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Café 2.0 is the Paleo Restaurant For Your New Year’s Resolution Needs

January 13, 2018

Certified Primal Health coach Rhiza Gomez didn’t plan to put a café when she opened a retail store for fitness apparel in a complex along Pioneer that also houses a CrossFit gym (her physical activity of choice). The café sort of came to life after she got first into eating paleo (a diet that oft comes along with doing CrossFit; “only whole, real, nutrient-dense food allowed,” she explains) and then later into the Bulletproof lifestyle (a lifestyle company focused on ‘biohacking’ for top performance). The café became at once a hangout spot for the CrossFitters in the area as well as a venue for the passionate Gomez to educate nearby office workers that eating paleo can be fun too.

We want healthy food to be friendly and enjoyable.”

Together with her business partners Mitch Singson, Dennis Villanueva, and Mikey Amistoso, the 4 started Café 2.0 in the same space as the fitness apparel retail space, selling cups of bulletproof coffee and paleo food. Gomez, with a culinary arts certificate from Enderun College’s Alain Ducasse Culinary Arts Program, developed a menu that she describes to be made up of, “everyday, familiar comfort food. . . tweaked to be paleo/bulletproof compliant.”

Gomez admits that her own transition to paleo required major adjustments in her lifestyle. “I had to eat before going out with friends or make sure I research ahead to know what I should be ordering. At company gathers, I linger at the salad section and choose a meat dish to pair it with,” she says. Thankfully, with restaurants like Cafe 2.0 it doesn’t have to be so difficult for others like her, who want to just pop into a restaurant and feel comfortable knowing they have a plate prepared for them that is both delicious and paleo.

And whether you’re going paleo or are just interested in what the food is like over at this unique concept café, here are our recommendations:


Their cheese waffles make use of tapioca flour and coconut milk, as well as a combination of carabao cheese and a hard cheese. The result is something both crunchy and punchy, with a crusty outer layer on the waffle and a soft, almost-gooey inside. The waffle tastes fully savory, with the pungent bite of cheese that makes it an ingenious bread-replacement for a monstrous waffle-sandwich.


Bulletproof boasts a coffee bean that they describe to be low-toxin and mold-free. The coffee has a scoop of grass-fed butter in it, and Brain Octane Oil (from the bulletproof brand as well, essentially an energy booster made from pure coconut oil). We were pleasantly surprised by the experience of drinking an oily and buttery cup of coffee, as we found the creamy butter gives it a boost in creaminess and sweetness, and the oil coats your tongue to allow its flavor to linger (Rhiza describes it as making the coffee taste linamnam, and we agree). The roast tasted mild and chocolatey, and went with their stunningly chewy Chocolate Cashew Cookie.

The cookie is made with 85% Malagos Dark Chocolate and cashew butter made from scratch. A dash of sea salt brings out the rich and roast-y flavors of the chocolate, and a touch of honey gives it just the right amount of sweetness. It’s one of those cookies that stands out for being so different from the standard, yet tasting oh-so-right with its fascinatingly simple combination of flavors coming together for an unexpectedly complex-tasting dessert.

Cafe 2.0

A café that specializes in bulletproof diet coffee and food.

ADDRESS: 123 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong
VISIT: 7:30AM-8PM Mondays to Fridays / 7:30AM-6PM Saturdays to Sundays
CONTACT: (02) 567-9633
SPEND: PHP 100-300
FOLLOW: Instagram / Facebook

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