CONTEST CLOSED: The Bunny Baker Wants to Give You Some Minions to Munch On

By Mikka Wee/July 14, 2013

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The Bunny Baker is Aila Sim-Yonzon, a lover of all things cute. With the help of her husband, Zach, she creates fondant cakes that are, most of the time, too pretty to eat. What started as a livelihood project in 2010 has now become a popular choice for mothers (mostly) and other people looking to have customized cakes made.

The bunny baker1

Why is it called The Bunny Baker?

“Our very first cupcake flavor is my all time favorite: carrot with cream cheese frosting. We nicknamed it the ‘lovebunny cupcake.’ Lovebunny was my online handle at the time, because I like cute things, like hearts (love) and bunnies. I like all things kawaii, and to me, bunnies are about as kawaii as it gets. Luckily for us, I’m the boss. If it were up to my husband, who knows, we might be called the Bakery of the Black Skull or something right now. Even though I like all things cute, my husband balances me out. We’re just as capable of producing the cutest Hello Kitty as we are the most badass dragon or monster because we play off each other’s differences.”

The bunny baker2

Did you and your husband attend any special culinary classes for baking and using fondant to decorate?

“My husband likes to say I attended YBFU, otherwise known as the YouTube, Blogs, and Forums University. Basically, in the beginning, I watched a lot of videos and read through all sorts of forums and blog posts to learn more about fondant cakes. We knew absolutely next to nothing about making custom cakes. My husband is an artist, and he basically just took to the medium (fondant and gum paste) treating it like clay. Neither of us have had any formal training in baking or the art of cake decoration. I make the colors because that’s my forte, and he just goes and does his thing. I wish I could be more descriptive, but really, it’s kind of like magic. Here’s a blob of fondant, then a little later it’s a Minion.”

The bunny baker3

“We’re limited by the basic requirement that fondant cakes need to be firm enough to hold a fondant covering and usually have heavy toppers. So our cakes must be dense and moist enough, ruling out fluffy or airy cakes. From there, I developed recipes for basic flavors that people often expect: chocolate, vanilla, and less often red velvet, banana, and carrot. I also developed frosting that I think goes rather well with the flavors. My palate also veers away from overly sweet flavors, so my recipes have less than half the sugar of most recipes you’ll find. We also never, ever use sugar syrup to make our cakes moist. That common industry practice horrifies us. Our cakes must be and are moist on their own.

One surprising combination is red velvet and Ferrero hazelnut, which we stumbled upon as an alternative because we can’t work with traditional cream cheese (it’s too soft and collapses under fondant). Essentially, our only real inspiration is, ‘what would I like to eat?’ These days, our answer is, ‘banana with Speculoos’. Whoever invented Cookie Butter needs to be sent a medal. We tend to make flavors that people look for, or what’s relevant. For a time, red velvet was all the rage. Nowadays, it’s Speculoos. We want to please our clients, so we develop flavors according to what people are craving for.”

The Bunny Baker5 The Bunny Baker7

Here is a list of baked goodies you can get from The Bunny Baker:

1. Sculpted Minion Cosplaying as Tardis Cake

PHP 5,000 for a 5” base chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting

2. Classic Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

PHP 350 per pack of 10 cookies, minimum 2 packs per order

3. Chocolate Cake Truffles

PHP 40 per piece, minimum of 7 per order

4. Red Velvet Cupcakes with Ferrero-Hazelnut Frosting and Banana Cupcakes with Speculoos Frosting

PHP 85 per piece, minimum of 12 per order (toppers not included)

5. 3D Minion Cupcakes

PHP 400 per piece (regular flavors of chocolate or vanilla + additional charge for a premium flavor upgrade)

6. Logo Cupcakes

PHP 125 per piece (regular flavors of chocolate or vanilla + additional charge for a premium flavor upgrade)

“Because people don’t like to think too hard about flavor when what they’re really focused on is the design, our bestseller is chocolate. It’s what we recommend when clients don’t have an idea of what they want. I mean, everybody loves chocolate. Our most popular themes vary, depending on what’s popular at the time. For example, nowadays folks are loving the Minions because Despicable Me 2 is out in theaters, but there was a time when we had to make Angry Birds literally every week for months and months until the fad died down. Plants vs Zombies was also popular for a time. Disney Princesses get a lot of requests for girls’ parties and Lightning McQueen for boys,” says Aila.

The Bunny Baker8

“At the end of the day, I think it’s about bringing joy to our customers. It’s about making dreams and visions come to life. We always tell ourselves that this is the most exhausting yet fulfilling job either of us have ever had. Every time we receive thanks or praise for our creation, it makes us extremely happy and, consequently, excited for our next project. I think we bring something special to the table (quite literally) by creating cakes that come from someone’s imagination. I believe we’re not in the business of making food, although taste is ultimately a priority, which is why we make our own fondant and steer clear of the usually chemical-laden and foul-tasting ready-made fondant.  We’re in the business of creating art.”


The Bunny Baker makes custom cakes according to client requirements. The cost of the cakes varies according to size, flavor, and design. They also offer an assortment of cupcakes that can also have custom toppers that vary in price depending on design (e.g. whether it’s a 3D sculpt or flat 2D).

Other products depend on client requirements, but limited mostly to cake pops or truffles, designer oreos (Oreos coated in chocolate), and rice krispie treats. The Bunny Baker’s products are mostly tailored to suit a client’s design needs and are priced accordingly.

For orders, you can get in touch with The Bunny Baker through, Facebook or Twitter. Follow The Bunny Baker on Instagram. is giving away 3D Minion Cupcakes to three lucky readers!

How to Qualify

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How to Win

  1. In the comments section below, tell us what is the most despicable thing you would do to win some Minion Cupcakes.
  2. Don’t forget to leave your full name and email address so that we can get in touch with you if you win.
  3. Multiple entries are not allowed.
  4. Contest is only open to residents of the Philippines.
  5. The top three most creative answers will win 3D Minion Cupcakes courtesy of The Bunny Baker.
  6. Winners will be announced on Monday, July 22, 2013.

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  • Sergia Susana

    Minion + Tardis = Love @.@

  • AC

    The most despicable thing that i’d do would probably be to act like Gru for a day. Like talk to people(my mom, sister, friends, professors, etc.) like how he does :)) with matching weird gru accent :))
    Aika canete

  • Grace Divina

    i’ll be stealing the moon just like gru just to have one of those oh so cute minion cupcakes
    grace divina

  • Duhhhnica

    I’ll sing banana potato just to win! :))

    Danica Uyliong

  • Julie Beth Rosel

    Will create a food gun that will shoot food and desserts (my favorites are cheeseburgers, pizza, cakes, cupcakes and steak). Just like the one on the movie cloudy with a chance of meatballs only it’s a gun and it’s better. :)

    julie beth rosel

  • Nestor Mendoza

    I will be dressing up like a minion, go to the nearest mall and chase a random stranger who’s eating ice cream while shouting “GELATO!!” just to win.

    Nestor G. Mendoza, Jr.

  • Rey Lim

    I will dress up like a fairy princess!!!!! Just for it

    Rey lim

  • angel

    I will steal all the chocolates in the world and give to bunny baker to make the chocolatiest minion cupcake for me :)

    Maria Angelica Riego

  • emacjr

    I love Despicable Me and minions so much that I will go to a kid’s birthday party and tell him (before he blows the candles) that growing a year older only means more stressful responsibilities in life…. and that Santa is not real. :D/

    Ernesto Macatangay Jr.

  • ferdinand_dti

    Carnap the latest model of Ferrari and drive it in C5 on a rush hour


  • frenzavenue

    Ho-humm, “All other villains look lame.” I am making my plot now to steal the most advanced shrink ray from a secret base, probably in Japan, and steal the Earth, shrink it to fit in my hands! Geez, I’m not that super-despicable as you think, Earthlings. I still have that heart to transport you ALL so that you can have good, clean sustainable life on Mars, ya’ know, and be all Martians!

    Marifren C. Gacutan

  • Carla Sanchez

    I will steal a Tardis (HUGE Doctor Who Fan), go back in time and “create” the Minions myself 😀

    Carla Sanchez

  • Zhayne

    For some minion cupcakes, I’d sit down beside random people in the mall and chant, “BEE DOH BEE DOH BEE DOH BEE DOH!”. I’d start out just whispering it and then slowly make my voice louder and louder 😀

    Zhayne Soriano

  • Rhea Bernardino

    The most despicable thing I would do to get cupcakes as adorable as those? I will probably steal the moon. Or stun someone with a lipstick taser. The second one I will probably do to anyone else who will win the cupcakes instead of me. Haha.

    Rhea J. Bernardino

  • Ging Aquino

    Since my little bro’s birthday is coming up soon, and he’s a bit of a naughty, crazy, not-so-little-anymore kid, I would bake him the most despicable, disgusting, despising, disappointing cake ever!!! *evil laugh* He usually invites his equally naughty group of friends over for his birthdays; I can’t help but imagine their faces as they bite into my despicable concoction. That would surely put an end to their Dennis the Menace attitude, albeit just temporarily. And just as my brother is about to call Mom and Dad to tell on me, I’d serve them the 3D Minion Cupcakes, which are delightful, delicious, and delectable, I’m sure. :) Well, that’s the plan, assuming I win, of course (being hopeful here).

    Marie Gisela Aquino

  • Kristine Olivar

    I’d act like a minion the wholeeeee day! talk move and even dress like them. I want my own minion but then again its impossible so I’d be my own minion instead!!!!

    Kristine Olivar

  • Adrian De Leon

    I know bawal ako sumali, but I’d yell bomb on an airplane if that wins me some minions…

    • Mikka Wee

      Hahaha sabi mo yan ah. :)))

  • marge888

    Since my son have been using the minion Bee doh Bee Doh as his ringing tone which my first thought was my grand daughter fooling around and the sound is so annoying while watching tv maybe it my turn to hide his McDo minion collection for a while

  • June Rumbaoa Real

    The most despicable thing I would do to win some Minion Cupcakes is to go to the office and don’t don anything productive for the entire 10 hour shift!
    June Real

  • Althea Beatrix Ruiz

    I would minion speak for a whole week, and I’d scream BE DO BE DO BE DO BE DO (like the minion with the fire alarm) to wake my roommates up in the middle of the night.

    If that isn’t despicable enough, I’d steal the 3D Minion cupcakes instead. *really evil laugh*

    Althea Beatrix R. Ruiz

  • Robs

    I would post a nude pic with the cake in a social/meet-up site. and would put a really catchy (but unoriginal) caption like : Minion Cake o Ako? (Minion Cake or Me). Food porn at its most despicable bwahahahaha (evil laughter).

    Robert Ng

  • Camille Ranullo

    i’ve been such a fan of the bunny baker for so long, and my kids love the minions, so the most despicable thing i’d do in order to win these adorable cupcakes would be to try to hack the site and erase all the other entries/comments for this contest. (cue evil laugh, ala Gru)

    luckily for everyone else, this is far beyond my abilities. still, i can dream, can’t i? keeping my fingers crossed! and thanks,, for featuring the bunny baker :)

    Camille Ranullo

  • Matthew

    I’ll punch a stranger and someone who I am really annoyed with. Haha! I’ll also do those annoying (for some) screech made from rubbing my rubber shoes on the floor and I’ll pretend that it was not me who did it!

    Matt Pua

  • escawing

    I’ll eat it in front of everyone and not share.

  • JennyTanSy

    Adored the Despicable Me cupcakes/cakes the moment i saw them in bunny bakers’ album. to get my hands on them , i’d hypnotize my hubby (blackmail won’t work on this one) to help me break into bunny baker’s kitchen and grab those Minion Cupcakes… OR i would probably let him do it alone, hand me the cupcakes, lock himself up and eat them all by myself.

    Jenny Tan Sy

  • Charm

    I will create a duplicator and clone the Bunny Bakers! People will think that they are still around to make cakes… but Any cake they make and give out will disintegrate the moment the recipient opens the box in a purple powdery poof of smoke that makes them also forget they ordered leaving them wondering why the world looks purple…

    Whereas I would have kidnapped the Bakers and hold them hostage in my “Yes Bunny” kitchen where they will be so agreeable to bake cakes for me! me! MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Mwahahaha

    Charm Cabredo

  • Kristina Cordero

    Put another order with the Bunny Baker for my boy’s birthday in November!! (Hi, Aila!)

  • Crae

    The most despicable thing I could do is bug the bunny bakers and you guise all day err day to get it. It’s not as sinful as stealing or whatever, but I sure can bug and annoy you worse than you can expect you’ll have no choice but to give it to me – not because I deserve it, but because I asked for it most! I will keep banging at your door SHAMELESSLY, ’til you say ‘YES OKAY YOU WIN JUST STOP BUGGING US, OKAY?’.

    Crae Achacoso

  • roxel

    I will shoot a video of my 2 yr. old daughter (who have been watching Despicable Me 2 over and over again on her tablet) begging the The Bunny Baker to give her the minion cupcakes and at the end of the video she will sing her heart out with the Banana and Potato Song. She’s just too cute for them to resist. :)

  • Denn

    The most despicable thing that I would do to get my hands on those cupcakes will be stealing the Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, and of course, The Moon (Enter Gru’s “EVIL” laugh here) by shrinking them with a shrink ray and if that’s not despicable enough, I’ll start a Purge so I can commit a crime within the 12-hour time span and the crime that I’ll commit would be stealing those cupcakes! I’ll go to lengths that Plankton (from Spongebob Squarepants) would do when he was stealing the Krabby Patty secret recipe!! But of course, I’ll make sure I’d succeed!! Bwahaha >:)

    Dennise May Campillanes

  • Aubrey

    Most despicable thing? Hard reset my sister’s tab to delete all apps and saved data including: her ex’s memorabilias, her reports, e-books, files not yet uploaded, and, her high score in her latest most favorite app… MINION RUSH!!! She’d cry for a week for sure!!! WAHAHA!!! *laughing like a minion*

  • Sheela Sabandal

    Most despicable thing? how about sing the Despicable theme on a bull horn, over & over & over at 3am in the morning? and when everyone’s up, deny them their coffees. Bwahahaha! or keep saying bee-do bee-do bee-do while backed up in a lift on my way to work/the office? while being oblivious to the stares. ba-ba-ba ba-ba-na-na! po-ta-to na aaaaahhhh!

  • Weki Syjueco

    i would… steal the minion cupcakes from the bunny baker’s lab before they can send them out to whoever is supposed to win this contest.. muhahaha!

  • Ellaida Grace G. Baylon

    I would get a minion tattoo(a real one) just to WIN. :) :) :)

    Ellaida Grace G. Baylon

  • Jennie Yu

    the most despicable thing that i’d do to win some minions would be to hack and take down the Bunny Baker’s site, say they’ve closed and packed up to live abroad. no more orders bwaahahahahahaa!!!!!

    (*peace* aila :*)

  • Norman David M. Quiniquini

    The most despicable thing that I would do to win some Minion Cupcakes is that I will destroy a kids fantasy like stories about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and all of the childhood fantasies of a kiddoo and steal the little cute minion cupcakes of Little Bunny Baker cake studio. (bwahahahaahaha) – evil minion

    Norman David M. Quiniquini

  • Nikos Quemuel

    I’ll deliver five dozens fart balloons to the Bunny Baker Studio (my own) and threaten Aila and Zach that if they don’t give me the Minion Cupcakes I’ll pop all the balloons in their workshop at the same time :D.

    -Nikos Quemuel.

  • Belinda Chang Laddaran

    The most Despicable thing I would do to get my hands on those Minion cupcakes is to make a two minute video of my dogs rolling in the grass, daydreaming of Bunny Baker cupcakes… to the tune of “Sumpa Ko” (“I Swear”) just like in the end part of the movie Despicable Me 2. With paw flapping and sweet serenading the big boss Aila to give us those cupcakes!!! :)

    Belinda Chang Laddaran

  • karleen anne

    I’ll have the internet down (except me and the Baker Bunny) for a couple of days, or until the contest ends. That way, I’ll be the only with an entry, and by default, the winner. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! :)

    Karleen Anne Figueroa

  • Lyn Uy

    I would serve them first on my birthday this weekend and only allow the guest to eat them if they sing “I swear” minion style :)

    Rosalynd Ysabelle Uy

  • bernadette asprer

    just to win (evil mode on),I will just simply kidnapped the Admins and The Bunny Baker and send them to Japan for Battle Royal:) then I will hack this account and tell every one here that they won so they will be waiting for their Minion cupcakes and then, they will be waiting for nothing!haha! (insert Gru’s evil laugh) then finally i will get my Cute Minion cupcakes! YEHEY! lucky:)

  • nic chua

    The most despicable thing I would do to get my hands on those Minion cupcakes is go picket in front of Bunny Baker studio and stay there until I get my hands on one of these minions! mwahahahaha!

    Nic Chua

  • nic chua

    The most despicable thing I would do to get my hands on those Minion cupcakes is go picket in front of Bunny Baker studio and stay there until I get my hands on one of these minions! mwahahahaha!

    Nic Chua

  • aulie

    So what would be the most despicable thing Id do to win ’em? Errrrrr I wouldnt want the NBI to come knocking on my door any minute from now. *evil laugh* bwahahahahaha
    or perhaps I can trade my brothers for
    Id prolly create hundreds ( or even thousands ) of dummy account just to win ( disregarding the rule ) lol

  • Kristina Solano

    I’d trade in my all white medical student uniform for a blue jumper, shave off my long hair and replace my specs with thick goggles. After transforming myself into a minion, which will surely cross consultants and professors, I’d go around the campus and hospital, hopping from one room to another whilst singing the Banana Potato song! Not only would that earn me a slur of hateful comments, it might even get me kicked out of the institution! Yipes.

    Kristina Solano

  • Mia

    I would cram all the minions in an isolated room with a huge see-through Plexiglas window taking up an entire wall. Through the window, the minions would see a huge vault filled top to bottom with the plumpest, freshest, most enticing bananas anyone has ever seen. I would sit in the middle of the room, eating the bananas and waving them enticingly in front of the minions’ faces as they watched on in deep envy. I would not offer them any. I would, however, allow them a small basket of overripe apples.


    Mia Tetangco

  • Pau-pau Alagao

    The most despicable thing I would do to win some Minion Cupcakes is I would kidnap the best pastry chef in the world. I would order him/her to baked a humungous chocolate cake within 24 hours with a message written using the ‘minion little dolls’ : “Please give this girl her Minion Cupcakes or else I will die with a sweet tooth eating this whole cake.” :)

    Paula Romana Alagao

  • Anonymous

    Who have won ma’am? :)

  • Gay Sagabaen

    Looks like who ever designed the Minion in the Police Box cake is also a Doctor Who fan. :)

  • pog

    I seldom read articles from beginning to end as they usually have poor content and are dull. I really appreciate this article because it has great content and it’s interesting.

  • Mikaela

    Did i read it right? P400 for a cupcake? That’s despicable!