Drool Over this Bold Banana-Spinach Soymilk Smoothie in Today’s Fap-Worthy Food

July 2, 2013

1. Fried Quinoa and Grilled Rosemary Thyme Chicken by Claudine


2. Balicotia by Jackpotter


3. Paleo Steak by fahd84


4. English Gardener by Mike Yarmish


5. A Huge Slab of Angus by Reisha Duarte


6. Shio Tantanmen from Ukkokei by Desiree Grace Tan


7. Vanilla Ice Cream and Bukidnon Strawberries by KI Develos


8. Mangosteen by Jayde Pingol


9. Banana-Spinach Soymilk Smoothie by Jess Banzuela


10. Breakfast Danggit by Maverick Morris


Want your photo to be on Fap-Worthy Food? All you have to do is include the hashtag #pepperph when uploading your food photo on Instagram. Why are we doing this? Because who knows? We might give away some random prizes on random weeks such as…well, you’ll see.

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6 responses to “Drool Over this Bold Banana-Spinach Soymilk Smoothie in Today’s Fap-Worthy Food”

  1. jack says:

    Hi pepper.ph!The #2 photo is that of the Balicotia,a local/native candy from Ilocos.It is also used as coffee sweetener.Thanks again! –

    • Mikka Wee says:

      Thanks, Jack! I don’t know what that is! Thanks for the correction. They just looked like croissants heehee

      • Lars Roxas says:

        ako kala ko merengue

      • jack says:

        When I saw it this morning,I thought din “Oo nga naman.Butter croissants.hehe.”

        I think that it’s another version of Tira-Tira.Got them as pasalubong.
        I’ll send you some,if i could.But I’m lightyears away.hah.

        Or maybe…

        Can somebody from Ilocos please send pepper.ph your Balicotia???

  2. Lars Roxas says:

    Nakakagutom ung danggit at itlog na litrato.

  3. Addi dela Cruz says:

    The danggit, tuyo, daing, sinangag, etc. are always my favorite items on Fap-Worthy Food. 🙂

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