Pancake Layers with Chive Cream Cheese and Bacon

Words: Rich Tuason/Photography: Mylene Chung/Styling and Recipe Development: Katherine Jao/June 22, 2012

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Aside from sugar, spice, and everything nice, these pancakes contain an enchanted element that will surely send you to a magical high. No, we’re not talking about pixie dust. We’re talking about *drumroll please* bacon.

Now didn’t your mouth just start to water? Hold that thought and imagine all that goodness generously slathered with some luscious chive cream cheese.

Now we’re talking.

Sure, you can play it safe, raise your eyebrows, and close your idea of the humble pancake to breakfast only (with some boring butter and mundane maple syrup, perhaps). But allow us to woo you into trying out this truly delish dish that will keep you wanting for seconds (or thirds, fourths, fifths, hundreds).

These Lasagna Pancakes are perfect for any time of the day that demands munching—which is all the time! Add a tangy twist to your simple batch of pancakes that are oh-so-yesterday. The crispy bacon on top not only adds a nice smoky accent, but duh bacon makes everything taste exponentially better. Do not even try to argue.

And if these photos aren’t enough to entice you into whipping up a batch yourself, I don’t know what else will.

Pancake Layers with Chive Cream Cheese and Bacon

Yield: 4-6 servings

Ingredients for the Pancake

  • 1 small box Maya pancake mix

Ingredients for the Chive Cream Cheese

  • 1/2 cup cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup all purpose cream
  • 1-2 tbsp chopped chives

Ingredients for the Maple Bacon

  • 3/4 cup chopped bacon (raw)
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup

Procedure for Chive Cream Cheese

  1. Prepare chive cream cheese by whisking together cream cheese, cream and chop chives.
  2. Set aside in chiller until ready to use.

Procedure for Maple Bacon

  1. In a non-stick pan, cook bacon without oil.
  2. When bacon bits has browned, drain excess oil and add in maple syrup.
  3. Cook until the syrup thickens and sticks to the bacon bits.
  4. Transfer to a tray and cool down.

Procedure for Pancakes

  1. Cook pancake as directed on pack.
  2. Slice into desired shapes.


  1. Spread some chive cream cheese mix on a piece of pancake.
  2. Add another pancake layer topped with some chive cream cheese mix.
  3. Place one last pancake layer then top with a dollop of cream cheese with maple bacon.

Rich Tuason

Rich Tuason is mainly a graphic designer and photographer who believes in magical creatures and the intangible. She probably is acataleptic (in reference to acatalepsy), but would prefer not to be labeled because she can be a hipster like that. She likes to write silly stories, which may or may not be real--depending on your perception. See More.

  • Tracey@Tangled Noodle

    As a lover of all things pancake-y, I approve of this. 😉

    • Mikka Wee

      Can’t wait for you try it, Tracey! :) 

  • Erwan Heussaff

    hahaha this is the best, a pancake lasagna, you guys rock, lets do a collab soon, your styling is way out of my league!

    • Mikka Wee

      Yay! Thanks so much, Erwan! And YES. We would love that! Let’s get in touch soon on how we can do a culinary collaboration. :) 

  • Maxine Labrador

    I had a lot of left-over chive cream cheese so i turned it into a chip dip! Awesome recipe and article!

    • Katherine Jao

      Hi Maxine! Great way in using the leftovers. Glad you enjoyed the recipe. :)

  • Kayematriano

    I wanna make ziizz!! Wish me luck. Everything I touch burns.

    • Katherine Jao

      Good luck Kaye! let us know the outcome. :)