5 Essential Items for Successful Coffee Shop Camping

January 8, 2019

Now that you’re sufficiently acquainted with the laws of coffee shop camping, you might think you’re all set to sashay down to your nearest coffee shop, Herschel backpack slung over your shoulder and your Macbook/textbook/Catcher in the Rye in tow. But there’s no need to be hasty. Just like any good boy (or girl) scout, you have to make sure you’re fully equipped with the proper arsenal to survive.

It’s a wild world out there (out there being the nearest airconditioned coffee house). You’ll face long hours in the freezing cold, thunderous laughter from the noisy kids at the other table, random creepers who insist on hitting on you despite the mountain of readings on your table, and who knows what else. You have to be prepared for everything. Here are some essential items to stuff into your backpack (or satchel) to survive your camping trip.

5. Earphones and iPod

Not that we don’t enjoy bright eyed, death cab for cuties wailing over the coffee shop speakers, but when you’re on your twelfth hour of pouring over Wills and Succession cases or Pathology readings, the upteenth repeat of I Will Follow You Into the Dark can get irritating. Bring your own earphones and music player and listen to your music of choice. If you’re the kind of person who likes working in silence, in-ear buds standing in for earplugs might do the trick.

For the love of caffeine, please do not bring speakers. They might be useful for an actual camping trip but a coffee shop isn’t the outdoors. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to study for your finals while the girl at the next table watches Pretty Little Liars on her laptop at full volume.

4. Jacket or Hoodie

Via Zulily

Via Zulily

In my three years of coffee shop camping, I’ve never been to a coffee shop that had just the right temperature. Most I’ve been to seem to want to kill me through hypothermia. Sometimes, I feel like it’s a strategy to evict those whom they feel have been overstaying. But, no matter how cold it may get, I always just go “challenge accepted.” A lot of times, this has led to me going home with the sniffles.

It’s best to bring a comfortable hoodie with you. Use one embroidered with your alma mater or law school or med school logo. Classifying yourself publicly may help make you more productive and ward off resentful stares from those unacquainted with coffee shop camping decorum.

3. Charger and extension cord

If you plan to work for hours, your laptop, iPad, or cell phone, will run out of batteries sooner or later. Sometimes, we aren’t lucky enough to be seated near an outlet so to avoid inconveniences (and to continue live-blogging/instagramming your coffee shop camping escapades), be prepared and bring your own charger and extension cord. You might just make new friends if you share.

2. Pen and notebook

We get so caught up with technology that we often forget the basics. Just because your iPad or tablet has an app that you can doodle on, that doesn’t mean it’s a satisfactory replacement for pen and paper. I admit I don’t always follow this rule myself,and so end up writing on receipts and tissue paper which is kind of counter-productive. Unless you can gather up the nerve to ask for paper from your neighbors at the other table, then bring your own yellow pad.

1. Book or Magazine

Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr

Yes, I know you went here to work, but even the most dedicated student needs to periodically take a break. Refresh your mind every few hours by reading something not related to your work. Most coffee shops have newspapers or magazines around, but, if you’re a regular there, chances are you’ve already read them all (thrice).

A magazine usually does the trick because reading single articles won’t take up too much of your time or capture too much of your attention. (If you have wifi, you could try visiting us on Pepper.ph too!) Once you’ve recharged your mental batteries, feel free to dive right back into your notes and textbooks.

Now that you’ve learned the rules and know the essentials , you’re almost ready to start coffee camping. If you happen to see a tiny girl with a backpack full of books that’s twice her actual weight, say hi. I may look all scary with the perpetual frown on my face but I promise I don’t bite.

Do you have any more coffee shop camping essentials? Sound off in the comments below!

Diana Camacho Diana Camacho

Diana Camacho is a perky little energizer bunny whose idea of fun is writing a paper on the Semiotics and Curatorial Aspect of Social Media, or some other pseudo-intellectual subject matter. She is a Karate black belter who randomly says “Hai, Sensei!” by instinct, and a law school nerd who incessantly speaks in pompous law jargon. On the weekends, she plays football as an excuse to eat "recovery food."

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  1. A pack of Mentos, or some small snacks. Unless you don’t mind spending a few more for the store’s own. Comes in handy when you want a quick break from the coffee 🙂

  2. Lars Roxas says:

    Great job dianne!

    In other news, you picked like the oldest possible iPod there is. click wheel pa ata yan haha

  3. Ren says:

    I love this post.
    Mabuhay ang mga Tambay sa coffee shops! 😀

    It’s also good to bring earplugs, when writing a paper or reading thick pages of school reading. 🙂 Unfortunately, some people can be extremely noisy in coffee shops.

    • D Camacho says:

      Thanks Ren! Some coffee shops are extremely noisy! When I’m on sembreak or summer break, I like to make a lot of noise in coffee shops just to get back at all the other people who were noisy when I was studying or doing work. hahaha.

  4. Addi dela Cruz says:

    Kelangan meron ding wooden book stand and 20 different markers para feel na feel.

  5. Macy says:

    Starbucks baristas say that it’s store standard to have the temperature at 22C. So yeah, nothing you can do about that. No problem if it’s blistering hot outside but they still won’t change the temp even if it’s raining.

    • D Camacho says:

      Really? I did not know that! Other coffee shops will increase or lower the temperature by request but when it’s raining, wala din, malamig padin kahit anong temperature haha

      • Macy says:

        I once asked if they could please raise the temperature since the only table left was the one near the aircon vent and that’s what they said.

  6. Mikka Wee says:

    A pillow! Definitely a pillow. 😀 Good job, Diana!

  7. Allen Genoraga says:

    several season of your favorite tv series and some movie files 🙂

  8. OJ Arbolario says:

    money.. to buy even a cup of coffee, if you go there and enjoy wifi without ever buying anything..
    there is a word that best describes you. (come on, you can do it)

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  10. […] hours glued to my seat with just a law book (yes, on a bookstand) for company can get pretty tedious. It’s not at all quaint, despite what Taylor Swift would […]

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