Five Food Games to Binge On

September 1, 2015

Food has always been important in video games. Mushrooms made Mario bigger; Sonic the Hedgehog had his chilidog and, of course, who can forget that meat from Golden Axe. But with the shift towards casual gaming, food has also shifted from that thing that kept your character alive to the actual main character. From time wasters to educational play, here are some of the games that let you play with your food—virtually, of course.

1. Cooking Mama Seasons

Kitchen Duties

This educational cooking game has all the bells and whistles of a Japanese game show: colorful and homey visuals, uncomfortably polite and encouraging dialogue, and the difficulty to pronounce the letter L. You play as Mama’s apprentice, learning to cook step-by-step, and feeding Papa. Basically, you’re an unpaid cook for the couple and their shop.

Best Gameplay Experience

Playing with my raw Salisbury steak like a cat with a ball of yarn. You’re damn right it’s better than Mama!

What Would Make it Better

Aside from cooking, the game should also teach you how to gut fish or clean a whole chicken, you know, the fun stuff. There’s actually an unofficial gritty version that does that, entitled Mama Kills Animals PETA edition. Look it up.


2. Cooking Tycoon

Kitchen Duties

Leaving Mama behind, you play as an aspiring cook trying to make your way in the cutthroat world of step-by-step cooking. You get to choose your gender even though the two characters strangely look alike if not for their hair. Complete with that crisp cutting board chopping sound, you get that Cooking Mama feel but on a bigger stage.

Best Gameplay Experience

When guests arrived and they say, “Weeter, hi!” There’s that plus the fact that the guests look creepy as hell.

What Would Make it Better

It would be great if they did more voice overs, from the guests getting mad at the service to thanking the cook for a delicious meal—you know, the relevant stuff. It’s not that hard, you just have to record things like, “I’m a vegan. I want this on the side. Where’s your manager?”


3. Diner Dash 2015 Edition

Kitchen Duties

Diner Dash returns, jumping on the freemium bandwagon. As Flo, you take up the role of waitress in your own restaurant because that’s how the successful restaurants do it. As the sole server, you seat customers, take their orders, get tips and with enough hard work and color coordination, and eventually build better restaurants without hiring a single extra person to help you out.

Best Gameplay Experience

Flo is hotter now compared to her original face thanks to a virtual nose lift. Oh, and also VIP diners that serve as level bosses.

What Would Make it Better

The introduction of Michelin Star inspectors, or at least their equivalent in the Dash universe. They pose as normal diners but once you piss them off, they immediately ruin your business by denying Flo those stars that restaurateurs and chefs have been yearning for.


4. Cooking Dash 2016 Edition

Kitchen Duties

Oh, look. Flo is back. This time she’s moved up to cooking from waitressing but it still seems like she’s doing the same thing. Inspired by the rise of celebrity chefs, Flo, or you, dear gamer, are going to be one by cooking in front of the cameras. On top of a demanding gameplay, you’re going to need a new catchphrase. Bam!

Best Gameplay Experience

You have a sous chef working for you. A possible love interest? We’ve all read those sleazy stories of what’s really happening in kitchens right? Also, the show’s host looks like a dapper Anthony Bourdain.

What Would Make it Better

Hint towards a Food TV Dash where Flo takes on the mantle of Bourdain, going around the world and doing “TV” things and trying to please the producers. How will she collect her tips for that one?


5. Toca Kitchen 2

Kitchen Duties

It’s a free-for-all cooking game that’s targeted towards a younger audience, but that shouldn’t stop you. You cook for three guests, one at a time, and base their meal on how they react with the ingredients you choose, which you can cook however you want. Blended fish shake and boiled steak, anyone?

Best Gameplay Experience

The game’s AI reacting to your actions. You also feed your guests so dragging raw ingredients across their faces makes them open up their mouths. Shout, “Here comes the airplane!” when feeding them.

What Would Make it Better

Players can create guests as well, choosing what they like and don’t like. They can pattern it on themselves or people they know and then send them to friends who have the game and see how they “please” the newly created characters.


What food games are you playing, and which would you like us to check out next? Sound off with a comment below!

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