CONTEST CLOSED: Get to Know the New Café Shibuya at UP Town Center (Plus Win Free GCs!)

By Mikka Wee/November 10, 2013

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Tokyo’s busy Shibuya district is arguably the epicenter of Japan’s burgeoning youth culture. Fashion trends and social fads are quickly born, spread, and quietly end under the bright neon lights of the billboards hovering over Shibuya Station’s famous scramble crossing. Across the ocean, however, another Shibuya aims to stand out amongst the throng of restaurants located at the new UP Town Center vying for everyone’s attention.


Enter Café Shibuya, a quaint and relaxed coffee shop, with a laidback vibe that’s almost antithetical to the hustle and bustle of its namesake in Japan. It’s an oasis of calm for the many harried students of the various schools that populate Katipunan. Inside you’ll see chalkboards with quirky illustrations, custom-made wooden décor, and an assortment of halogen lamps daintily arranged to exude a quaint and comforting warmth that still manages to be modern and young.

Café Shibuya’s High Toast is a thick and buttery pillow with a crunch.

Cheryl Lao-Lee, Café Shibuya’s Managing Director shares that the restaurant decided to focus on its High Toast—a 2.5-inch tall thick and pillowy toast that’s, buttery on the outside and slightly crunchy on its surface. Dishes similar to their High Toast have become quite popular in Japan (as well as in other Asian countries), hence the name Shibuya. “Hopefully, it also makes a striking (and lasting) impact on the Philippines,” she says.


Café Shibuya makes their bread fresh everyday.

Creating this High Toast is no easy task. Cheryl tells me that the recipe for the bread took a whole year to research and perfect. The team behind Café Shibuya had to travel across the globe, visiting sites all over Asia, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles, just to get the combination right for their own unique version.

So far, Café Shibuya seems to be doing pretty well. “Most of our customers really love our bread for its softness and chewiness,” says Cheryl. According to her, she’s heard customers call it the best dessert they’ve ever had and seen kids beg their parents to let them eat it every day.

Aside from their High Toast dishes, Café Shibuya also serves a number of other items. They offer various pastas, an Eggs Ben, and a special Below Zero Chocolate Frappe, which is their own unique twist on frozen hot chocolate. Check out more of Café Shibuya’s specialties below!

Karaage (PHP 195) Japanese style boneless fried chicken topped with grated radish and sautéed onions.

Mentaiko (PHP 265) This Japanese-Italian fusion pairs cod roe with olive oil, resulting in a uniquely tasty affair.

Shibuya Benedict (PHP 255) Café Shibuya’s take on the revered brunch fare. Lavished with farmer’s ham, deep-fried poached egg, shitake mushrooms, and their homemade Japanese mayo cream sauce.

Strawberry Matcha Toast (PHP 195 baby, PHP 245 regular) Honey toast dusted with matcha green tea powder and lavished with cinnamon strawberries. Served with green tea ice cream.

Original Shibuya Honey Toast (PHP 145 baby, PHP 175 regular) Café Shibuya’s signature toast served with honey syrup and vanilla ice cream.

Below Zero Chocolate Frappe (PHP 155) Café Shibuya’s version of frozen hot chocolate.

Can’t wait to dine in Café Shibuya? Don’t worry because we’re giving away PHP 1,000 PHP worth of gift certificates to three lucky readers. Read on below for more details.


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How to Win

  1. In the comments section below, answer this question: How would you customize your personal High Toast? Please limit answer to three toppings only.
  2. Don’t forget to leave your full name and email address so that we can get in touch with you if you win.
  3. Multiple entries are not allowed.
  4. Contest is only open to residents of the Philippines.
  5. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 20, 2013.

For more information, like Café Shibuya on Facebook and follow them on Instagram with hashtags #cafeshibuya #noordinarytoast #dessertisalwaysagoodidea.

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  • Jen

    Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Drizzle (Syrup) & fresh strawberries! :9

    -Jennica Castillo

  • Jade Valenzuela

    Nutella, Bacon bits, and vanilla ice cream.

    Charms Valenzuela

  • vm_yap

    nice. are they still open after the roof collapse on one part of the strip?

  • myra

    Dark chocolate ganache, mascarpone cheese, and potato chips on the side to counteract the sweetness. – Myra Lorredo, chubs117[at]

  • Larieza Camille Mae Valdez

    Grapefruit, sunflower seed covered in chocolate and honey.. :)

    Larieza Camille Mae Valdez //

  • Jolo Villanueva

    Burger patty,Gravy,Egg-Ultimate Burger Steak in Honey Toast. Jose Lorenzo Villanueva

  • Cris Francisco

    Nothing too fancy for me: vanilla ice cream, topped with caramel syrup and dark chocolate shavings with bacon bits will make for a nice contrast. :)

    Maricris Francisco /

  • Crissy

    Cheese, peanut butter and sliced bananas 😀

    – Maria Criselda A. Mendoza

  • Rika

    High toast would be best with banana slices, peanut butter and chocolate powder– preferably Milo! :9 Yum! (joanna sioson; bloodriot at gmail dot com)

  • Jasper

    Generous serving of carnitas, guacamole, and classic tomato salsa. Savory FTW!

    Jasper Ben Cedo

  • Patty

    Mine would be Cream Cheese, grated Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream. Swear they all taste good together!

    Fatima Arceo

  • gobler17

    anything combined with maple syrup and bacon will make one awesome dish. anything with these will sure be a hit! so High Toast x Bacon x Maple Syrup x butter for the extra kick.

    Kristine Olivar

  • Ian Carlo T. Zuniga

    I’d like to add an Italian twist to it so I would pair my high toast with prosciutto, mascarpone cheese, and arugula! 😀

    Ian Carlo Zuniga

  • Ericka

    I’ll spread it first with mash avocado (with lime juice) then top it with shrimp! Instant heaven!

    Ericka Oyales (

  • Yste

    butter, blueberry preserves and vanilla ice cream :) <3

    Celeste de Dios

  • Aimee Rarugal

    vanilla ice cream, sautéed apples and salted caramel sauce

    Aimee B. Rarugal

  • marge888

    I like mine with some crispy bacon on top of a sunny side up egg with a splash of Hollandaise sauce

    Margaret S. Chan

  • Ronith Jazel Dela Cruz

    A scoop of McDonald’s Cookie Butter McFlurry, Choc Nut and strawberries!

    Ronith Jazel Dela Cruz

  • xeeeng

    Vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and a side of crispy bacon. <3 or, or, salted caramel ice cream, almonds and a drizzle of honey

    Sheila Ruth Magdaraog

  • Jorg

    Green Tea Ice Cream, Sliced Almonds, and mozzarella cheese!

    Georgia Roa

  • Gerra

    Egg, tuyo and tomatoes! Hahaha

    Gerra Asumo

  • Charm Sy

    Apple slices cooked in cinnamon, vanilla ice cream and finally topped off with almond slivers! 😀

    Charmaine Sy

  • Romila Marie

    Big, fat juicy strawberries, Whipped Cream and Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream!

    Romila Marie Santos

  • AC

    Whipped cream, mangoes and some crushed honeycomb for a bit of crunch 😀 everyone knws that the Philippines has the best mangoes 😀

  • @potatowe

    Let’s keep it understated and awesome! honey toast with kesong puti ice cream topped with sugar coated cashews from antipolo. Now that’s a glocal dessert!

  • Louise

    I like mine to be plain and simple. Honey toast topped with ripe banana slices and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, generously drizzled with sweet caramel syrup.

    Louise Patricia Marie Jison

  • Tricia

    Leche flan slices, macapuno strips and ube ice cream!!! :-) Something reminiscent of halo halo

    Patricia F. Martinez

  • jolly

    extra chunky chicken spread under fresh lettuce, and melted pepper jack cheese on top.

    jolly padilla

  • Keith Quisora

    First, plain old fashioned cheesecake on top of the toast, topped with calamansi curd, last, another piece of toast.

    keith quisora

  • Taryn Navarro

    I would love if my toast would have:

    First, bacon!
    Second, perfectly cooked scrambled egg.
    Third, melted goat cheese.

    Taryn Mae Navarro

  • sonnythakur

    Diggin the photos, Pam!!!

    • Pam

      Thanks, Sonny!! :)

  • mae

    Cream cheese, strawberries, vanilla ice cream

    Mae Villanueva

  • Abbey

    Ground cinnamon, apple and maple syrup/rum. :)
    -Abbey Uy (

  • Cecille Castell

    Cadbury milk chocolate spread, mocha ice cream, Almond slices. Yummm :)

    Cecille Castell

  • Charisma Cabria

    Nutella, almond slices, topped with Vanilla ice cream!

    Charisma Cabria

  • Pat

    I’d add creamy avocado, a perfectly poached egg, and crispy bacon bits! Yuuuuummmmm :)

    Patricia Wilwayco

  • Gian

    cream cheese, bacon and maple syrup!

    Gian Dela Cruz

  • Jai Nadal

    Fresh strawberries, melted Dark Chocolate (bitter is better), and Pistachio ice cream!

    Jaime Antonio Nadal

  • Ren

    Maccha Toast, Black sesame ice cream, mochi, strwaberries, kiwi, and black sugar syrup! 😀

    Karen Mata

  • Riza Datuon

    Honey toast topped with Nutella, banana slices, and crushed walnuts! <3

    Riza Datuon

  • Basel Santos

    Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, drizzled with Dark Chocolate Ganache served with Strawberry preserves.

    Basilio Simeon Santos

  • jcgpulido

    greek yogurt, honey, and banana slices

    JC Pulido III
    jcgpulido (at)

  • Juan Paolo Salazar

    melted nutella and peanut butter topped with sliced bananas

  • Gillian Camille Abello

    I would love to eat my toast with Longganisang Lucban, sunny side-up eggs and tomato pesto sauce.

    Gillian Camille C. Abello

  • Fatima Placido

    mine with green tea ice cream, crispy bacon bits and mushrooms :)

    Fatima J. Placido |

  • Eunice Lachica

    the trifecta! bacon, chocolate and maple syrup

    Eunice C. Lachica

  • stacy

    greentea, green yogurt and strawberry

    stacy liong

  • Gia Mendoza

    How would you customize your personal High Toast?

    I’d go for a savory high toast– a combination of cream cheese, chocolate covered bacon and strawberries! It’s confusing exactly when to eat it, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner with its mix of ingredients, but I think it’s the perfect excuse to have it all day! I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate covered bacon for breakfast?

    Gia Mendoza

  • Toni Tiu

    How would you customize your personal High Toast?

    Butter, sugar and strawberries. Simple and decadent. Mmmmm.
    Toni Tiu,

  • Mike De Guzman

    quezo de bola, chinese ham, and grapes for me!

    Michael P De Guzman

  • lykatan

    Hmm. This is a hard one. 3 toppings only? lemme think.
    dark chocolate, raspberries and vanilla ice cream. YUUUM!

    Elika Pauline Tan