35cl Cocktail Co. Introduces Bottled Cocktails in Experimental Flavors

December 27, 2019

For beverage enthusiasts Niko Tiutan and Alex Atienza, crafting bottled cocktails is a “medium [for them to explore] alternative methods to extract flavor.” 35cl Cocktail Co. was borne out of the pair’s creative pursuit, but has grown into a passion project grounded on their personal philosophies.

The pair previously worked on a specialty coffee brand in the past; and they were adamant in carrying on the same interactive experience afforded in the third-wave coffee movement into their new venture.

Having a background in [specialty coffee], technicality and transparency were some of the things that we wanted to highlight when we started the brand. We would list all the details possible for each cocktail including the ingredients, background, flavor notes, serving suggestions, and preparation method. It was our conscious approach to share with each of our customers the journey that each beverage went through.

Generally, their creations are either based on an ingredient they want to highlight, a classic cocktail they want to reinterpret, or a specific flavor they want to recreate. They release bottles by collections of three, each featuring a cocktail under one category: Sour, Built, and Experimental. Sours have lower ABV’s; Builts are more spirit-forward; and Experimentals are wildcards—where they test new techniques and flavor profiles.

Their current collection includes Chocolate, Hibiscus, and Eggnog. There are only limited quantities produced per batch, and are not likely to be restocked. Get a few bottles before the holiday season ends (they make for great last-minute gifts); or stock up for your New Year’s celebration.

35cl Cocktail Co.

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