1989 Real Brew Makes Brewed Iced Tea Concentrates That Function as Great Cocktail Mixers

July 10, 2017

“It’s brewed iced tea and it’s served in seconds,” says Paulus Reyes, one of three brothers (from a family of nine children) running the small-batch brand of iced tea concentrate called 1989 Real Brew. Together with his brothers Nick and Mike, Paulus reformulated ‘a treasured family recipe’ that his mother created in 1989 into an iced tea concentrate (with 2 flavors on top of the original base black tea) made from real, home-brewed black tea, and they sell these nostalgic glass bottles filled with their concoction online.

1989 Real Brew comes in three flavors: base black tea, lemon black tea, and raspberry black tea.

The half-liter bottles make 2 liters of brewed iced tea if you follow the Reyes brothers’ suggested 1:3 concentrate-to-water proportions, but feel free to mix it to taste. They also are all-natural, with Paulus explaining that the concentrates are hot-filled. “The thing with hot-filled is you don’t have to fill it with preservatives that [many people] don’t understand like sodium benzoate, or [similar]. This is all-natural, hot-filled, pasteurized, and it can last for about 6 months.” Once opened, stick the bottle in the fridge and it should last for 2 weeks.

1989 Real Brew hope to eventually have 9 formulations, to represent the 9 siblings of the Reyes family.

“The idea of this is ‘brewed iced tea, simplified,'” says Paulus. “The thing is, everybody loves iced tea. Every restaurant or store—they have iced tea. And people love it when it’s real, brewed iced tea. It’s so different versus the instant drinks. When you have brewed tea, it’s usually when you’re outside your house . . . [few people take the] time at home to brew or mix their own iced tea.”

The concentrates also work well as a cocktail mixer. Paulus tells us his favorite combinations are the Base Black Tea Concentrate, or Brew No. 1, with rum and ice, and the Raspberry Black Tea Concentrate or Brew No. 3 with vodka.

“It always brightens up the meal,” Paulus tells us. “It’s always served at home. Every meal we [share], it’s always there. Before I was even born, our tea was always there.”

The recipe is something that was taught to all of the nine siblings, and has long been an integral part of the family’s bonding time. “It’s an old recipe. It’s a family recipe. We want to bring the goodness of a home-brew iced tea [to everyone].”

1989 Real Brew

1989 Real Brew creates homemade brewed tea concentrate ideal for home-use.

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