Iya’s Jumbo Pastillas Now Sells Marinated Meat that You Have to Try

July 5, 2017

In 2005, someone gifted Iya Guingona-Lagdameo’s family with a box of jumbo pastillas—rich with a full-milky flavor that was unlike any they had tried before. They were told that these pastillas were how they are supposed to taste when made the traditional way. With the help of her mother’s midwife’s family, they created the classic Iya’s Jumbo Pastillas recipe that has become a beloved staple gift for friends and family living abroad.

Iya’s Jumbo Pastillas comes in a variety of flavors including coffee, yema, green tea, oreo, peanut butter, langka, cookie butter, low sugar, and toasted, but their best-selling flavors are ube-filled, yema-filled and classic.

Recently, Iya has added marinated ribs and bagnet to the brand—and though it may seem like the meats are coming out of left-field from a brand that has built itself on their carabao milk treats, we are so glad they decided to do it.

*sings bagnet a la Maja Salvador*

After getting endless compliments on these dishes at house parties, Iya decided to start selling the meat via special order. Their bagnet and ribs come from the Davao, where Iya’s in-laws are from, and are marinated following an old recipe from her husband’s grandfather.

Iya hopes that the tradition of food that has been passed down to their family will carry on with their 3 children, telling us, “Our 11 year old can whip up a meal on her own in the kitchen now . . . she can make amazing bowls French Onion Soup from start to finish on her own. Our 3 year old is starting to help prep when we are in the kitchen and I assume our [1 year] old will follow suit when she is older.”


Iya’s Jumbo Pastillas makes pastillas made from unpasteurized carabao milk and distributes marinated meat.

Contact: 0917-5566365 / 0908-8733904 / (02)729-0325
Spend: 300–700 PHP
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