These Local Produce can Surely Cure that Cold

October 12, 2014

With the rain comes the cough, cold, and flu, which sends one guzzling down orange juice for prevention, or nursing it with bowls of hot soup. There are also fruits and herbs, a number of them in our own backyard which have been proven to hold their own in the ongoing fight against the sniffles. If you’re feeling a cold coming on or an itch in in your throat, you may want to have these along with your doctor prescribed medicine. 

1. Balanoi (Sweet Basil)


High in Vitamin A, C, Calcium and Iron, it’s a cough remedy that can be made by boiling eight tablespoons of of sweet basil leaves in two glasses of water for fifteen minutes, or until half of the liquid is reduced. Recommended dosage is one part for three times a day.

2. Luyang Dilaw


A traditional favorite, luyang dilaw is an all-around cold buster for cough, cold, even fever and many more ailments. Best served boiled as a tea for colds, but it is also recommended to be chopped and chewed on fresh for fevers.

3. Katmon Fruit


While a recommended cough and fever remedy when turned into a juice sweetened with sugar, the katmon fruit’s shoots and flowers make a great base for sinigang.

4. Malunggay


Whether fresh, cooked, as tea, or even as a supplement, there’s a lot going for malunggay as an all-around supplement or remedy. It’s very high in Vitamin A, C, with a dose of Iron and Calcium on the side. 

5. Lagundi


Even before lagundi leaf cough syrups made their way to your local pharmacy and drug stores, their leaves were crushed, boiled, and steeped in hot water to relieve the body from cough and cold.

6. Ampalaya


While relegated to folk medicine status by the DOH, the humble ampalaya is still being studied for its high Vitamin A content, and for cough treatment.

7. Sampaloc


Another versatile ingredient that’s loaded with antioxidants for better immunity. Dilute the pulp with water and gargle to get rid of sore throat.

Do you have a local remedy for the common cold? Share it with us with a comment below. 


Mia Marci Mia Marci

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