people take calls while on the table. nobody seems to excuse themselves or have t he courtesy to reject calls while eating. seriously, nobody cares that carlo just broke up with carla because carla got a new haircut.

  6. Kisty Mea says:

    I am guilty of the tardiness, the rice and food hoarding… at a hotel. :p

  7. Wow the illustrations are beautiful!

  8. Alexena says:

    I’ll be judge for reusing bottles and not washing them but plastic containers are a NO,NO hahaha!

    Amen on the tardiness! You cannot do anything about it though, you just adjust to it hahaha!:P pretty annoying but only one or two people in a party of 30 would share the same sentiment 🙂 Can’t help but laugh as well with the hoarding. Did it once but not my fancy although a friend who moved to the US at 13 still practiced this when they went to Europe 😛

    ANNNNDDDD what’s wrong with SABAW GRAVY?! LoL! It’s the best thing that had ever happened in the fast food industry. Proud and loud to be GUILTY of this.

    Good read!:)

  9. Miss Black says:

    How come there is no mention of some Pinoys clinking cutlery together while eating?! I absolutely abhor that! This article should definitely have a second part!

  10. Myka says:

    Except maybe for # 1 and 7, I don’t think they’re really “annoying traits”. They’re more of quirks actually, and I’m guilty with the fiesta meal and gravy=sabaw! 🙂

  11. I understand the food hoarding because some people really just have big appetites. but what annoys me more is the hoarding of tissue, salt/sugar packets, condiments, and other stuff that they don’t get to finish/use up anyway. especially the tissue! such a waste of resources!

  12. Sarie says:

    I’m a sniffer and I’m always late. HAHAHA

  13. Lovin the illustrations!!!! And yes I am guilty of KFC’s unli gravy! What do they put in that stuff?! Lol on number 3, I’ve seen my dad do that a number of times.. at one point I’ve even seen him eat the leche flan with the rice haha!

  14. I’m guilty of the gravy and tardiness, i stopped the unli-rice.. haha! I HATE te hodgepodge and hoarding.. 😀

  15. Danielle says:

    Guilty of #3 and 4 and not ashamed of it! LOL. The container recycling really is annoying though.

  16. But.. but gravy rice is so good! XD

  17. Jaimie says:

    Burping out loud! When was that ever acceptable?!?

  18. You simply can’t expect Filipinos to reprogram decades of programming in an instant. The hoarding, the plate-stacking, the unli-rice, the gravy abuse, the recycling, are all knee-jerk reactions, and have been subconsciously been hardwire into the general psyche. You cannot forget that the Philippines is, in most aspects, still a third-world country, and that generations upon generations of our countrymen live in poverty, or at least came from poverty. Can any of you imagine a world where you had to fight for your food, or a world where you most probably did not eat thrice a day? Unfortunately, that

    I do abhor all the practices stated in this list, but if I was unfortunate enough to live a hand-to-mouth existence, and I happen to find myself in a party, goddammit, I would steal all the food and eat like there’s no tomorrow. Because for a lot of people, there isn’t one to begin with.

    As with anything, reconditioning people that it’s okay not to eat tons of rice per sitting, or that you don’t need to steal sugar packets because you might not have money to buy sugar in the first place, it will take time. Being aware that these traits are ultimately NOT cool is a good step in the right direction. At the same time, I would be a little bit more patient with the rest of the country for now.

    However, Filipino time and sniffing food is NOT cool. And no, Gordon Ramsey earned the right to sniff, not me.

  19. The Hodgepodge Fiesta Meal >> Nakakahiya daw bumalik sa table kapag fiesta so damihan na ang unang kuha. including dessert.

  20. D Camacho says:

    How about the “shy piece”? I hate it when people leave an itty bitty piece of food on the table! I mean cmon! I know you want it!:))

  21. Weena S. says:

    Guilty of almost everything mentioned above until I remembered I have my excuses. 😛

  22. I ♥ to smell food….in a proper way… 🙂

  23. Okay thats it, I’m having KFC tomorrow hehe

  24. Spell check “Pacquaio.”

  25. tambour says:

    i’ve never heard of the KFC’s unlimited gravy…as much as i love their gravy with mashed potatoes, this is a case of too much of a good thing. i can’t imagine the amount of salt and fat one could be ingesting given an unlimited option and taking full advantage of it…oh and starch. wow! kinda scary

  26. TIMES says:

    Great article!

    … and I really should stop reusing my water bottle 🙁

  27. CitizenGreen says:

    Too sad that Pepper.ph is succumbing to mediocrity with rants that smack of cultural insensitivity, discrimination, colonial mentality and ethno-centrism by seemingly amateur writers who have not earned their stripes and who are unable write a cohesive introduction/lead. Except for #1 and #7, the others are cultural and don’t bother people. This article is not worthy of space and does not speak well about Pepper.ph.

  28. Felicor says:

    I sniff my food. I like to know the smell and guess what’s in the food I’m about to eat. and I have a rule (which really isn’t mine since I know I’m not the first to think of it): if it LOOKS bad and SMELLS bad, it most likely tastes BAD: DON’T EAT it…. so I’m not with you on that one… I don’t think it’s a bad or annoying trait at all.

    The others…. hmm, I don’t like being late. I’m horrified at the idea of being late. So much so that if I know I’m going to end up being really late, I decide not to show up. Now THAT is a bad habit.

    I like to separate my food… even when cooking, they line up even though they’ll all end up in the same pot anyway.

  29. Ken says:

    So when will the intelligent discussion about food come back on Pepper.ph?

  30. Vinnie says:

    I will definitely relate with “hoarding” habit… Since my grandmother is completely illiterate with anything that has gears, buttons, monitors and wirings… I am, therefore, confident enough to blurt out (without any fear or regret) that my grandmother is one serious party food hoarder. It came to a point that I had to outwit her everytime I am forced to tag along with her to a party! For instance, here are my rules to avoid the humiliating scenario of being the unexpected and unwilling accomplice to the crime:
    1. Do not bring an oversized bag.
    As much as possible, carry something small enough to fit your money, make-up and cellphone. Anything bigger than a handbag is good enough to be used as a stow-away bag by my grandmother.
    2. Do not agree to her persistent urging to bring plastic bags.
    And when I mean plastic bags, I mean the big kind of grocery bags! YES! She brings plastic bags to a party… apparently with the keen intent of taking something from the table, whether it be the small floral decorations or the knick-knacks on the appetizer plates.
    3. Use the “bathroom” excuse
    The moment she starts whispering to my ear, ordering me to stealthily tuck whatever food there is in my bag, I make the immediate excuse to go to the bathroom. As much as possible, I have to stay away!
    4. The DENIAL
    This is the last and desperate act of defiance and I am sorry if I have to do it… I love my grandmother but when it gets too out of hand, I can’t help but to deny my relationship with my grandmother to other people. I’m sorry… shame on me I know… but better this shame than the shame I get being caught hoarding. 🙁
    It’s actually ok when it’s a party of a close family friend or a relative… pabaons are expected and willingly given. But it does not apply to other parties, and i’m sorry but I just can’t stand the humiliating act, all the more when people start looking at us.

  31. Sigh. I hope “silly and rebellious” doesn’t transition into “haughty and pretentious”.

    Love, a pepper.ph fan.

  32. Kat says:

    Except for the first, which touches on insensitivity to the time of others, and probably the last, which can be insensitive to other people who have yet to get food, everything else on this list is snobbery on Filipino culture. This article is ridiculous.

    Not everyone is required to eat a certain way, and we all have our own quirks but to downright generalize these cultural practices of the Filipino as negative traits shows how narrow-minded the bourgeoisie can be. Yes, some things also piss us off about other people but that is as much on your part as it is the other, especially when they have done nothing wrong. These may incur some frowns in a formal reception/fine dining event, but you are describing things that happen in fiestas, or birthday parties, or other gatherings where the normal Filipino takes part in. This is the context of the Filipino way of having fellowship and you have the gall to criticize it. I understand your concern about being watched by the staff in some foreign country, but that in itself is because of their inability to understand Filipino culture, which is not their fault anyway.

    I’m sorry, but so-the-fuck-what if people want to take home some food from a party? Your mother may not feel this way when she hosts her tea parties, but many other Filipinos are glad to give their guests some “balot” to take home. It signifies the guest’s enjoyment of a particular dish, and it’s a great way to get rid of extra food that may only spoil. Sure some people are “abuso” that it becomes embarrasing, but for most, that is not the case.

    I am also saddened that a lot of people are quick to agree and judge others about their eating habits. Yes, we might have differences in how we eat but that does give us the right to feel as if we are better people because we know the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork, or because you use less gravy than the average Filipino.

    Everything here seems to operate on stereotypes of the Filipino lower class, and there is the subsequent judgment of how unacceptable they are as human beings.

    I have learned nothing here except how pretentious this blog is getting. I used to love the recipes here but I don’t like the judgmental direction Pepper.ph is going. I’ve yet to see the article on the “Filipino obsession with unli-rice” but I feel as if it will be more of this garbage.

    • jus_sayinagain says:

      You easily forget…there is an accepted form of proper dining no matter where you are in the world or wherever you come form. It’s called table-manners, etiquette, or social-graces. So yes, “not everyone may be required to eat in a certain way”. Only people with good manners and social graces do eat properly, without being required to do so, it’s just the practice of good habits actually.

  33. apet says:

    whatever you are saying dude..it’s a matter of survival, and it’s not really a pinoy thing.. it was only introduce to us by Spaniards the so called “crab mentality”, and other habbits if you know the story of Noli Me Tangere then probably you will get it….so what if we have all this habbits in the country…the fact that all nations have their own annoying habbits!

  34. hahaha so true! 😀 Aside from hoarding food, some also take home the centerpiece from the tables. Not annoying, just funny. Also, how some of us will just pour water on a used glass (of coke or sometimes, even ice cream). Just so we can “save” water & dish washing soap. haha Other people will cringe at this 🙂

  35. Ruwan says:

    Food hoarding – major problem. 0.O

  36. […] We all love KFC’s magical gravy. It is thick and rich and has that perfect, very subtle kick of spiciness. Heck, we use it as sabaw and not just a dip. […]

  37. Anonymous says:

    It’s called “being practical.” Stupid writer. -.-

  38. kristans says:

    I enjoyed is article very much 🙂 Good read

  39. kat says:

    natawa ko sa gravy part :)))) so true lalo na sa kfc unlimited gravy yum! i remember i have this friend who request an extra plate just so she can fill it with gravy :))

  40. Jethro Lubas says:

    I used to be like this… all of this.
    I changed for the better.

  41. justsaying says:

    This isn’t habit, it’s culture

  42. Sofia says:

    There’s no need to connote is as “annoying”; it’s culture. Accept it as it is. And by pointing out that it’s annoying to you makes you look like you live in a small world.

  43. […] local online food blog actually described it as an annoying dining habit. We prefer to describe it as quirky and charming. It can be a bit gross, especially if you […]

  44. Nexie says:

    I’m shocked at how much vitriol has been thrown the writers way. It seems a majority of you are guilty of these “bad habits” and have been hit personally.
    For those who saw themselves here and had the good humour to laugh it off, congratulations, you’re secure and mature adults and your innate class excuses your few “minor” social gaffes. The rest of you need to go back to finishing school, and please, “culture” does not excuse your bad manners.

  45. kenneth calimag says:

    its so true…from the time i am reading it, i really felt guilty. but i guess all of this should not be termed as ” annoying” rather let’s just rephrase it as “7 Funny Dining Habits of Filipinos because although its pointing out on our dining habits..its a way of how our culture goes even on eating time. Admit it, with guilt upon reading it, we surely laugh about our dining habits..haha.

    Kenneth L. Calimag,AB Political Science Student
    Contributor, http://www.OurHappyschool.com

  46. Joseph says:

    Contributor – OURHAPPYSCOOL.COM

    In my opinion as a Filipino I think that tardiness is one of the most bad habit that we have. Even me is guilty in being late. For me maybe we don’t value or we think that it’s not important that we are always late in everything in our lives.We need to change this Filipino habit so that it will help us rice as a Filipino

  47. Gay Sagabaen says:

    With the hoarding bit, I know some people who actually do that. I mean, they really bring plastic bags with them when they go to handaans. For goodness sake!

    I’m all for staking up food on plates, as long as you can eat all of it so you don’t have to go back to the buffet table. But taking it home in plastic bags is another thing.

  48. CK says:

    Yes, sometimes the food gets cold if people come late so that can be worrying. And a KFC meal tastes best with lots of gravy for me! But aww at recycled jars. I actually find it endearing. If a restaurant served a refreshing breakfast with a juice on a recycled jar with a striped straw and a slice of fruit and the side, I might go back just for that!

  49. bobby lupo says:

    as a filipino in the states that works with hundreds of filipinos, my observations of their annoying habits:

    1. HIGHLY disorganized – in personal,social, and especially business. there is a reason why the koreans and chinese have a thriving self-sufficient community of businesses and filipinos do not. out of the dozens of filipino-owned businesses i deal with, only 2 of them are run properly and in an organized way.

    social functions run by filipinos are often chaotic and laughable, from an event planner’s point of view

    2. extremely GULLIBLE/over-trusting of “Americanos”…even here in the states, the American worship still runs rampant. filipino “business-owners” love to flaunt to their filipino friends all the non-filipinos and Americanos that they are associated with. ive seen countless filipinos withdraw their retirement/savings money so they could invest in a “venture” with an American/non-filipino. IN fact there are many non-filipino americans that realize this and prey on gullible filipinos to make a quick buck off of.

    3. guilty of GUILT TRIPS – ive heard and seen hundreds of filipinos tell a sob story or guilt trip someone into doing something for them….usually starts with a sad face and a whiny/moaning tone “ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh your fee is so high and i am sick, my brother has no job and i have to support him, im in and out of the hospital…..can i get it for free”
    not just in business too….filipinos use the guilt trip on their children, family, and friends too

    all you filipinos in the homeland calling the author “stupid” for stating facts should maybe stop and consider why your country ahs been in the shitter for the past century…….i WISH that the filipino people would stop blaming others and get up and do something!

  50. Sheena Mamaril Malate says:

    I really hate people who sniff too closely on foods being served. Food might be a medium for disease transfer to humans. It should be avoided as a courtesy to other people who will eat the food.

    • jus_sayinagain says:

      Right you are. There’s the Filipino way of “sniffing”, and there is a gracious way of smelling the aroma of food. Sniffing is not it, better left for dogs to do.

  51. sideburnz2000 says:

    in sociology this is called culture. your “annoying” views are based on ethnocentric beliefs and values from the western culture. what maybe annoying for them is normal for Filipinos and annoying western habits Asians see maybe normal for them. so see its a two way street there’s no such thing as a right way people just have different ways of doing things. For me these are a part of being filipino and i’m proud of them. how boring will it be if the whole world stuck to one culture of the same rules of the same practices.

    • kyle says:

      Actually, no. The idea that they are just common norms of a certain does not nullify the fact that they can be annoying. Even some Filipinos view their own culture annoying at times. In fact, I even doubt if these things are really within the realm of culture. The first one seems to rooted from being lazy, and the rest from being practical or “masiba.”

    • Voltes V says:

      Culture is negotiable and is negotiated. It may be labeled annoying if a community agrees that it is. Count me in among those that think these 7 items are annoying. Also count me in among those that want to negotiate alternatives to these 7.

  52. Anne says:

    I don’t think these should be called “annoying” since almost everything that are stated here are already decades-old habits (except the sniffing and tardiness part though, those indeed are annoying but shouldn’t count as dining habits). I think these habits just shows how Filipinos are genuinely enjoying their food, along with being kind of resourceful. Like what you said in #3. It’s a fiesta meal, not fine dining in a restaurant. You wouldn’t take two or three plates for your food just because you don’t want your viands to mix on your plate. #4, the unli rice. We’re not westerns, our meal never feels complete without rice so what’s wrong with wanting more rice? That’s like saying that Chinese people’s dining habit regarding eating noodles is annoying too because it’s unli-noodles right? I don’t know why you counted recycling as annoying. Surely Filipinos aren’t that too dumb to continuously use a recycled container until its last dirt. And about the food hoarding, us Filipinos normally cook or order food beyond what our stomachs could take so why not share it with other people? Unless you aren’t the host of the buffet or something, of course it wouldn’t be allowed to do so. You make it seem like us Filipinos are ‘walang kahihiyan’. Just trying not to waste too much food right? Some of these “annoying dining habits” as you call it, are actually praised by some foreigners. These are just few of the unique Filipino cultures that we should be proud of.

    • jus_sayinagain says:

      “decades-old habits”….BAD HABITS nevertheless. Not acceptable. Not excusable.

      You really have a problem if you think Filipinos should be proud of such “decades-old habits”.

  53. Rose says:

    all they do is gossip and backstab each other. Their also quite judgemental and racist. Ugh.. I hate filipinos… And that’s coming from a Filipino who was raised here in the states.

    • aardman says:

      Hate to admit it, but you’re right.

    • Al says:

      What you said is quite true, but for some Filipinos. Please, stop generalizing them as a whole.

    • Claire Sal says:

      I’m Filipino too, but I don’t hate Filipinos. I just find people like you amusing, but I am as bit annoyed by the unethical habits of a typical Filipino, and it’s about time our people start pulling themselves together. That’s what happens in a country of depravity and corruption that’s been going on for generations and who can be blamed? After all, it takes people to create a nation and make them into who they are or what they become.

  54. Hellige Skov says:

    Not just the dining habits. There are far more annoying feats. Filipinos are the most racially discriminating breed I’ve ever met!

  55. […] always wondered why he was never popular with the Filipino community in Europe after that incident. Talk about […]

  56. Karen says:

    Although these habits are by and large a part of local culture, the list smacks of elitism. Except for the tardiness, these practices are more prevalent among the middle to lower-income demographic, and have been cultivated out of a survivalist mindset.

    As for food sniffing — how different is that from the self-proclaimed foodies who haughtily wave a hand in front of their faces to catch a dish’s aroma, just before eating?

    One annoying practice that can be added to the list is the air of pretentiousness trend-conscious Filipinos adopt when visiting a new or popular food joint, when they eat to be seen by others (online and otherwise), and not to eat for its own sake.

    • aardman says:

      If you excuse pilfering food from all-you-can-eat buffets as acceptable cultural practice then you are saying petty theft and corruption is perfectly fine. You aren’t even appalled that Thais single out Filipinos for surveillance in buffet restaurants. That’s a sign that lots of Filipinos do it. That should be a source of national shame. But too many of us are all makapal any mukha.

  57. jus_sayinagain says:

    Know what’s even more annoying….people who take their feet halfway off their shoes. Bad women’s habit really. It’s gross and disgusting.

    Even more annoying….LOUD TALKING. No one really appreciates hearing other tables conversations.

    Most annoying….diners with generally bad table manners who do not seem to know how to properly hold their forks and knives. Easy to tell how most people eat at home, they shovel food into their mouths or pick around their plates like payatas kids with sticks, going thru a pile at a dumpsite.

    Those bad habits should be left at home. It offends.

  58. JC says:

    Wow Huh! Lait na Lait kayo sa laman ng Article ah. Andami nyong gusto eh mas mabaho pa kyo sa malansang isda kung magsalita. Reklamo ng reklamo!? Diba annoying din yang gngwa nyo. Sana kung nakakatulong kayo eh diba.

    MAsaya ako sa article, Hindi sya masakit magsalita. Gusto ko yung mga salitang nagamit at mga bagay na nakuha ko mula dito.

    Ikkwento ko ito para malaman ng iba at hindi tulad ng iba… tsk tsk mga walang laman ang utak kundi puro panlalait sa sariling bayan.


  59. Ali says:

    Although I agree with some points on this article, I find it disrespectful to generalize them as a whole. Next time use the word ‘some’ because not all Filipinos posses the same traits.

  60. Migeru.sama32 says:

    I agree with Ali but you shouldn’t use some instead most and those who don`t posses those traits probably have other blood flowing through their veins or their just civilized like most people should be

  61. Gioni says:

    Baka ikaw lang sorry I am from Ateneo and I don’t do this, kahiya noh!

  62. M. Hutchinson says:

    Aww, c’mon mga kabayan, we have to able to laugh at ourselves. This is funny. I will admit to everything, except the hoarding during buffets (probably because I have a small refrigerator).
    I even save the tips of plastic containers, margarine size, to use as a coaster for cans that I’ve empire used bacon grease. Terrible, I know.
    Another annoying thing that my husband, who is not Filipino, noticed is that when I eat Filipino food only, I have to put every, little piece of vayan on the spoon. He wonders why there had a little bit of everything. Well, ganyan talaga, right?

  63. tony says:

    OH, and when a lot of Filipinos eat, you can here them slapping the food in their mouth and gulping down the food hard…annoying and gross

    • Claire Sal says:

      OMG! Try the clashing sound of spoons and forks on the plate when dining out in a typical Filipino restaurant. Hahaha…

  64. Claire Sal says:

    I was just reading the rest of the comments and here’s another Filipino habit I found very annoying… Taglish. Lol! Geez ppl if you’re gonna type in your comments, type your comment in plain simple English. It is okay to do so. Oh and that rice deal? It can be true, but I’m not an obsessive rice eater like my rice-eating folks. So there you have it ppl!
    ~ Fourth Generation Pinoy 😉

  65. Philosophical Epal says:

    Slurping is a bad culinary habit… Why the F do we tolerate it when we’re eating at ramen places then? Because it’s how Japanese eat them so we follow suit? Why, then will you slam Filipinos for their Filipino dining habits? All of you who are hating on these habits are the minority here in the Philippines. I’ve eaten in a Filipino restaurant in Queens, NY and a very popular upscale Italian restaurant in downtown Manhattan and you know what? The only difference between the two was that the noise in one was in Filipino and the other was in English. Get the F off of your high horses Filipinos, you’re still living in a friggin’ third world country!

  66. John says:

    Yeah that’s right they love eating alot anytime anywhere.

  67. mike says:

    Not even close as you forgot some:
    1.) Talking with mouth full of food.
    2.) Chewing with mouth open.
    3.) Making slopping noises when chewing.
    4.) Making mess on table, floor and other places with dropped rice and other food stuffs.
    5.) Inviting a foreigner out to eat and then stiffing him with the bill.
    6.) Stealing all the napkins, salt, pepper, toothpicks or other items put on the table.

  68. Karisa says:

    We indonesians love hoarding food too. The host will provide plastic bags/boxes for the guests. At home, the guest will reheat for their next mealtime. Free lunch! It’s better than letting food go to waste 😋 some hosts even feel proud if guests take home some food from the party

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