Maxx Candy Mint Brownies: When Cheapskates want Menthol in Brownies

Words: Rich Tuason/Photography: Mylene Chung/Styling and Recipe Development: Katherine Jao/June 28, 2012

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So, it’s the middle of the year and no one’s serving peppermint-anything, but you want it with all your guts. You want that cool and tingling sensation in your mouth, and the subtle chill it gives you after you gently shove it down your throat. The craving is so intense and you must have it now.

But you have a problem: no grocery in plain sight sells the almightly mint leaves you’re looking for and you’re stuck wondering where you’ll get your mint kick.

Enter your childhood’s ever-so-reliable minty candy.

Of course, gobbling up these little candies like M&Ms provides no satisfaction, so infusing them into brownies just like your good ol’ weed cakes is your best option.

This little creation tastes like your childhood dreams, distant but flickering, with warmth all around with a cool tingling sensation that lasts at least until you down another… and another… and another.

And while nice mint leaves are not so available here in Manila, Maxx is present in every single one of the thousands of sari-sari stores that dot each corner of the city. On top of that, it comes in different flavours for you to experiment your brownies with.

Maxx Candy Infused Brownies

Yield: 6-8 servings


  • 1 box fudge brownie mix
  • 1/3 cup crushed Maxx strong menthol
  • 2 tbsp crushed Maxx strong menthol, for garnish


  1. Mix brownie batter as directed in package.
  2. Mix in 1/3 cup crushed Maxx.
  3. Bake as directed on package.
  4. Cool and top with extra 2 tbsp crushed Maxx.
  5. Cut in portions. Serve.


  1. Feel free to increase the amount of crushed Maxx in this recipe for a stronger minty taste.

Rich Tuason

Rich Tuason is mainly a graphic designer and photographer who believes in magical creatures and the intangible. She probably is acataleptic (in reference to acatalepsy), but would prefer not to be labeled because she can be a hipster like that. She likes to write silly stories, which may or may not be real--depending on your perception. See More.

  • Zerah

    Hmm I wonder what would happen to the larger bits of candy inside after baking.. Would it be melted? Or crunchy? Too bad I can’t try this ‘coz my oven’s busted already.  Looks yummy though and I’m salivating by just thinking about my question :))

    • Mylene Chung

      Hmm I wonder too. The bigger pieces might melt into smaller bits and give the brownies that added  crunchy surprise!! Yum! 

  • Guest

    Hi Mylene! :) Photos are just so awesome!!! *envy* A BIG FAN! When did you start taking pictures? and what slr are you using? :)

    • Mylene Chung

      Aww thanks so much!!:) Started shooting around 6 years ago. I use a Canon 5D mii. Thanks for all the support!:D Hope to see you here more often!:)

      • Guest

        self taught? aaaaah. such great talent. i wish i could be the same! 😀 *inspired* cheers to everyone! 😀 i enjoy browsing this site very much! more power! 😀

        • Mylene Chung

          haha My friends taught me some of the basics, then read and researched on a lot about it afterwards. aww thanks so much! Glad to have inspired you in a anyway:) See you around!:D

          • Nic

            Hi! Any tips you can share with us newbies? :)

          • Mylene Chung

            I’d advise starting with natural light. It’s the easiest and most beautiful type of light that compliments any kind of subject. If you have a huge window in the house, shoot beside it with a reflector in hand to bounce off the light and even out the shadows.

            As for composition, start with shooting tight, that way you don’t need to add too many elements on set, and it helps emphasize the details of the dish too. 

            If you wish to learn more, I’d advise taking my basic food photography class over at 
   I teach my entire shooting process there! (Shameless plug) lol!

  • sandrita

    This is so Ferran Adria. He has a recipe in The Family Kitchen than pairs fresh watermelon with shards of menthol candy. Soooo gourmet. 😛

    • Katherine Jao

      Really? Thanks for the info Sandrita! :)

  • Amanda Cruz

    Who needs Starbucks when you have a genius recipe right here?

    • Katherine Jao

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Amanda! :)

  • ACE Fajardo

    Some wants mint in their brownies and i know others who likes cannabis sativa in theirs. hehe.