25 Weird Lay’s Flavors That’ll Keep Couch Potatoes Curious

By Mikka Wee/October 8, 2012

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If Pringles owned the “Once you pop, you can’t stop” slogan, Lays takes pride in its evolving series of one-liners that all say the same message: “you can’t have just one”.

Of course, that statement is oozing with truth, but with strange variants such as “Kiwi” or “American Filet Mignon”, do you dare sample these eccentric Lays flavors from around the globe?


1. Hot & Sour Fish Soup

Really now? Mmmm…

2. Cucumber

The perfect “cool-off” partner after that “intense & stimulating” flavor.

3. Prawn Cocktail

A classy choice!

4. French Chicken

How can you tell if a chicken tastes French?

5. Blueberry

Pringles had this variant out for a while. We hear it didn’t sell well.

6. Crab Spice Seasoning

How complex!

7. Magic Masala

Ooooh! An interesting Indian find.

8. Cherry Tomato

Curious if this tastes like ketchup.

9. Mint Mischief

Probably freshens your breath.

10. Italian Red Meat

We wonder if this would taste like pepperoni? Might do well as a pizza topping.

11. Mango

Natural and warm, just as the package says.

12. Salmon Teriyaki

Sounds delicious. Not sure about the packaging, though.

13. Mexican Tomato Chicken

Imagine these chips as taco shells. Yum.

14. Lychee

Not so sure how we feel about this flavor.

15. Smokey Bacon

Bacon chips!

16. Kyushu Seaweed

Can’t go wrong with Nori-flavored chips!

17. Roast Chicken

Pair it with some taters and gravy!

18. Lemon Tea

We think this flavor would make you look for a refreshment.

19. Ketchup


20. Hot Chili Squid

Aren’t rippled layes supposed to be Ruffles already?

21. Fries and Gravy Patates Sauce

How very Canadian!

22. Hint of Roasted Red Chili with Corriander

Wow! This looks quite complex.

23. Softshell Crab with Garlic

Now this is something worth trying.

24. Wasabi

A good and crispy accompaniment to sushi.

25. Numb and Spicy Hot Pot

Nice copywriting. Hahaha.


Which of these would you choose as your ultimate couch buddy?

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Mikka Wee

Managing Editor

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  • http://www.facebook.com/annemarichelle.carullo Anne Marichelle Panganiban Car

    i want the “smokey bacon” …. but i dont know about the fruit flavors though, aren’t lays suppose to be on the salty side???

    • Mikka Wee

      I’m not really sure where their creative minds are taking them. Haha! Well, Pringles came out with a Blueberry Flavor (and I think Lemon also) here. It tasted….weird. Hehe.

  • Zynnie

    One of each, please! It’ll be a life goal to find and try the different Lays! 😀

    • Mikka Wee

      HAHA! That would be a cool Bucket List item! :)))

  • kaye

    here in Poland, there’s the flavor of chili and pork knuckle, and also there’s horseradish flavor. Haven’t tried them though :-)

    • Mikka Wee

      Chili and Pork Knuckle sounds interesting! Horseradish sounds verrrryyy interesting! Hello from Manilaaaa! :)

  • Zynnie

    Btw, have you tried burgers topped with potato chips? Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burger Place calls them ‘crunchified’. It was pretty awesome!! That would tie in the ultimate buger…

  • ‘chelle

    They have Paprika flavored Lays in Germany & Poland :) It’s my favorite flavor. The cucumber and blueberry flavored Lays were available at Subic a few years back.

  • Kelly

    The cucumber one tastes like regular chips with a hint of sweetness, like a pseudo-salty–thin-thing-but-quite-far-from-actual-cucumber. The cherry tomato is sweet sour, without the vinegar kick of ketchup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1018097558 Gin Chung

    Did you guys see the Peking Duck and Sweet and Sour Fish?

  • Aivi M. Valdez

    In Thailand they have flavors such as Cheesy Paprika, Japanese Takoyaki, and Italian Spaghetti. Surely not as weird as the ones in this list!

  • Marie

    The roast chicken one doesn’t taste exactly like it sounds…there’s dill pickle Lay’s in Canada as well! I went to Russia and I found red caviar Lay’s.

  • http://twitter.com/alweena Weena S.

    I would like to take that smokey bacon flvr, and place it inside my BLT sandwich. Haaay… Subway days.