Strawberry Black Forest: Recycle Old Brownies into a 5-Star Dessert

Words: Dwight Co/Photography: Mylene Chung/Styling and Recipe Development: Katherine Jao/April 22, 2012

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In our last shoot, we just had some leftover brownies and some strawberries waiting to be devoured.

As much as we want to tell you how much time and care we spent planning for this shoot and creating this recipe, the reality is that we’re just cheap bastards who want to reuse old food. In fact, the strawberries you see have been leisurely aging in the chiller for a week.

So, what happens when you mix left-over brownies and strawberries together? Nothing.

But then, if you add in some fresh cream and condensed milk, you get a mini parfait that explodes in your mouth like a North Korean missile!

Of course, in the end, what matters is how it tastes and not how long it stayed in the freezer. And if you ask us, it was pretty good.

Strawberry Black Forest Recipe

Yield: 2-3 servings


  • 250g All-purpose Cream (chilled)
  • 1/4 cup condensed milk
  • 2 brownie bars
  • 1 cup fresh strawberries
  • Mint leaves for garnish


  1. Beat chilled cream in a bowl.
  2. Add in condensed milk and mix well. Chill for 30 minutes.
  3. Crush one brownie, and put a layer on the bottom of one cup.
  4. Add cream and strawberries on top of brownie layer, repeat process twice until the cup is filled.
  5. Garnish with mint leaves to impress your friends.


  1. You can add other ingredients like different fruits, chocolates and cookies or even substitute the brownies with chiffon or butter cake.

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  • Roanne Rae Cabradilla

    Yum! I’d love to try this out :)

    • Mylene Chung

      You should! It’s a great dessert and snack for those days where you just have to munch on something sweet!:D

      • Roanne Rae Cabradilla

        Hi you guys! 😀 You make me so jealous. I was actually planning on making a food blog like this. You beat me to it! 😛 Nice job on the site design, Dwight! Looking forward to more posts! :)

    • Dwight Co

      Hi Rae!

  • OCFoodBlogger

    What I like about this recipe is that it recycles brownies that would probably have been thrown away if not eaten. No wasting good brownies here. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mylene Chung

      It’s our pleasure! We often have a lot of left-overs lying around the kitchen so we really try out best to make the most out of them! Glad you liked the post!:D

  • Catherine Llagas

    This is yummy! I pinned this yesterday and had more than 100 repins! :) Kudos! Great blog!

    • Mylene Chung

      Wow that’s awesome! Thanks so much Catherine! Hope to see you here more often!:D

  • nicogoco

    a shot of kahlua or irish cream should give it a kick. not that it needs one, but any excuse to put alcohol in anything is good. :) i’m real glad i found this website.

  • Just Z

    Thanks to this site I now have LOTS & LOTS options of food I want to cook to my beau & family. and they all look so easy to cook… I can’t stop looking and printing your recipe (hope you don’t mind).. ^_^ ♥ Thank you so much again! Especially to this strawberry black forest! I now have a dessert to serve this weekend. =) ♥

  • Benjamin Que

    Kudos to you Mr. Dwight Go. I find your topics particularly creative and imaginative. can’t wait for your other articles. Thanks.