Say Hello to The Green Grocer

By Mikka Wee/November 9, 2012

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Throughout the past fifty decades or so, we’ve been consuming foods that are contaminated with lots and lots of chemicals. It’s practically a miracle we haven’t mutated yet, or become all TK like this woman here.

And speaking of the female species, say hello to Nikki Herrera-Bharwani. This little lady right here aims to redefine the way we consume food: by replacing those pre-packaged, genetically modified ones with these organic finds. And because of this, she decided to put up The Green Grocer, which is “Manila’s first home delivery service of fresh produce, artisan bread, premium meats, deli items, and other grocery necessities.”

It’s quite new to the Philippine food scene, having opened early last 2011. But big things are happening for The Green Grocer. Perhaps some plans of expansion in the future include having stalls in prime weekend markets such as the one in Salcedo and Legaspi Village.

When I asked Nikki what prompted her to supply the good stuff she does, her answer was simple: “It’s basically what we liked to eat!” From gourmet bagoong (shrimp paste), grass-fed meats, and foreign beers, health buffs such as this fat kid would consider The Green Grocer as the heath goddess who supplies their pantries.

Nikki told me that they also carry Fog City Artisan Ice Cream with bestselling flavors Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate and Cabernet-Soaked Strawberries & Dark Chocolate (!!!). Crazy! Brb, hoarding pints now.

You can get in touch with The Green Grocer, Nikki Herrera-Bharwani, at ( 63 2) 552-2574 or ( 63 918) 959-4220 or shoot her an email at

Mikka Wee

Managing Editor

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  • Dainty_Mom

    Yay, Neekol! So proud of you, my dear! :) Love, love, love the Green Grocer.

    • Nikki Herrera-Bharwani

      Thank you my dearest! <3 And happy birthday to guapito Vito!

  • Dainty_Mom

    Yay, Neekol! So proud of you, my dear! :) Love, love, love the Green Grocer.

  • andy

    hello Nikki love! yay! congrats, Ms green grocer!

    • Nikki Herrera-Bharwani

      Hey babe, thank you my dearest! Next time you’re home you need to take photos for The Green Grocer! :)

  • Vinnie

    We need a lot more of people like her who definitely sees the world crying out for a great deal of nutrition… thank your Ms Green Grocer.. you are a gift from God! :)

    • Nikki Herrera-Bharwani

      Thank you so much for your kind words. :)