Faux Strawberry Champagne: A Secret Weapon for Non-Drinkers

Words: Dwight Co/Photography: Mylene Chung/Styling and Recipe Development: Katherine Jao/April 26, 2012

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“I don’t want to talk with non-drinkers!” thinks every person you find in a head-banging, butt-bumping party.

And this is the exact reason why you, Mr. Non-Drinker have to always desperately reach for your run-down pocket guide, The Lamest Drinking Excuses Anyone Can Pull Off, which include the hit lines “I’m driving so I’ll pass!” or the ever-so-famous, “I’m allergic to alcohol!”

But here’s some good news: we’ve got a weapon for you to get you to pretend like you’re cool without actually being cool!

We’d like to introduce our very own Faux Strawberry Champagne.

Of course, champagne is no Cognac. (It’s just not cool enough.) If you really want to go full cool and project The Godfather, then make sure you drink this with a half-cocked 9mm loaded pistol in your left hand.

Also, if you’ll notice, strawberries aren’t’ the manliest of fruits. But for another bit of good news, realize that this specific reddish-pink hue adds more color to your cheeks, thus fully authenticating your ruse!

Fake Strawberry Champagne Recipe

Yield: 3-4 servings


  • 2 cans Sprite
  • 2 tbsp strawberry syrup
  • 1/2 cup strawberries cut in half
  • red food coloring


  1. Pour sprite in a pitcher. Add in syrup and mix well.
  2. mix in red food coloring until desired shade is achieved.
  3. Cover and put in the chiller until ready to use.
  4. Add strawberry halves in a champagne glass.
  5. Pour fake champagne and serve.


  1. Spike this drink by adding vodka. You can also try other flavor variations by adding  the syrup and food coloring of your choice.

Dwight Co

Managing Director/Founder

When he was nine, Dwight stormed the kitchen and proudly cooked himself his first dish, Spam and eggs. Realizing his immense talent for cooking canned food, he co-founded Pepper.ph in 2012. Aside from directing Pepper.ph's content and design, Dwight also makes websites and runs a tiny ramen house in Burgos Circle called Wrong Ramen. See More.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rraaee Roanne Rae Cabradilla

    I’m like your # 1 supporter team Pepper! LOL. I’m glad you’re updating everyday. Heee. :) I have a lot on my list to try now. :) Love this idea! Cos it’s perfect for me since I’m a non-alcoholic drinker. Haha

    • http://twitter.com/mylenechung Mylene Chung

      hahahah! You’re an angel Rae! Thanks for all the support! Try this, it’s like sparkling juice! Soo good!:D

  • http://www.foodreviewsmanila.com/ Guia Obsum

    Sprite and strawberry sounds good enough for me, I’m not a huge fan of wines and champagnes anyway. ;p

    • http://twitter.com/mylenechung Mylene Chung

      Glad you like the recipe! It’s actually perfect for days where you just want something cold and sweet, especially in this heat!

  • http://twitter.com/OCFoodBlogger OCFoodBlogger

    What a pretty and refreshing looking drink. Thanks for sharing!

    • http://twitter.com/mylenechung Mylene Chung

      Thanks so much! Glad you like it!:)

  • Raine

    How about adding grenadine?