Rajo Laurel Designs Stylish and Functional Uniforms That Empower

January 27, 2018

Designer Rajo Laurel is a celebrated figure in the fashion world, known for his daring yet elegant and always feminine designs. With a career that spans 25 years, Laurel is one of the most celebrated and sought-after local designers. And his ever-expansive influence has allowed for a tangent between our food world and his world of glamour through the Laurel Et Ross Enterprises Inc.

Laurel has been designing corporate attire at Laurel Et Ross for 12 years, with his mother as his business partner. “I have always believed in creating a paradigm shift in the world of uniforms,” he tells us. “A shift to something that is not only functional but stylish as well. Something that someone can be truly proud of wearing.”

His stunning vision is indeed apparent in the diversity of design, impeccable construction, and attention to detail. And designing uniforms has given Laurel a separate platform where he is challenged to push the boundaries of his imagination. He illuminates, “I will never forget a project that required us to make a centerpiece uniform that was larger than an automobile! It was kind of a logistical nightmare as we didn’t know how to deliver the dress once it was done. We also had to create a uniform that had these glow-in-the-dark designs that shift and appear via blue light as one walks through a corridor. That was really special.”

Laurel et Ross is committed to working closely with clients to create the right piece that the clients will love, and the wearers of the uniform will feel empowered in. In fact, Laurel says his whole design philosophy is about empowerment, telling us, “I believe that a well-designed garment will help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.”

“The value of a well-designed uniform is priceless. Not only does it create an important outward image, but the undeniable value of self-confidence that you give your employees will improve so many aspects of their work,” he adds. “I believe in the power of clothing. It is our modern day armor. If you do it correctly, your ‘army’ can win all their battles.”

Laurel Et Ross

A Filipino garment company specializing in corporate uniforms with innovative designs and long-lasting quality.

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