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Here are 10 Restaurants that Serve Great Coffee

June 29, 2019

Damn all these third wave coffee places. They’ve set the standard for coffee really high that our usual Starbucks latte just doesn’t seem to be good enough anymore. When offered coffee or tea after a meal, a little kick of caffeine can definitely do wonders, but there are some places that are taking this simple tradition to another level. Here are a few great restaurants that don’t just serve delicious meals, but a superb cup of coffee too.

1. Wildflour

restaurants with good coffee3

Since it opened, Wildflour has steadily found itself on the best restaurant lists of  many diners. Deceptively simple food, a menu that never seems to disappoint no matter what you order, and a lively yet relaxed atmosphere, are just some of the things that make this place so popular. The never-ending board of pastries have proven that Wildflour is probably the best bakery in the city, but you can never really enjoy your bomboloni or kouign amman without a great cup of coffee. Wildflour’s choice of beans come from La Mill, brewed in a La Marzocco machine. There’s simple, robust brewed pour over coffee, but for those who like their things a little sweeter, there’s also a killer Vietnamese latte on offer.

restaurants with good coffee4

Wildflour Café + Bakery
4th Ave. Corner, gr. floor, Netlima Bldg. Global City, 26th St, Taguig

2. Your Local

your local5

The hot new restaurant opening of the year definitely belongs to Your Local. Amidst the tireless gastropubs that have been opening left and right, the chefs behind this hidden neighborhood restaurant have come up with a menu influenced by their travels abroad. While their rendang, brisket, and salmon donburi have been making noise, their coffee is delicious too—maybe because they share a space with third-wave pioneers Yardstick. Their Summer Cold Brew which uses Yardstick’s signature coffee, then infused with milk, and rosemary is a refreshing way to end a meal here.

Your Local
106 Esteban St. cor VA Rufino St. Legaspi Village

3. Tutto Domani

restaurants with good coffee5

Tutto Domani, tucked away in New World Renaissance Hotel, definitely looks like a furniture shop cum art gallery (because it is both), but it is also an awesome café. Highly overlooked because of the hundreds of other cafés and restaurants in the city, it serves some quietly delicious food, and even better coffee. There’s a roasted chicken that is juicy and crispy, and power meal platters with pasta and sandwich combos that are definite bangs for your buck. The Italian-style coffees make this humble café a step above the rest, with delicate mochas hot or iced, and lattes with a beautiful head of foam.

restaurants with good coffee6

Tutto Domani
New World Hotel, Esperanza St., cor. Makati Ave
San Lorenzo, Makati

4. Caviar

Photo by Pam Santos

Caviar has earned a fast reputation as a serious fine-dining destination in the South. The place feels just like a refined hotel establishment would, with impeccable service, and a menu of Continental classics. Most of their specials are flown in, handpicked by the proprietors, from Fine de Claire oysters, to Iberico ham, to French guinea fowl. Because of the care they put in sourcing their ingredients, and creating their menu, you know that their after-dinner coffee won’t just be any kind of brew. They serve Lavazza coffee, using a Sanremo machine, which gives a strong cup every time. It doesn’t hurt that they serve each cup with macarons either.

Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar
Unit A-206, Westgate Center, Alabang

5. Enchanted Farm Café


Photo by Mark Roeland A. de Castro

The best thing about Enchanted Farm Café is the fact that it highlights Filipino entrepreneurs and produce. Most ingredients come from the GK Enchanted Farm, and other social enterprises—Gourmet Keso and Bayani Brew, among others. While the menu is simple, the food still stands up and the burgers, Pinoy Pesto pasta, and kesong puti sticks, are all delicious staples. The café also proudly serves Kape Maria, a home-grown brand of coffee, which supports coffee farmers around the Philippines, making this the only place on the list to serve truly Filipino beans. They have blends from beans grown in Bulacan, Benguet, Cotabato, and Cavite, with the milder Pulag Arabika an easy favorite.

Enchanted Farm Café
Corner Commonwealth and Feria,
Commonwealth Ave, Quezon City

6. Ba Noi’s


Vietnamese is definitely one of the haute cuisines in Manila in 2014, with more and more restaurants devoted to its clean flavors opening in the metro. Ba Noi’s however, has been around for quite some time, and with good reason. It’s been known for not messing around with the flavors too much, yet has kept their food at prices accessible to most. Their unadulterated pho bo is a perfect bowl of soup, while their lemongrass pork is the right amount of sweet, sour, and salty. Keeping true to their strictly Vietnamese aesthetic, Ba Noi’s serves a mean Ca Phe Nong, or traditional Vietnamese coffee, served with a drip filter. Stir in a generous amount of condensed milk, and you’ve got something close to the original.

Ba Noi’s (UP Town Center)
UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave Loyola Heights,
Quezon City

7. Café Shibuya


Located in UP Town Center, Café Shibuya is a Japanese café known for their pillowy French toast. With bread made specifically for the toast, this usually mundane breakfast dish transforms into something else entirely. The bread soaks up whatever topping you ask for—original honey, Nutella, mango and caramel, or even a savory mayo cream sauce on their Shibuya Benedict. Coffee here may be a little on the sweet side, but it is the only one so far to offer Ghirardelli chocolate with their concoctions. If mochas are your thing, then Café Shibuya’s will definitely satisfy whatever craving you may have.


Café Shibuya (UP Town Center)
UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave Loyola Heights,
Quezon City

8. π Breakfast and Pies

Photo by Mikka Wee

Photo by Mikka Wee

All-day breakfast places in the metro seem to be in abundance these days, and one of the best ones still happens to be Chef Ed Bugia’s π Breakfast and Pies. The chef is known for his clever spins on classic dishes, and bringing that expertise to this little joint in Teacher’s Village can only mean good, comforting food. Eggs Benedict come with thick cut bacon and Sriracha hollandaise, while Spam comes caramelized with kimchi rice and a six-minute egg. The coffee, therefore, needs to be great in order to wake you up for the rest of your day, and π is one of the few places in Manila that serve Malongo coffee, whose pods are rich, and bold. The Ethiopian Moka is a favorite for those who like their coffee strong, with a long-lasting flavor.

Photo by Mikka Wee

Photo by Mikka Wee

π Breakfast and Pies
39 Malingap Street,
Teachers Village, Quezon City

9. Breakfast at Antonio’s

Everyone loves Antonio’s. It’s a constant on the Miele guide, and is often mentioned by folks when asked which restaurant on our shores deserves a Michelin star. Breakfast at Antonio’s is their more casual outfit, serving my favorite meal of the day, all day. What sets it apart, aside from the ambiance, is that they make a lot of their stuff in house, especially when it matters—homemade pastrami, English muffins, lemon curd, and chorizo. To accompany their dishes, Antonio’s uses Nespresso, which lends itself well to a Ristretto. They are also known for their intense, refillable brewed coffee, perfect to keep you awake on your drive back to the city.

Photos by Patrick Marcelo

Breakfast at Antonio’s
Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City

10. Lusso

restaurants with good coffee1

Lusso, one of culinary stalwart Margarita Fores’s many establishments, remains one of her best. Yes, it is definitely pricey, but the atmosphere, and the undeniable quality of its food, is often worth the tag that comes with it. The much-talked-about foie burger eclipses the roast lamb sandwich, and the angus short rib with horseradish cream, which are some of the best sandwiches in the city. Fores is infamous for being meticulous, never pushing through with a concept or dish that isn’t near-perfect, which means that even the coffee served after a meal must be of the best quality. In almost all of her restaurants, Fores uses Lavazza, which is excellent in an Americano or an Espresso.

restaurants with good coffee2

Level 1, Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City

Have you tried any of the coffees in the restaurants above? Any recommendations of good restaurants that serve great coffee? Let us know in the comments section below!

Pamela Cortez Pamela Cortez

Pamela Cortez writes about food full-time, and has honed her craft while writing for publications such as Rogue, Town and Country, and The Philippine Star. She once rode on a mule for a mile just to eat mint tea and lamb in Morocco, and has eaten a block of Quickmelt in one sitting. Her attempt at food photography can be viewed online @meyarrr.

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36 responses to “Here are 10 Restaurants that Serve Great Coffee”

  1. Victoria Castillo says:

    I love the iced coffee at Nihonbashitei, I get that instead of dessert with a bento meal. Strong, creamy, and just the right amount of sweetness. They’re wildly inconsistent though, but when I luck out on a certain day, it’s amaaaazing.

    Of this list, I’ve only ever tried Wildflour, where the coffee was the highlight of my overpriced meal.

  2. Volts Sanchez says:

    Hmm, 2/10. I’ve only been to Antonio’s and Lusso. Can’t quite remember the coffee of the latter, but the former’s was pretty good.

  3. Dylan Dylanco says:

    Nihonbashi Tei is a wild card. Never thought I’d find the best, creamiest, most flavourful coffee there. It’s the perfect meal-ender.

  4. Mikoy says:


  5. Carl Tomacruz says:

    Pancitería Lido?

  6. Mararap ang coffee sa Cafe Juanita, Brgy Kapitolyo.

  7. haha says:

    masarap magkape sa victoria court… toink! hahaha…

  8. Jenny Sy says:

    BACKYARD COFFEE opening soon at Metropointe, P. Guevarra. San Juan City. Perfect Brew Coffee…..

  9. PinayRose says:

    Highland Coffee not bad too.

  10. Bian Villanueva says:

    Luca and Tosh in Subic is good!

  11. Amashyboy says:

    Nescafe 3-in-1 anyone?

  12. samespace says:

    Nothing beats dunkin’ donuts coffeeeee

  13. Lorelie B. says:

    Happy to have found this article – cant wait to try them!
    Another highlight was reading this “While discovering that eating was her true passion, an ex-boyfriend left her because ‘all she did was talk about food'”
    Whoever he is, i’m sorry but he’s stupid.. 🙂

  14. Mariel MC says:

    May I add to your list, 14four Cafe in Taytay, Rizal. One of the best coffee in my opinion.

  15. CitizenGreen says:

    People are talking about the coffee in Toby’s Estate, Refinery and Curator and other handcrafted coffee places. Are the ones mentioned here better than those? I have tried none of them so I am curious to find out what thinks. Thanks!

    • CitizenGreen says:

      But thanks for writing about good coffee served in full restaurants.

      • Pamela Cortez says:

        Hey CitizenGreen! We’ve featured those places in fuller length before, you can check out the articles on our site! I for one, love Toby’s and Curator, haven’t tried Refinery yet.

  16. Wanda says:

    What a pretentious list.

  17. Ems J says:

    I like Wild flour but I complained how awful their coffee was in our last trip. Spent P5,700+ for three pax and the finale was this god awful sour coffee. I would definitely go back but not for the coffee.

  18. Maria O says:

    Thanks for the write up; for Pinoys abroad, it is nice to know there are places other than Starbucks we can try when we come home to visit.

  19. MARISSA LIM says:

    Il Padrino coffee and Caramia are 2 of my new faves.

  20. Aldin Emil Marte de Leon says:

    Tiyo’s by Chef and brewer in Marikina should have a special slot here for having peso-cups of coffee. Yes, each cup costs One Peso. No strings attached. (okay, maybe except for the extra cost of non-sugar sweeteners but still, it’s literally a peso per cup)

  21. Thank you for sharing this list with us, Pamela! My husband and I have already tried Breakfast at Antonio’s and I definitely agree with you, “Everyone loves Antonio’s.” Will try the other restaurants in your list soon. Thanks again! 🙂

  22. Rene subong berdan says:

    Breakfast and Pies is near our place. Medyo pricey and not really a value for money place. Coffee is not that fantastic.

  23. James Ramirez says:

    I’m reaaly disappoined on this. How come you didn’t include Cafe de Lipa? Did you know that the original place where coffee started was Lipa? Then, coffee industry has made Lipa as the richest municipality in the Philippines during the 1770s. And because of that, Lipa was elevated into a city in 1947 because of coffee. I’m from Lipa, I live in Lipa and I take pride of Lipa’s culture. But when I saw this, I felt very very sad because my home place wasn’t included to have restaurants serving good coffee, even if my home place is called “The coffee granary of the Philippines”. 🙁

  24. cutedoc says:

    lido in binondo serves great coffee=) its not your usual posh sofa interiors, but for coffee lovers they do stand out and staying strong serving coffee since 70’s or 60’s ( correct me if I’m wrong)

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  26. […] With the recent rise in third wave and specialty coffee shops across the country, it’s not hard to be spoiled for choice when it comes to getting a caffeine fix. Not to be left behind, a number of local restaurants are getting in on the action as well. Local food site Pepper has compiled a list of food joints that serve some solid cups of joe, best enjoyed either after a meal, or all on their own. Check out the list in its entirety here. […]

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