Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Go Visit McDonald’s Japan

By Mikka Wee/September 23, 2012

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As evidenced by their mind-numbing game shows, the Japanese lead the world in a certain kind of creativity. In fact, this creativity extends to food; more specifically, McDonald’s Japan.

Keeping in line with American tradition, McDonald’s Japan has a few sandwiches and pies that were transformed for local consumption. While we were hoping they would have something like McSushi or McSoba (much like our McSpaghetti), these are still worth mentioning.

Here are 10 food items in McDonald’s Japan that you won’t find in your neighborhood Golden Arches:

1. Cheese Fondue Chicken

Chicken breast dipped in a rich cheese sauce, with bacon, lettuce, and guess what? More cheese.

2. Mega Tamago

Here’s an overwhelming Double Big Mac tower with a sunny side egg patty and bacon.

3. Bacon and Potato Pie

How about a deep-fried pie stuffed with mashed potatoes, bacon and cheese? This would probably be a hit to-go snack if it were sold locally.

4. Carbonara Chicken

Here’s some chicken breast dipped in a white cream sauce with scrambled eggs, mozzarella and bacon. Such an unhealthy way to consume lean meat, don’t you think?

5. McPork

A simple sausage pork patty topped with lettuce and sweet & sour sauce.

6. Korroke Burger

Welcome to carbohydrate overkill with Korroke, a fried potato patty burger-fied with shredded cabbage and Teriyaki sauce between two chunks of bread.

7. German Sausage Chicken

A more sophisticated option: fried chicken thigh patty with a slice of grilled pork sausage sandwiched with some cheese, sauerkraut, and whisper of mustard.

8. Ebi Filet-O

For the seafood-loving Japanese, a shrimp patty with lettuce and thousand island dressing.

9. Mega Sausage

A breakfast hotdog slathered with relish and ketchup.

10. Cheese Katsu Burger

Akin to the likes of a Cordon Bleu, Japan has totally owned it in this cheese-stuffed deep-friend pork patty with tonkatsu sauce.

[via BuzzFeed]

Which among them are your favorites?

Mikka Wee

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  • Nico Goco

    And all we get here in Pinas is the burger Mcdo?! There is no justice in the world.

    • Den Alibudbud

      Agreeing with you 0_0 so not fair

  • kitkat

    If Mcdo Japan has their authentic taste put into burgers, what will ours in the Phils. be? Adobong Mcdo Burger with egg or Beef Steak with onion rings?! :*

    • Joseph

      We’ll have Jollibee McDo.

  • Ryo

    Why no McGriddle? :p

  • Princess Hao

    Ebi filet-o!!!

  • Johann

    If there’s any consolation for everyone, Americans were loudly wondering why there’s no Twister Fries in the US-there’s actually a Huffington Post article on that.

  • catherine

    Urrgghh I love Mcdo! And this post just gave me a reason to hate mcdo phils! hahahaha

  • Favian Pua 潘建良

    Seeing all these made me want McDo to bring back the McRice Burger.

  • NIW

    Where’s Grimace?

  • Erika

    I had those Ebi Filet-O 6 years ago in the Tokyo Narita airport. Believe me when I say I dream of it to this day. The photo is exactly as it is when you unwrap your sandwich. The shrimps were springy and fresh. It was expensive but oh-so-yummy.

  • Liesel

    I’d also like to point out that their green tea mcflurry is simply divine.

  • Llyann Itay

    the sausage is really mega! LOL