Food Fight!: McDonald’s vs. Jollibee (Team Battle 1)

By Rob Cham/May 9, 2013


Hello again, this is food fight, a weekly segment over here at where we pit food products against each other, and have you, our dear readers, vote on which one deserves to be crowned the winner.

It’s like Celebrity Death Match with less celebrities, more eating, and no one really dies.

Unveiling this week’s installment: Mcdonald’s vs. Jollibee Round 1 (Regular Burgers, Fries, and Ice Cream)

But before we begin…

In a landslide decision victory, Coca Cola prevailed over Pepsi last week. I’m not surprised, but I was hoping for a more heated battle (or for Pepsi to win). Ah well, maybe this week’s Food Fight will prove different.

Let’s get to this week’s contestants.


Mcdonald’s vs Jollibee: the eternal struggle, but only in the Philippines.

These are the top two fast-food joints in the Philippines. One is home grown, while the other is an international capitalist’s wet dream. They’ve been at each other’s necks since forever.


Established in 1940 as a barbecue place that later turned into a burger stand, the Golden Arches is a symbol for worldwide burger domination. It’s a rank they achieved through mediocre uniformity, cheap affordability, and a furiously aggressive expansion strategy. You can find a McDonald’s almost anywhere around the world, a godsend for those too chicken to try the local delicacies.

Want a cheeseburger? You can have that wherever you are and enjoy the same familiar taste. And just like our very own Chicken McDo, other countries also have their own unique offerings that (that we are denied of here). There’s the McRib,  the Triple Mac, and, my personal favorite,  the 40 piece chicken nugget meal that comes with a gallon of tea.



Established 1975 by some Chinese folks, it was originally a Magnolia ice cream parlor that also sold hot dogs. Later, they got a mascot that incorporated all these food items they thought Filipinos would go for, which led to the fat happy bee we have come to love. Sure, it’s fast-food, but it’s our fast-food. It’s home.

You can see my bias already, but I really don’t care. We all know Jollibee, and we all love him. How can we not? Sure, a red and yellow bee in a suit hawking burgers and fried chicken doesn’t really make sense, but the food is amazing and I will always enjoy their Burger Steak. On its Wikipedia page, some proud Pinoy found it important to include that Jollibee showed up on Glee once, and somehow that little detail has been proven Wikipedia-worthy. Go figure.

To kick things up a notch, the winner of this week’s Food Fight! will be decided through a team battle fought across multiple categories (as one is not enough to determine which fast-food joint should reign supreme). Whichever side wins your best of three counts as your vote for this week’s card.

Today the team battles are in these 3 categories:

  1. Regular Burgers
  2. Fries
  3. Ice Cream

Let’s get it on!

Burger McDo vs Regular Yum


We’ve stated our preference before, but it’s still an interesting match up. This time, it’s your voice that counts. The Champ and the Big Mac will face each other on a later date, for now, which sub-30 pesos burger do you prefer?

McDonald’s French Fries vs Jollibee Fries


I don’t need to explain much here.

Vanilla Sundae Cone vs Chocolate Sundae


Just vote.

Who deserves to win? Team McDonald’s or Team Jollibee? It is up to you to fight for your pick in the comments section. Which particular food item do you like better and from which fast-food joint? Why does it matter? Nothing matters, so we don’t really need to justify it. Let’s just have fun.

Next Week: The Gravy and Pies

Rob Cham


Rob Cham (not his actual name) is an illustrator, designer, and comics artist from Baguio City, a most excellent place. He currently shares a studio over at where he does things for money. He is otherwise not that interesting. See More.

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  • Burger: Bee takes this one. (regular burger kasi e, pero champ vs. quarter pounder, sa McDo ako)
    Fries: I might be the only one here who thinks the Bee does it better.
    Ice cream: Definitely the clown.

  • Carmela Alcantar

    Burger = neither.
    Fries = McDo
    Ice Cream = McdO

    Spaghetti = Jollibee (just saying)

  • Problema nung ice cream ng McDo, inconsistent. Pag bumibili ako sa mga mcdo branches sa mas mga low-income na lugar, matubig ung sundae. Pero pag ung tipong sa greenbelt or sa the fort laging mas creamy.

    Ung jollibee kahit yellow at least pareparepareho.

    Pero ang tunay na hari ay ang 15peso sweetcone sundae ng Ministop.

  • Burger = can’t tell much diff
    Fries = Mcdo

    I’d hate to sound anti-nationalistic but you gotta give the burgers, fries and ice cream to Mcdo. When it comes to chicken though, I’d pick Jollibee hands down.

    Babe for Food – your BFF in Cebu dining! 🙂

  • Burger: McDo

    Fries: Jollibee. too many bad fires na sa McDo sa may Rizal Ave sa fort!
    Ice Cream: Jollibee

    I’m so sorry Ronald! tell your crew to clean up their act!

  • Johann

    burger (based on the choices offered): Jollibee. It will be another matter if its, say, Champ vs. Big Mac/Quarter Pounder or Chicken Burger vs. McChicken.

    fries: Neither. They are both not too palatable when cold.

    ice cream: McDo. Vanilla Sundae Cone is my usual quick reward-to-myself-for-working-the-entire-day thing (apart from the fact that a McDo is just on my way home when I was based in Manila).

    Winner: Jollibee, though. When you’re far away from the Philippines, you will tend to miss it. Proof(s): 1. it is a known fact among me and my colleagues that our first meal is usually from Jollibee (chickenjoy, palabok and peach mango pie usually tops the list); 2. we salivate over FB photos of colleagues who come home and eat at Jollibee (and we flood the comments box with “kainggit, nakakamiss!”). 3. we were all jealous when Jollibee opened in Singapore and wish that our countries of assignment also have Jollibee branches.

  • Kaloy

    Burger: Jolibee
    Fries: MCDO!!!
    Ice Cream: Mcdo

    sayang walang chicken haha

  • PiPich

    burger: the Happy Bee

    fries: the clown

    ice cream: the clown’s hot fudge sundae is the winner!

  • Burger: YÜM w/ cheese all-the-way!

    Fries: McDonald’s everyday — any day.

    Ice-Cream: bring back the Twist™ Sundae Cone, Micky D’s!!!

  • Yum Burger, McDo fries, McDo sundae.

  • Clarissa

    No burger, Mcdo fries, Mcdo sundae.

    But i’m crying over the palabok, jolly hotdog and peach mango pie ;(

  • yumburger, McFries, jobee sundae

  • McDo Burger, McDo Fries, Jollibee Sundae.

  • Mcdo all the way! lol!XD Though if I had to pick fries out of all major fast food chains… I would choose KFC’s!

  • Yum, McD fries, McD Sundae Cone.

  • Mcdo burger (tough decision to make haha), Mcdo fries, Jollibee sundae.

  • Burger McDo, Jollibee fries, McDo’s sundae 🙂

  • ChinaKingRat

    Jollibee Yum, McDo fries and Jollibee sundae – I agree with Lars, consistent yung timpla ng Jollibee sunde

  • nikki

    jolibee yum, mcdo sundae and mcdo fries 🙂

  • Enzo

    Jollibee Yum, McDo Fries, and McDo Sundae. :3

  • cponce

    McDo all the way!

  • “We all know Jollibee, and we all love him”? I beg to disagree. McDo all the way!!! (Jollibee’s spag is yummy though.)

  • Burger McDo, McDo Fries, McDo Sundae!

  • Mcdo, all the way. (Sorry, Jollibee.)

  • Steph


    Although when I get tired of all the chicken, I go to Jollibee for their burger steak. s

  • Schmidt

    Duh. Jollibee. Don’t be a hypocrite. We all love jollibee. Their burger is better tasting. Fries are not as salty as Mc-D and sundae goes best with the fries. JOLLIBEE!

    • Nix M.

      true. even if people don’t admit it, deep in their heart, they love jollibee hehehe

  • Chrissy

    McDo all the way!
    Jollibee’s burger leaves a terrible taste (and breath!). Jollibee fries are more kamote than patatas, and their ice cream is not creamy.

  • McDo for all three but Jollibee palabok hello.

  • Aamlc

    Mcdo! Except for the burger. I’ll choose the yum burger over the burger mcdo any day. That sauce that they slap on the yum burger is really good. Though i think they put too much. But that can easily be altered! 🙂

  • McDo all the way.

  • But then again, that Jolly Spaghetti. Mmmmhmm.

  • Ramon Rocha IV

    Burger: Jollibee!

    Fries and Ice cream: Mcdo!

  • TG

    Jollibee for all three!

  • Jollibee’s Regular Yum, McDo’s fries and sundae cone.
    But this is unfair! Where’s the chicken? The Spaghetti? Come on!!!

  • Nix M.

    before anything else, mcdonalds for burgers, fries & desserts. JOLLIBEE for EVERYTHING ELSE hehe.

    Regular Burgers – jollibee yumburger (but i have to say, i prefer the burgers of mcdonalds over jollibee, yung burger mcdo lang yung yuck hehe)

    Fries – mcdonalds

    Ice Cream – mcdonalds

  • boomboomdance

    i dont eat jollibee, cause its halal. so mcdo all the way.

  • Manny

    Mcdo is as much fries and sundaes as Jollibee is chicken. But you wanted us to vote. So here’s mine. Yum gets my vote over the burger mcdo. Mcdo on the other hand wins for their sundaes and fries. Jollibee’s sundae’s don’t taste like dairy and their fries are always soggy and seems to absorb the taste of the oil they use.

  • McDonald’s! 🙂

  • McDonald’s!

  • karl

    definitely enjoy the burgers more at mcdonalds except the yum with TLC,

    McDo doesnt have anything on jolibee’s sundae and fries though. That sundae tastes like my childhood, sure it can taste a little odd or off to someone who has always been used to Mcdo’s sundae but it that one thing that makes it great. Yes, it’s a copy but it is our copy. and we love because of what it is and what it means to us.

    people might knock jollibee because because they perceived it as being lower quality, a lot of people complaints can be traced to variations at the different fast food joints. it would be unfair to compare a Jollibee french fry sitting under that heating lamp for 1 hour to a new batch of mcdo fries.

  • Kyle Jarabelo

    Definitely McDo for burgers, McDo for fries but Jolibee for sundaes! 🙂 Though sometimes, McDo has this soggy burger patties for Burger McDo. It taste icky! For fries, well, i really don’t care about the fries since i’m not a fan but my friends always order McDo fries over Jolibee fries so yeah, McDo wins fries. For ice cream, McDo has this very very sweet vanilla ice cream which I don’t really like. Its too sweet for me and I don’t like too sweet. Jolibee sundae, right amount of sweetness and it melts in your mouth. 🙂

  • cthine

    For burger jollibee’s regular yum
    Fries definitely mcdo!
    I like both sundaes
    I would say Jollibee is still my 1st choice over mcdo!

  • burger – Jollibee Yum! Still has a sweet spot in my heart filled with cholesterol of unknown amount; Fries – McDo coz it is good to dip in Sundaes, BBQ Sauce or plain ol’ reliable ketchup; Ice Cream – McDo. Nuff’ said

  • Jollibee’s regular yum > Mcdo’s burger
    Mcdo’s fries and ice cream > Jollibee’s fries and ice cream

  • happy_slip

    burger: jollibee
    fries: mcdo
    sundae: um, both.

    variety: jollibee (okay so I usually just order yum w/cheese, but i like how jollibee tries to keep on adding things on their menu from time to time haha).

  • burger: jollibee.

    fries: this is a no contest. mcdo, by a wiiiide margin.

    sundae: price-wise, jollibee wins (they’re cheaper). and i also find mcdo choco sundae too rich for my taste.

    +1 on happy_slip’s note. jollibee seems to have a much better product r&d.

  • burger: jollibee
    fries: jollibee, ever since they started making the crispy fries
    sundae: mcdo

  • Iluvdolphins

    Burger – jollibee
    Fries – mc do
    Sundae – mc do

  • Burger: Yum
    Fries: McDo, chaka ang fries ng Jollibee
    Sundae: McDo
    Palabok: Jollibee 😛 Heheh.

  • Burger: Jollibee
    Fries: Jollibee
    Sundae: Jollibee


  • Burger: Jollibee
    Fries: Jollibee
    Sundae: Jollibee


  • HAHA Jollifriesz giving the middlefingah. :))

  • HAHA Jollifriesz giving the middlefingah. :))

  • tastenoevil

    Hmmm.. Yum VS Burger Mc Do for me Yum would win because it’s heavier and tastes more real. J.Fries Vs. Mc Do fries: J.fries is crispy outside and moist inside really good when it’s hot off the fryer. Mc Do fries on the other hand tastes crispy rough and would really taste terrible if it became cold w/o catsup. For me it depends on what ur craving for. Lastly I think that Mc Donald’s would win when it comes to ice cream because their’s last longer than Jollibee’s w/c melts easily. What I don’t like about mc do’s ice cream is it tastes like it’s been pumped up w/ air. mc flurry tastes better than their other sundaes.

  • gneng

    Burger: Jollibee (mcdo tastes picklelish and rough and no good childhood memories from mcdo.)
    Fries: Jollibee (fresh or soggy fries, it reminds me of Potato Corner.)
    Sundae: Jollibee (because although I remember oreo mcflurry, I have more fun buying 4 Jollibee sundaes to share with officemates.)

  • Ruth Jacob

    First, v. nice illustrations! Now for my picks.

    Burger – McD

    Fries – Jollibee, but only when they started serving the crispy type. “Specialty” fries (Twister vs Crisscut), that’s another story. Twister has a reputation for throwing my diet out of the window FAST!

    Sundae – McD

    Will Chicken be part of the part II Battle? It better be, and it’s Jollibee for me! (rhyme!)

  • Joseph

    I was told that Jollibee got (bought) the recipes of their burger, chicken joy and spaghetti from Tropical Hut Hamburger, the original Pinoy fastfood.
    Jollibee wins in the burger and fries category. Sundae, its McDo.

  • Jan

    Burger – Regular Yum
    Fries – McDo
    Sundae – McDo

  • Klaris Chua

    Burger – Jollibee
    Fries – McDo
    Sundae – Jollibee

  • chris song

    Burger – Jollibee
    Fries – Jollibee
    Sundae – McDonald’s

  • Burger – Mcdo
    Fries – Jollibee
    Sundae – Jollibee

  • Chi

    Burger: Jollibee
    Fries: McDonald’s
    Sundae: McDonald’s

  • Burger – Jollibee
    Fries – Jollibee
    Sundae – McDonald’s

  • Beast

    Burger: Jollibee
    Fries: McDo
    Sundae: McDo

  • rgnsuarez

    Burger: Jollibee
    Fries: Jollibee
    Sundae: McDonald’s

  • R_ _

    Burger: Mcdo!
    Fries: Mcdo!
    Sundae: Jollibee!

    I dont know why people loves Jollibee’s burger but Here’s what I have to say: IT’S THE WORST BURGER I HAVE EVER TASTED. The patty is just bad bad bad. Mcdo has a richer taste to it.

    FRIES: People also love Jollibee’s fries. WELL I HATE IT TOO! IT ISN’T EVEN CRISPY! Mcdo’s fries has a richer taste but not that crispy which i like. And their heinz ketchup ROCKS!!!!!

    SUNDAE: I love both of the company’s sundaes but I have to say Jollibee’s sundae is much better. Although some Jollibee branches HAVE THE WORST SUNDAES EVER. I won’t say what branch but, I think not much people order food there so maybe that’s why 🙂

    • Lao

      Yeah ? McFries is not organic that’s why it is crispy even it longs an hour in warmer,while jollibee is a real potatoe fries so in a min it will be soften.

      WORST BURGER on jollibee ? REALLY ? AHAHAHA.
      Jollibee very first store is in the philippines called “Jolli Yumburgers” it is obvious in the name that they specialized their burger.

      This battle is called Artificials vs Organic products =)

    • aloncho46

      The Mcfries have salt in it so it would be great taste but i will do
      Burger: Jollibee
      Fries: Jolibee
      Sundae: Jolibee!
      Sometimes i eat in mcdo and i hate it (well sometimes i love it)

  • donburgos

    Jollibee is halal..and from chinese decent..I don’t Mcdo all the way..

    • haniya

      do you even know what halal means?? its means its pro-muslim food. and its not halal certified. do some reseach.

      • Ugh

        But Halal puts animals in much pain. Non-halal meat uses a process that is humane and does not hurt the animal too much. Halal is inhumane and unnecessary tbh. REMEMBER: We should not conform to one religion’s belief. A religion has no rights to control how food is made; they’re just not allowed to eat it.

        McDonalds all the way

        • star

          dude get ur facts right halaal method doesnt torture the animal

  • aeon

    Burger: Jollibee
    Fries: Jollibee
    Chicken: Jollibee
    Sundae: Jollibee

    We just order 2 burger mcdo worth 100 each and large fries. When the paperbag w/ products are handed to me by the delivery man i firstly feel that its like he handed me w/ a paperbag w/ only one regular burger. Then i checked their burger is 3X SMALLER than jollibee’s champ and the fries are not crispy its soft w/ no taste. Their chicken is smaller too.

    Jollibee’s products are all better than mcdo.

  • idfwu

    Burger: McD

    The Yum burger is too sweet and the buns have a weird texture that I do not like.

    Fries: Jollibee

    The McD’s fries are often soggy tbh.

    Ice Cream: McD

    Jollibee has the worst tasting ice cream, for real. IT SUCKS SO BAD I CANT EVEN IT TASTES LIKE A GRANDMAS ASS I CANT EVEM