Get Wasted on Fruit: Absolut Vodka Orange

By Mikka Wee/October 19, 2012

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We love feeding your mind with alcoholic ideas every Friday, so today, we’re changing the way you look at oranges. See, this fruit can indeed be fun, especially when fed with a small bottle of Absolut Vodka. Oh yeah.

Our friends from design studio And A Half added the oomph to this photo through their incredible typography. If they sound familiar, it’s because they were the ones behind of last week’s Root Canal Float art, too! Talk about mad skillz. Another fact about this Absolut Vodka Orange artwork is that it was designed by their talented, young (teenage) interns Kitkat Lastimosa, Andi Lanuza, and Karen Fuentes.

The drunken Absolut Vodka Orange could serve as a perfect disguise to those who would rather “stay away from the booze and opt for some fruit.” Little do they know that these citrusy bastards are waiting for the kill. Oh, too late. You just had a shot of vodka with your sliver of orange.

If you have kids in your home, it might be a good idea to throw away the leftovers instead of storing them in your fridge. Your lack of responsibility can cause permanent damage to those innocent souls. Not to mention, a lot scolding from yo momma.

Vodka Orange Upside Down

Total Time: 8 hours and 15 minutes / Yield: 1 orange


  • 1 large orange
  • 1 small bottle vodka


  1. Remove top stem part of the orange.
  2. With a knife, gently poke insides of the orange to open up the pulps.
  3. Open vodka bottle and insert into the hole.
  4. Rest orange in a small bowl, vodka bottle side up. Put in the chiller.
  5. Wait for 6-8 hours. When orange has absorbed vodka, remove bottle. Slice into wedges and enjoy.

Mikka Wee

Managing Editor

Mikka Wee’s goal is to travel the world with a backpack stuffed with her books and not much of an itinerary. With an appetite thrice the size of her 5-foot frame, waffles are the one thing that makes her weak in the knees. She also likes to torture herself with sci-fi movie marathons until her brain turns into goop. Her list of not-so-secret culinary crushes includes David Chang, Ivan Orkin, Rene Redzepi, and Anthony Bourdain. Alexander Supertramp is her hero. See More.

  • Patricia Noble

    I wonder if it’ll be still good if I inject the vodka into the orange… Ho-hmm? For the impatient alconut. Haha!

    • rftreyes

      I was thinking the same thing. It might work, and it looks a lot less suspicious >:)

      • Mikka Wee

        HEHEHE I was thinking of that also. >:p Let’s try it out tonight, game? 😀

  • Joyce

    This sounds promising… How’s the shelf life though? Can it last for at least a day or two outside the fridge? :)

    • Mikka Wee

      Hi Joyce! You should place it in the chiller should you wish to store it. Outside, you can store it for 1 day at most. :)

  • Romila Marie Santos

    Ahh clever! This is so much easier to do than Orange Slice Jello Shots! Thanks for sharing!

  • Carl Tomacruz

    I noticed that teal and orange do make a good combination…

  • Kat

    I am thinking tequila in limes….

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  • Toni Tricarico

    I have put my oranges and vodka in the fridge for the past 3 hours and the orange has not absorbed much of the vodka. I cut the insides as directed but it doesn’t seem as though it’s working? What am I doing wrong?

    • Tracy

      You aren’t doing anything wrong. This doesn’t work.

  • Gay Sagabaen

    This work in watermelons too. I’ve seen it done on TV. And the granny who ate it had gone tipsy. :)

  • Alee

    Where can we buy the small Absolut bottles? I haven’t had luck finding it in most liquor stores. :(

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